The first thousand one hundred and thirty-two chapters of the ancient imprint

After the communication stone given by Yimeng was collected, Jingyun was temporarily separated from Yimeng and Changqing.

"Xiao Xuan, let's go."

Jing Yunxiao and Xiao Xuan, together in the forest.

Soon after.


Xiao Xuan rushed to Jingyun and whispered a few times.

Jing Yun's face is slightly fascinating: "Xiao Xuan, have you found out? Take me there."

Xiaoxuan nodded and immediately swept away in a direction with Jingyun.

Not far away.

Jing Yunzhen saw it, there was a three-headed beast at this time in an open space.

The three-headed monsters are all animal beasts.

Two third-order beasts violent demons.

A fourth-order beast is a nine-nine-day yin snake.

The fourth-order beast seems to be injured, and there are several sword marks on his body.

So the two third-order beasts took advantage of it and stopped the fourth-order beast.

However, although it was stopped, the third-order beast violent magic bear did not act rashly.

They are waiting.

Waiting for the injured fourth-order beast, the nine-nine-day yin snake is even weaker.

So that the two sides are deadlocked there at the moment.

of course.

How they are, Jingyun is not interested.

What he is interested in is that he found an ancient imprint on the body of the fourth-order beast.

Estimated also because it has an ancient imprint on the body, so it was discovered by the rest of the people, and then was seriously injured, and then fled to here.

In principle, the safest and most reliable way to succeed is to wait for the three beasts to fight, and then Jingyun squats to collect the benefits of the fisherman!

But Jing Yunzhen did not do this.

Even if the fourth-order beast is not injured, Jing Yunyi, who was originally repaired by the four martial arts, has the confidence to solve the three beasts at the same time.

Not to mention that the nine-nine-day yin snake is still injured.

Therefore, Jing Yunqi almost did not hesitate, so he went straight out and stood in front of the nine secluded snakes and the raging magic bear.

"I am not interested in your interest, only interested in the ancient imprint on you. So as long as you hand over the ancient seal, you can leave."

Jing Yunyu is cold and authentic.

These beasts are not weak, and they can almost understand the meaning of Jing Yunzhen.

However, the two third-order beasts, the violent demon bears, seem to be very unhappy with Jingyun’s good deeds.

In addition, Jingyun’s secret atmosphere has not caused any threat to them.

And Xiao Xuan, but the beast of a beast king, naturally appears extremely small in their eyes.

Therefore, instead of being obedient, they also directly transferred the fierce gaze to Jing Yun's body. They did not wait for Jing Yun's movements. The two violent bears were very apt to directly toward Jing Yunqi and Xiaoxuan. I rushed over.

The huge bear claws looked at him and greeted him.

Jing Yunqi did not back down.

Instead, I took a few steps forward.

Blocked in front of Xiao Xuan.

"Goshawk Boxing!"

The right and left hands hold the fist at the same time, and the two punches blast.

The two bears of the violent bears touched each other.


The fists of the fists collided and the sound was thunderous.

Jing Yunqi stood in the same place and did not move.

The huge body of the two violent devil bears is back a dozen steps.


This makes both violent magic bears angry.

next moment.

They all have a black scent of enthusiasm, and the atmosphere forms a black light group on their surface, making them look very violent, as if all aspects of the ability have been added.

"Ben Huang did not have time to spend with you."


Jing Yun’s eyes narrowed and his body was swept away.

Originally used two punches to shake the two violent demon bears, let them know and retreat!

But now it seems that these two violent demons are completely ignorant.

In this case, there is no need to waste time with them.

Sun and Moon Excalibur is in hand, Jing Yunyi took the initiative this time.

If you are shocked, Jing Yun’s body disappears in the same place.


Above the open space, the sword light flashes.

Just a few breaths, Jing Yunyi returned to the original place.

Two violent demon bears then slammed into the chest and there were two blood holes. Juanjuan’s blood flowed out, only a little twitching, and the two violent bears died directly and could not die any more.

Jing Yunzhen released the fire of the emperor, burning and refining the bodies of the two raging magic bears.

Turning around and seeing, the fourth-order beast is not in the same place.


It was just taking a look at Jingyun and the violent demon bear, so I slipped away.


Xiaoxuan snorted and caught up with Jing Yunyi.

The nine secluded yin snakes were seriously injured and could not run far.

In addition, Jing Yunxiao and the two violent demon bears have not played for a long time, and Xiaoxuan has been staring at the direction of the nine secluded yin snakes.

Therefore, Jing Yunyi quickly caught up with the nine secluded yin snakes.

"I just wanted the ancient imprint on you, you don't cherish your own life."

Jing Yun’s eyes suddenly became cold.

The sword in his hand has already gone out.

Although the nine secluded yin snakes were seriously injured.

But at this moment, seeing Jing Yunzhen’s shot, he did not die in vain. The huge snake body swept out like an iron pillar. It suddenly stirred up thousands of dust, and at the same time, fallen around the old trees, trying to Stop the attack of Jingyun.

It’s just that it’s too small.

The fallen old trees and the dust rising around have no effect on Jingyun.

Jing Yunzhen is not kind and soft.

A sword runs through the deadliest seven-inch position of the nine yin yin snakes and kills them directly.

After killing the nine secluded yin snakes, Jing Yun 霄 directly removed the ancient seal from it, and then printed the mark on his body.

At the moment when the imprint fell, Jing Yunyi felt like he was being shackled.

"This mark is weird!"

Jingyun’s brow wrinkled.

This ancient family used this way to imprint all their marks on those who followed them into the ancient battlefield, and there must be other purposes.

However, Jing Yunqi is not too worried.

Although these ancient seals are weird, they cannot be erased.

Although it is difficult for ordinary people to do it, Jingyun is a reincarnation of the great emperor. It should be no problem to erase these marks.

After entering the ancient battlefield and discovering that these ancient imprints will have an impact on themselves, Jingyun will find a way to erase it.

Therefore, Jing Yunzhen did not think much more, and was planning to burn and refine the body of the nine yin yin snakes.

The four figures suddenly rushed out of the surrounding jungle.

It is four men.

A middle-aged man, three young men.

All four were fierce and sinister. They first glanced at the nine secluded yin snakes on the ground. Then the middle-aged man screamed at Jingyun coldly: "The kid, this nine secluded yin snake is seriously injured, so it The ancient seal on the body should belong to us. I advise you to be the best one, and hand over the ancient seal."

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