Chapter 924 Sweet cake episode (20)

   After Yan Qi regained consciousness completely, he noticed that the little girl who was still soaking in the water was still bleeding from the wounds on her neck and wrists.

   And these injuries were caused by him.

   "Sweetie, I'm sorry..."

  At this moment, Yan Qi blamed himself deeply besides deeply. He raised his big hand, and his movements were a little flustered, trying to apply medicine to her wound.

  Mo Yunnian only came back to his senses at this moment, noticed the injury on his body, hurriedly mobilized the spiritual energy in his body, sealed the blood vessels in these two places, and stopped the bleeding.

  Smiled sweetly at Yan Qi: "Brother Yan Qi, look, I'm fine."

  Although it was a minor injury, Yan Qi was afraid of pain when she knew she was still Xiaotuanzi.

  The level of cultivation and whether you are afraid of pain are completely different things.

   "Do you have the trauma medicine made by your brother?"

   Yan Qi's storage ring naturally contained good wound medicine, but he knew that the medicine made from steamed stuffed bun would be more effective.

   "Yeah, yeah, yes."

  Mo Yunnian thought that he wanted the wound medicine, so he took out all the wound medicine in his storage ring and gave it to him.

   "Brother Yanqi, here you go, give it all to you! I'll go back and ask my brother for it, he has a big tank there."

   Yan Qi looked at the medicine bottle that she took out, which was as big as a wine gourd, and fell into deep thought.

  People’s gold sore medicine is packaged in a small porcelain bottle, which is very expensive.

  In their house, they use big gourds, a big jar full.

  He would have to wonder if this thing is so random, is the medicine really effective?

   But she took them all out, Yan Qi poured some out and applied them to the wounds on her neck and wrists.

  The little girl was very obedient, she didn't say a word, and her **** eyes were shining all the time.

  Ke Yanqi looked at her big clear eyes full of trust in him, but felt more and more ashamed.

   "Sweet cake, go back to Yunshang, don't stay by my side, I will have an attack every month when the moon is full, and it may become more serious after that. I will completely lose self-control and become the king of dark ghosts who **** human blood."

   Yan Qi knew that now, he had to confess to her, because he didn't want to hurt her anymore.

   "I won't go, I want to cure your illness."

   "It's not a disease, it's a bug. I was bitten by a strange bug, and that bug has been in my body. There is no way to get rid of it, and there is no way to kill it!"

  The little girl understood what he said, but still shook her head: "Then let's wait for Brother Baozi to come together. I have already asked Cang Luan to find Brother Baozi. If he comes, there must be a solution."

   "Okay, I promise to wait for him to come and let him heal me, but before he arrives, I hope you can leave the different sect temporarily and return to Dongzhou Palace."

   Yan Qi took a step back, trying to coax her to leave.

  But the little girl's temper has been stubborn since she was a child.

  No matter how much you can persuade her to coax her into something she is sure about.

   "But I don't want to go to Dongzhou Palace, I want to stay here with you and wait for Brother Baozi to come."

   "Okay, then you get out of the water first, go to the cave on the side and change your clothes, don't wear wet clothes."

   Yan Qi only realized when she saw her thin clothes soaked in water. Now is not the time to argue with her about these topics.

  Mo Yunnian obediently said hello, went ashore by himself, went to a small cave beside him, changed into clean clothes, and ran back again.

   Yan Qi didn't expect her to run back so fast, and she was just half dressed.

  (end of this chapter)

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