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Peerless Twin Treasures: The Ghost Doctor’s Mother is Beautiful and Sassy

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Yunran, the queen of mercenaries in the last days, unexpectedly transmigrated into the ugly and stupid second lady of the prime minister’s mansion of Dongzhou Kingdom, with two three-and-a-half-year-old Xiaotuanzi.

Mengbao No. 1 has a photographic memory, an “ordinary” poison doctor genius.

Mengbao No. 2 awakens the super spiritual root once in a millennium, and with a little fan punch, the earth shakes.

And she, with the treasure of space in her body, contracted the ancient beasts, and refined the peerless divine pills! ?

Just as Yunran was gearing up, ready to experience the joy of torturing scum.

But who can tell her what happened to these big bosses who suddenly appeared?

The first tyrant: There is a throne here, you take the time to inherit it.

Cold-faced God of War: Uncle thinks you have the talent of a general, look at this million-strong army…

The first imperial merchant: Come, the second uncle will show you the happiness of a rich woman.

Heihua Guoshi: Whoever bullies you, the third uncle will curse him.

A certain ghost king imprisoned the person in his arms, and said coldly: “Close the door, let the monsters go, and no one will try to steal the king’s treasure.”

Yunran:? ? ? ?


Rumor has it that Mo Beiyuan, the ghost king, with a pair of ghost pupils, a lone star of the devil, and a womanizer, is the most difficult person in the Five Kingdoms.

Yunran not only provoked, but also became the one on the cusp of his heart.

#He used to be a devil in the dark, but he is willing to walk out of the abyss hell step by step for her#

[The heroine is not weak, she is physically and mentally clean, 1v1, cute baby]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:PTTGDMBS
Alternate Title:绝世双宝:鬼医娘亲又美又飒
Author:peach saegusa
Weekly Rank:#4
Monthly Rank:#8
All Time Rank:#1491
Tags:Childcare, Cultivation, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Identity, Rebirth, Strong from the Start, Twins,
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11 Comments on “Peerless Twin Treasures: The Ghost Doctor’s Mother is Beautiful and Sassy
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  1. Does anyone know anything about a cultivating QT/novel about a reborn male lead with a FL I could have sworn she was a cannon fodder or background character who just picked up vegetables or plants while slowly cultivating and she helped the no in the first life then they are then bound together or something like marriage I don't know I honestly forgot but I've been trying to look for it as its stuck in my head...

  2. I super love this...the amount of romance packed with action/adventure with comedy is perfect for me, even the ending and side characters were good,though i wish to hear a little bit more of those people.lol is worth reading.

  3. I am half way through and the story is progressing well, good story line, twin are so cute. The story focuses more around fl and fl daughter. Fl mom is the typical stuck in he head type of woman which can be a bit tiring but the reasoning behind it makes sense. We’ll update when done. But overall is a good story.

  4. I forgot to say basically the emperors are different types of CEOs In a love blood drama but the setting is xianxia continent ancient china.

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