When I saw these four men, Jing Yunyi didn't even look at them and even released the fire.

The emperor quickly burned and refining the body of the nine yin yin snakes.

"Kid, our elders are talking to you, your ears are stunned? Didn't you hear?"

A young man behind the middle-aged man saw Jing Yunzhen indifferent, and could not help but directly swear.

"Xiao Xuan, let's go."

Jing Yunyi still didn't look at them more, and wanted to leave with Xiao Xuan.

Just did not take a step, the four people will surround Jingyun and Xiaoxuan.

"Do you want to face your face? Are you aware of who we are? We are the famous second-rate forces of Qingyue, who are famous in North Bingzhou. I urge you to finally obey the words and hand over the ancient seals, otherwise don't blame us. Your hands are ruthless. Once we start, you and the beast beside you will only have a dead end."

Another young man took the word and went immediately.

The four people are all in a state of turmoil. A pair of Jing Yunzhen will not hand over the ancient seals, and they will not give up.

Jing Yunhao still did not pay attention to them.

"Step aside."

A cold word, look directly at one of the young men.

The whole person is also full of gas.

Especially the look, very sharp.

The young man saw that the whole person was a clever one.

Actually was kept for a moment.

"Kid, don't toast, don't eat and drink fine wine. What's wrong with living? Do you have to find your own way?"

After the youth reacted, they could not help but be angry.

He actually just got scared.

This made him very upset.

But even more uncomfortable is Jingyun.

"Give you a face, are you? Endless, are you?"

"Is there a problem with your IQ? Or is there a pit in your head?"

"Is this ancient seal to be yours? Are you thinking about problems with your ass?"

"Are you chasing a person who was killed by the rest of the people, and that is what you killed?"

"Either hurry, or you will die here and never want to roll. You decide."

Jing Yun’s anger is even more powerful.

He only wants to continue to search for the ancient seals, and these four people obviously have no ancient imprints, so Jing Yunyi is too lazy to waste his energy to do it to them, but these people do not know how to lift them, and they repeatedly stop Jing Yunyu. And also uttered madness.

The clay figurine has three points.

A cloud of Jing Yun’s body suddenly swept away.

"As for you alone, plus such a beast king, dare to yell in front of us. If you don't know what to do, then go to hell."

"Don't waste time, do it, kill him directly."

The middle-aged man waved his hand.

The three youths directly went to Jingyun and Xiaoxuanwei.

These three young people are just the four primary and middle warriors of the gods.

What do they do for Jingyun?

This time.

Jing Yunzhen did not say a word more.

The sword in the hand has already been stabbed.

Three swords.

Just three swords.

All three young people fell to the ground.

I am afraid I don’t even know how to die.

When I saw Jing Yunzhen killing three people directly, the middle-aged man was shocked.

He is afraid that he never dreamed that Jing Yunzhen is so strong.

Although he is a four-time warrior in the martial arts of the gods, at this moment, his innermost feelings are also uncontrollably fearful.

"You have to die too."

Simple and simple four words, bursting out from the Jingyun mouth.

The sun and moon swords in Jing Yun’s hands were once again raised high.

The body is even more magnificent, like a king!

"You... If you dare to do it to me, the rest of our Qingyue sect will not let you go. They are nearby and led by our lords."

The middle-aged man threatened.

"Your lord? Is it strong?"

Jingyun’s brow wrinkled.

"That is nature. Our lord is the six early warriors of the gods. If he wants to do it to you, a finger can kill you directly."

The middle-aged man thought that Jing Yun was afraid, even if he continued to threaten.

Is it the beginning of the Sixth Heaven?

But it is normal to think about it.

In Xifeng Prefecture, the strongest Fengyun arrogance is also the cultivation of the six peaks of Shenwujing.

Although the overall strength of North Bingzhou is much stronger than that of Westwind.

But the so-called Qing Yuezong is only a second-rate force.

The Sovereign has a six-fold initial cultivation of the gods, and it is already very good.

"So strong? Then they must have found some ancient seals, right?"

Jing Yun was pretending to be a scared look.

"Yes, our lords have already got three ancient imprints. Our Qingyue sects have to act separately in order to get more ancient imprints. So your boy is better not to act rashly, as long as I crush the communication stone in my hands, we are green. The rest of the moon will come over."

"The time is time for you to die without a place to die."

When the middle-aged man saw Jing Yun’s fear, he was even more proud.

It’s just that he finished talking.

Jing Yunshen’s expression suddenly became cold, and the sword in his hand released more violent power.

"I ordered you to crush him right away."

"If you don't crush him, I will have your life now."

Jing Yun霄 ordered.

And this discourse fell into the middle-aged man's ears, so that the middle-aged man was forced.

I thought I was wrong.

"You... what are you talking about?"

The middle-aged man couldn't believe it.

"I said that I will crush the communication stone immediately, so that the lords of the Qingyue sect and the rest of the people will come to save you. Otherwise..."

Jing Yun’s eyes suddenly became cold, and his body’s killings poured out.

It seems that I have to kill the middle-aged man at any time.

At this moment, the middle-aged man looked at Jing Yunyu with a look like a neurotic.

Was this kid's head kicked?

Still being caught by the door?

He actually threatened to crush the communication stone to rescue the soldiers?

Shouldn't you try to stop yourself?




Jing Yunzhen even started counting up.

The middle-aged man naturally understands the meaning of Jing Yun, and when Jing Yun’s number is over, Jing Yunyi will start to him.

Feel the killing of Jing Yunqi.

The middle-aged man was completely panicked.

No matter what kind of nerves Jingyun was doing, the communication stone was crushed immediately.

After the pinch, the middle-aged man thought that Jing Yunyi had to run away.

But Jing Yunqi did not.

Not only did not, but also directly sitting cross-legged, and then ordered to the middle-aged man: "You are not allowed to run, just stay here and wait with me. Until your Qingyue sect and the remaining rescuers to save you. If you dare to take a step, I will kill you immediately. If you don't believe, you can give it a try."

The middle-aged man is messy.

It’s crazy.

Still this kid is crazy.

Or is the whole world crazy?

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