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In the Dragon Vessel Continent, there are thousands of ethnic groups, countless sects, and martial artists are respected.

The strong destroy the world, the weak crawl like ants. Young Chen Feng, his dantian is like iron, unable to practice, he was cold-eyed.

Occasionally got the supreme dragon’s blood, the mysterious ancient tripod, from then on rise against the sky, turned out to be born! The pretty demon fox, the Lengao empress, the magic gate demon girl, and the protoss princess all fall into my arms.

Xiuwu inherits, condenses the strongest martial soul, sits on the beauty of all, and looks down upon Jiuxiao.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:PMS
Alternate Title:绝世武魂
Author:Los Angeles East
Weekly Rank:#241
Monthly Rank:#166
All Time Rank:#130
Tags:Adapted to Anime, Adapted to Manhua, Artifacts, Beast Companions, Beasts, Calm Protagonist, Cannibalism, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Dragons, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Harem, Lucky Protagonist, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Martial Spirits, R-18, Race Change, Revenge, Ruthless Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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8 Comments on “Peerless Martial Soul
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  1. I have looked into the cultivation speed and he doesn't reach the Third Great Realm till the 800s., Fifth Great Realm till the 1900s and Seventh Great Realm Peak till 3000s. The novel has the same amount of Great Realms as Martial Peak, however, MP is a lot faster in cultivation speed than PMS. I kind of take this novel as slow and spread out in terms of reaching certain cultivation levels.

  2. So many arrogant young masters almost as the number of chapters or so it feels...and the MC don't take no crap and smash them left and right he don't care about consequences because the MC plot armor is big, for example grandparents of the killed young masters are not going left and right after him, they see they own grandson died on the spot in a tournament and not going after him after he goes out of sect. He also have a bunch of ragtag minions that he support with all the resource he gets, and they do absolutely nothing (like hunt and train outside like him) just cultivate peacefully in his upper level room. At least he doesn't have a fiancé leaving him for a young master, I would've dropped this novel on the spot.

  3. Very good story but similar plot. Outer disciples ( cultivation novel read count below 15-20) will definitely like this. Inner disciples ( cultivation novel read count around 40-50 ) will find it a bit boring. Core disciples please stay away from this. I am sure you will find this novel repetitive.

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