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Peerless Sword Fairy Signed In For Three Thousand Years

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He had just counterattacked to become a big brother, and as a result, the era of black fog came, the sect fell into the land of evil and evil, and Shen Changge, whose suicide note had been written, suddenly awakened to the sign-in system.

[Successful sign-in under the Sword God Statue, get: Da Luo Sword Scripture · Imperial Sword Chapter]

[Successfully signed in at the practice field, obtained: cultivation base*500 years]

[Sign in on Jiangang Mountain successfully, get: Annihilation Jiangang*1]

Shen Changge signed in for the Buddha Department, and soon found out that he was invincible!

In the era of dark fog, demons danced wildly, and the world seemed to be covered with an invisible fog. Killing the demons can dispel the fog and unlock the sign-in location. However, Shen Changge soon discovered that the black fog does not seem to be that simple!

The mysterious and powerful organization of people in the fog, the weird black fog spread the law, killing three big monsters will lead to the great terror in the black fog? Each sect statue seems to have its own meaning, if it is broken, then it means that the sect is destroyed, mastering the black mist, you can master the mysterious killing and killing technique!

Shen Changge: Cultivation is really hard, you are already a mature system, you can practice by yourself, system, sign in!

[New Sword Repair Era] [Eclectic sign in] [I Shen Changge has no other meaning with this sword, just want to tell you that I am invincible] [Dark Mist Era]

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Alternate Title:绝世剑仙幕后签到三千年
Author:Dust dark blue shirts
Weekly Rank:#430
Monthly Rank:#112
All Time Rank:#2835
Tags:Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Demonic Cultivation Technique, Demons, Evil Gods, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Shameless Protagonist, Sword Wielder, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Xianxia, Xuanhuan,
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11 Comments on “Peerless Sword Fairy Signed In For Three Thousand Years
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  1. Finished up to latest chapter. Was good near the beginning but I didn't like how the author killed off thousands of people just to emphasize how cruel immortals are.

  2. none so far. I also hope for interstellar cultivation genre with sign in cheat. it'll be awesome if MC managed to get many futuristic technology such as spaceship and OP genetic bloodline. I already bored with xianxia sign in genre since its plot pretty much repetitive.

  3. Awesome interstellar cultivation novel's in this site: God Level Demon, Extraordinary David, and Pocket Hunting Dimension. Those three aren't sign in genre but they have their own different OP golden finger/cheat.

  4. Yeah it would be great if there's a interstellar novel ot related to yaoi..most insterstellar novel end up with romance and yaoi, i hope there's more action and others...

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