There is no reason why Jing Yunhao does this.

That is, Jing Yunzhen took a fancy to the three ancient seals that the so-called Qingyuezong had found.

This Qingyuezong person wants to **** the ancient seal of Jingyun.

That's just fine.

Jing Yunyi also grabbed their ancient imprints.

This is fair, right?

Since this middle-aged man has a communication stone to call the people of Qingyuezong, then they don't have to waste time and energy to find them.

why not?

that's it.

Time passed by.

During this time, the middle-aged man thought for a long time, and still didn't think about it. What is this operation?

Looking for a dead end?

It seems that in addition to this answer, there is no other answer.

But this answer is just right.

This kid has an ancient imprint.

And also killed his other three companions.

It is difficult to vent your anger without killing this person.

But he does not have this ability, and he dare not try it, but once the lord comes, the boy will die.

So the more you think about it.

The more he can't wait to see the moment when Jingyun is dying.

And while he waited, the surrounding finally sounded some movement.

A group of people rushed out of the surrounding jungle.

There are more than 20 people in total.

They are all wearing the same costumes as middle-aged men.

The middle-aged man saw this group of people, and his face finally showed a bright smile.


The middle-aged man immediately rushed to the oldest of the group of people.

"what happened?"

The old man glanced at the audience and saw Jing Yunqi and Xiao Xuan. Naturally, he also saw the disciples of three Qingyue who fell to the ground and could not die any more.

I couldn't help but feel cold.

"The Sovereign is this kid. He not only snatched the ancient seals of several of us, but also killed the three disciples of Qingyue, and he also uttered madness to you and us. There was a lot of insults, and we didn’t even have the qualification to give him shoes."

The middle-aged man immediately added oil and vinegar.

I have said something that Jing Yun has not said.

It is deliberately intensifying contradictions.

Let the Qingyue patriarchs not kill the Jingyun.

Jing Yunqi did not care about this. He looked at the old man and he opened the door and said: "You are the lord of Qingyuezong. You have been waiting for you for a long time. You have offended the Emperor of the Emperor, according to my emperor. The door's style of action, you Qingyuzong must apologize to me."

"If you don't forget any other gifts, just hand over the three ancient seals that you found. If not, then don't blame me for being impolite."

When this was said, everyone looked at Jing Yunyu with a look that looked like a fool.

"What kind of nonsense does this person say? 霄皇门? What **** door? I have never heard of it."

"Let's hand over the ancient seal, and he wants it."

"I have seen idiots, I have never seen such an idiot."

The people of Qingyuezong are ridiculed against Jingyun.

After all, Jing Yun's martial arts repair is not as good as them, and Xiao Xuan around him is just a beast and kingdom. In their eyes, there is no difference with the ants.

"kill him."

The Qingyue patriarch took a look at Jingyun, and then only said three words.

It seems that one more word is an insult to him.

The middle-aged man smiled before.

I think that Jingyun will die.

The rest of the people are also sneering, looking at Jing Yunshao's eyes is no different from looking at a corpse.

"Since you don't plan to apologize, let's all go up together. Benedict has not spent so much time with you. All of them are together, I solved it together. One hundred."

Jing Yun霄 spread the stalls.

The calmness of a face is calm.

"The Sovereign, this kid's strength is a bit strange. The three of us, Qingyuezong, were killed by his sword. Don't take it lightly."

The middle-aged man reminded.

"Then you all go together."

The Qingyue patriarch immediately ordered.


All the people of Qingyuezong nodded.

Then I took out all my weapons.

Just rushed to Jingyun.

Jing Yunqi did not intend to have too much circumstance with them, and he took out the half-framed map directly.

A nine-level attack spirit array instantly opens.

The strong array of fluctuations swept through, causing the thunder and lightning to flash between the whole four weeks. A thunder sea was madly condensed in the air, and the inside of the dragon was constantly moving.


The people of Qingyuezong saw Jing Yunqi’s shots, and their faces suddenly changed.

It is also at this time.

"Thunder and kill, give me a kill!"

Jing Yun霄 sighed low.

A ray of dragons was taken from the thunder sea in the air.

All of them fiercely attacked the people of Qingyuezong.

The momentum is vast and the momentum is soaring.

The entire Tianyan Mountains seemed to shake the mountain like this.

"Get out of the way."

The people of Qingyuezong are all very incomparable.

They have fought to resist the dragons.

But they resisted a Thunder Dragon, but it was difficult to resist the second.

The power of the nine-level spirits is not something they can shake.

So under the brontosaurus that had been thrown out of the sky, the Qingyue dynasty began to fall down one after another.

This movement naturally attracted the attention of the rest of the people around, and some people immediately watched it.

And when they saw Jing Yunyi alone manipulating the big battle against the Qing Yuezong people, they were all shocked.

What surprised them even more is that under the power of these big battles, the people of Qingyuezong had almost no resistance, and they all died in the same powerful way.

In the end, only the Qingyue patriarch, the middle-aged man, and the remaining elders of the Qingyue dynasty were in the middle and late stages of the Five Kingdoms.

"Damn. Be sure to kill him."

The Qingyue Zongzong was in a bad state.

The middle-aged man is unbelievable.

The rest of the Qingyue dynasty is furious.

This ninth-level squad has caused fatal damage to the rest of the Qingyue.

However, they have not had such a big impact on the warriors who are in the middle of the five-figure and above.

As long as they work together, it is not impossible to kill Jingyun.


They didn't hesitate, they all released their martial arts atmosphere, and then they shot together, and they went straight to Jingyun.

"Not self-reliant."

"Give me all to die."

Jing Yun霄 smiled coldly.

I saw him in the right hand, and meditated in another mouth.

Another nine-level attacking spirit array, opened at the same time as the thunderbolt.

The two nine-level attacking spirits are extremely powerful.

The momentum that erupted was even more impeccable.

The emperors of Qingyuezong and others are a bit tolerant, but in the face of these two nine-level attacking spirits, they are very small.

Ah, ah...

I only heard a scream of screams.

The Qingyue patriarch and the middle-aged man and others were all spared, and all died in two large arrays.

The people around them are watching.

This is too strong!

"What? Do you want to taste the power of my law?"

Jingyun rushed to the surrounding area.

Everyone around them dared to stay and left.

Jing Yunyi will take up the battle, then take the three ancient seals of the Qingyue patriarchs and others as their own, and then use the fire to burn their bodies.

But it is also at this time.

A figure took out from the forest.

This figure is not human.

It is the beast.

And it is still a talking animal.

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