The first thousand one hundred and twenty-nine chapter ancient battlefield

After some browsing, Jing Yunzhen found that the display of this set of Emperor Dragon blood circles, like the previous time and space countercurrent and **** rebirth, also has restrictions.

Moreover, the limitations of this article are more than the time-space countercurrent and the **** rebirth.

The first condition: only the martial arts can be used for six or more repairs. Otherwise, the martial arts level is too low, or forced to display, it will explode and die.

The second condition: every time you use it, it will consume a lot of dragon blood in your body until it is exhausted.

The third condition: after use, it is forbidden to use again within three months, otherwise it will directly explode and die.

The fourth condition: every time you use it, it will consume a lot of soul power.

Four conditions, each of which can be said to be extremely demanding.

God is full of six!

Jing Yunzhen has just broken through to the early stage of Shenwujing!

There are two major levels of difference between the six elements of Shenwujing, that is, six small realms.

This is not something that can be achieved casually.

Even if it is achieved, every use will consume the dragon blood as if it were time-space countercurrent. The dragon's blood is precious. It is known to the individual that if the dragon's blood is exhausted, then Jingyun will not know where to go.


These means actually consume the power of the soul.

It seems that I have to prepare some soul medicines on my own at any time.

As for the three-month ban, it will be used again.

This makes Jing Yunxiao a bit confused.

If he stays in the Supreme Supreme Tower for three months, and the outside world is only about nine days in the past, which time is the final?

According to Jing Yunhao's experience, it should be based on the time of his own space.

For example, Jing Yunyu stayed in the Shoutian Supreme Tower and calculated it according to the time in the Optimus Prime Tower.

Staying outside, it is calculated according to the time of the outside world.

However, the specifics, you still need to explore the scene after Jingyun.

Although there are many restrictions, Jing Yunyi is still looking forward to this set of means.

Mastering it is equivalent to mastering a very powerful means of life.

"Although I still have a big gap from the Sixth Heaven of God, but since there is time, I will try to cultivate this Emperor Dragon Fire, the fifth piece of Emperor Dragon Blood, and wait until I have reached the Sixth Heaven. It can also be used directly. No need to spend time on cultivation."

Jing Yun’s heart sinks.

Soon he fell into the cultivation of these dragon blood circles.

However, this blood dragon is harder to cultivate than the previous four.

Need to open a whole three hundred and sixty points in the body.

And these three hundred and sixty points are called dragon points.

Only when the three hundred and sixty dragons are all opened up, can the dragon blood be created to create the dragon blood world. Even if there is one less acupuncture point, it is difficult to display this dragon blood circle.

Three hundred and sixty acupuncture points, this is not a small number.

If you want to get through all of them, you will definitely need a lot of time.

During the time when I stepped into the six-fold situation of God, I could just practice it.

In the following time, Jing Yunyi was spared no effort to open the dragon's hole in the body.

After five days in the Sky Tower, Jing Yun’s face was a bit of a bitter color.

In five days, he just got through five dragon caves.

The speed of this opening is really too slow.

"If you can get some dragon treasures, I am afraid that the speed of these dragons will be greatly improved."

Jing Yun’s heart is at the bottom.

Dragon treasures, Jing Yunyi is increasingly looking forward to.

Whether it is to open up the Dragon Palace, or to cultivate this blood dragon, you need dragon treasures.

Even if it is not the powerful dragons and treasures, even the dragon treasures that contain the dragon's temperament will do.

Even as long as the treasures associated with the dragons can be.


Now I can only think about it.

Not to mention the dragon treasures, even the treasures related to the dragons are not so easy to find.

Therefore, Jing Yunyi did not dream of daydreaming, and had to continue to break into cultivation again.

that's it.

It’s a while.

In the rush of Yimeng, it took more than two days. They finally entered the territory of North Bingzhou, and once they arrived in North Bingzhou, Yimeng suddenly stopped.

And they entered their own space treasures, standing side by side with Jing Yunhao.

"Everyone, I just got the news, there is a very important thing that needs to be dealt with, so I can only let Ziqin and Fengfeng take you to that position. But you can rest assured that you entered the North Ice State, the Thunder Palace. People don't dare to be too arrogant."

"So it’s enough for Zi Qin and the wind to send you to a safe place, no danger will happen."

Yimeng slightly apologized.

After that.

Yimeng looked at Jingyun霄 again: "Yuhuang Xiaoyou, you can rest assured, I said the news to help you inquire, and then let people inquire through the way of passing the voice, they just tell the news, they will naturally tell Zi Qin, they will tell you when they arrive."

"Of course, if the things I am going to do are not going well, maybe I will be back soon."

I saw that Yimeng was so concerned about what he was going to do. The first reaction of Jing Yunzhen was whether the Wu Dian was in trouble. Now that the Wu Dian is indeed related to himself, the matter of the Wu Dian is in the view of Jing Yun. It is equivalent to your own business.

Even if he refused Yimeng’s invitation and refused to join the Wu Dian, he couldn’t help but curious at the moment: “Elders of Yimeng, I don’t know what happened to Wu Dian. Let you be so hot and eager to leave? I don’t know. Can you tell me if you can help me?"

Yimeng smiled slightly: "Yuhuang Xiaoyou is polite, Wudian did not happen anything. It was just that I got a good news. This news may be very interesting to Huang Xiaoyou, so I will not be stunned. I am a little friend."

Jingyun’s brow wrinkled.

good news?

I will also be very interested?

So Jingyun is more curious.

I heard that Yimeng continued: "A month ago, someone in Central China discovered an entrance to an ancient battlefield. Soon after, two identical ancient battlefield entrances were discovered in Zhongtuzhou."

“It’s not just the entrances in Middle-earth, but also the entrances to the ancient battlefields in North Bingzhou and South Huozhou. It’s just that all the entrances have very strong array fluctuations. near."

"Even the people of the ancient family could not break that line of law."

"But fortunately, the fluctuations of those entrances have been weakening over time. And I just got the news, at most one day, all the arrays of the entrance will disappear completely, when we will People can enter the ancient battlefield through the entrance."

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