The first thousand one hundred and twenty-eighth chapter fifth, the dragon blood world


"Yulongyu" is not so easy to cultivate successfully.

At least it is more difficult than the Royal Devil.

The reason why it is difficult is that it is difficult to open up in the Dragon Palace.

If you want to cultivate a dragon palace without any reason in this way, it is really too difficult.

Even if it can be opened up, it is a Dragon Palace, I am afraid it will cost a lot of time and energy.

Even with the Optimus Tower, Jing Yunyi can't afford it.

After all, the time agreed with the hail is only three months.

Therefore, it is necessary to resort to auxiliary forces.

What is the auxiliary force?

The most intuitive is the dragon treasure.

Refining and absorbing the dragon treasures, so that there are enough dragons in their bodies, and then using the dragons to help them open up the Dragon Palace, can greatly enhance the opening speed of the Dragon Palace, and at the same time enable Jing Yunzhen to develop the Dragon Palace. , you can be more comfortable with the dragon.

If it is the rest of the people, I am afraid that even if there is a dragon treasure, it cannot be used to open the Dragon Palace.

Jing Yunyi can be used because Jing Yun's body has the blood factor of the Dragon's blood.

Dragon treasures.

Dragon blood.

Plus "Yulongyu".

Opening up the Dragon Palace is just around the corner.


How precious is the dragon treasure.

Even the predecessors of Jing Yunzhen, the dragon treasures seen are not many.

Not to mention that now he is only in the area of ​​the Baizu domain, which was once not the life of the dragon.

Therefore, it is very difficult to find the dragon treasures.

of course.

Jing Yunzhen is not discouraged.

As long as you have the heart, you may not find it.

Therefore, after practicing the five-day "Yulongyu" in the Supreme Supreme Tower, Jing Yunyi temporarily set it aside and waited to find the dragon treasure and then cultivate it.

No longer practicing "Yulong", Jing Yunyi will focus on the runestone.

Runestone was given to him by Jingyun when he was at the headquarters of the Fengyun Chamber of Commerce.

There are five basic runes in Runestone.

Jing Yunzhen now only understands three of them.

It is also with the help of these three basic runes, Jingyun Qian Qianlian is angry.

This Qianlian anger is extraordinary, and Jing Yunxiao has seen the terrible things of the power of the pattern.

Therefore, Jing Yunqi intends to master the other two basic runes in Runestone. Only by mastering the other two basic runes, can I use the five basic runes to make the other set of the more powerful. The rune means is displayed.


The next time, Jing Yunyi is the other two basic runes in the runestone.

I don't know if Jing Yun's talent in the rune is really good.

It is still very easy to get involved in these two basic runes.

I only used the six days of the Supreme Tower.

Jing Yunyi took his enlightenment and mastered it directly.

Since the five basic runes are all mastered, Jing Yunyi is beginning to cultivate another set of runes.

The other set of runes is called: Wan Fu!

If this set of runes is mastered, the power is at least twice that of Qianlian.

even more.

When he practiced Qianlian's anger, Jing Yunxiao did not spend too much time.

This time, when practicing the Wanfu killing, Jing Yunyi did not spend too much time.

It only took four days.

It’s a success to kill Wan Fu to practice.

If the basic runes of these enlightenments, and the speed of practicing the runes, are known by the old, they will surely scare the old teeth.

Even if it was a veteran, when it was time to cultivate Wanfu, it took two months to fully cultivate it.

Jing Yunhao actually did it in four days.

A total of fifteen days passed in the stalwart of the stalwart, and the outside world only passed one and a half days. So at this moment, Yimeng still carries Jingyun and they are on the road.

Since there is still time, Jing Yunyi continues to consolidate the realm of martial arts, naturally still not idle.

There are a total of seven articles in the Emperor of Fire, and Jing Yunzhen has already mastered the first four articles. It is also time to take a look. This is the anti-day means of the fifth book.

Thinking of this, Jing Yunqi can't wait to use the knowledge of God to enter the familiar star spar space.

Then three steps and two places went to the stone platform in the center of the star spar.

The iron book on the stone platform is still the iron book, but what is different is that this time Jing Yunyi can open the fifth page, and the fifth page records the content of the fifth article of Emperor Dragon Fire. .

Can't wait, Jing Yunyi immediately opened the fifth page.

At a glance, the four words immediately reflected in Jing Yun's eyes.

Seeing these four words, Jingyun’s pupils jerked for a while.

When he finished reading the introduction, it was even more shocking.

Because these four words, turned out to be: Emperor Dragon Blood.

The first article of the Emperor Dragon Fire, the Emperor of Fire, not only strengthens the body of Jing Yun, but also allows him to release the fire of the emperor and devour everything!

The second dragon change, let Jing Yun become a golden dragon, the value of combat power soared.

The third chapter of blood rejuvenation, can make Jing Yunzhen re-born again by using his own drop of blood.

The fourth time-space countercurrent allows Jing Yunxuan to reverse time and change the past.

Each one is a general existence.

If it is circulated, any one can cause a sensation in the entire Dragonland continent.

The Dragon God inherits, and it really deserves its name!

So that Jing Yunyi is more determined, he must become a Dragon King, and get more Dragon God heritage.

And this fifth Emperor Dragon blood circle is the same as the second one, it is a means to enhance the combat power.

You can release a **** world by burning your own dragon blood, and people in the blood world, as long as the martial arts repair is not much higher than Jingyun, there is a chance to directly kill everyone inside! Extremely overbearing.

Among them, the specific ones who can kill the level higher than the level of Jingyun’s martial arts have to look at how much Jingyun has cultivated this set of means.

However, since it is the fifth article in the Emperor Dragon's Fire, according to the strength of the previous four articles, you can know that this set of means is absolutely terrifying. I am afraid that the upper limit of the killing and the upper limit of the number of people will never be Too low, if you don't do well, it will be possible to limit the amount to the unexpected degree of Jingyun.

"According to this, it is not that I can use this fifth article in the future to kill all the people in the bloodline, and then use the fire to absorb the martial arts elements in their bodies, and then upgrade their martial arts. If this is the case, then this set is definitely my biggest card."

Thinking like this, Jing Yunxiao can't wait to see this set of Emperor Dragon blood carefully.

After some browsing, Jing Yunzhen found that the display of this set of Emperor Dragon blood circles, like the previous time and space countercurrent and **** rebirth, also has restrictions.

Moreover, the limitations of this article are more than the time-space countercurrent and the **** rebirth.

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