Chapter 925 Sweet cake episode (21)

  The little girl rushed back like a little firecracker.

   "Brother Yanqi! I've changed my clothes!"

  Because the little girl's cultivation base was too high, Yan Qi didn't even have time to hide, so she could only put on a dark face and tidy up her clothes in a panic.

  Looking at the little girl staring at him with **** eyes, he suspected that this little girl didn't know the difference between men and women.

   "Sweetheart, how have you been on the cloud all these years?"

  Now that Yan Qi has confessed to her, he won't treat her with such a bad attitude as before.

   He turned back to the gentle little brother in Mo Yunnian's memory.

"Okay, my father and mother love me very much, by the way, brother Yanqi, you haven't seen my younger brothers and sisters yet, they are the three little guys in my mother's belly, they have all grown up. "

   "Our whole family lives on a fairy mountain. My dad will take us to play with the demons. I have many friends from the demons."


  Mo Yunnian was beside him, chirping about his life in Yunshang for these years.

   Yan Qi listened quietly, humming from time to time, his eyes soft and full of affection.

   "Brother Yanqi, how have you been doing all these years?"

   Mo Yunnian suddenly opened his mouth to ask him about his situation over the years.

  Yan Qi was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled lightly on his thin lips: "I'm doing well, too."

   As a matter of fact, he is having a bad time! He thought about going to them!

  I want to go to the cloud to see her!

   After all, they are the driving force for him to live.

  But he was worried that if he approached her, it would bring her misfortune, so he held back.

  I can only go to the courtyard of the palace where they have been living before, recalling bits and pieces of the past.

"That's good."

   Mo Yunnian looked at him, and smiled sweetly at him again.

  It seems that in her eyes, everything in the world is beautiful, without any darkness.

   The two left the cave.

  Back to the different door.

   Mo Yunnian finally no longer needs to hide in the dark.

  Yan Qi can also pamper her unscrupulously.

  People from other sects also gradually realized that this girl Mo held an extraordinary position in the minds of their sect masters.

   Everyone was guessing whether this Miss Mo was the one their sect master loved.

  After that day.

  Yan Qi tried to bring up the previous topic again, which was to let the little girl leave the different door first.

   But all were rejected.

  Yan Qi can only pay more attention to her to avoid accidents in her own territory.

  Mo Yunnian has been waiting for his elder brother to come, but instead of waiting, the eldest lady of the city lord's family who escaped from marriage did not want to marry.

  The eldest lady was found by someone and asked her to meet.

   Mo Yunnian was also idle when he was idle, and curious about what the young lady was looking for, so he went to make an appointment.

  Unexpectedly, the eldest lady asked her to return the wife of the head of the different sect to her.

   "Miss Mo, I was wrong before, I hope you can give me back the position of the wife of the sect master."

  Mo Yunnian shook his head at her, and explained: "I am not the wife of the sect master now, so there is no way to give you any position."

  If it wasn't for this person, Mo Yunnian would have forgotten how he entered the different sect in the first place.

  As a bride, she was carried into a different sect, and she was going to marry the head of the different sect. She also planned to deal with this girl who was forced to marry her own sect master.

  However, on her wedding night, she found out that the head of the different sect was Brother Yan Qi, whom she had been looking for all along.

  When I got excited, I forgot that I married the eldest lady of the city lord's family back then.

  (end of this chapter)