Chapter 729

Impatient, impatient life, impatient society, as if everything is about speed.

But sometimes, speed is not necessarily a good thing. For example, the resuscitation of the intestinal tract, many doctors often cannot bear the suffering, hurriedly drew the knife, and then closed the abdomen and sutured the table.

As for the future life of the patient, I'm sorry, I can't stand this torment, and I can't afford this risk.

In fact, medicine often doesn't need how top-level technology and superb level you can solve the medical problems of the world for 100 years. What people really need is the heart of a doctor.

Waiting, just like the play waiting for Godot, time goes exceptionally slowly.

The atmosphere in the operating room was so depressing that it caused breathing problems. No one spoke, everyone's eyes were on Zhang Fan's hands!

One minute, ten minutes, twenty minutes!

Xue Fei was nervous and began to drool constantly!

The gurgling sound of saliva can make the staff in the operating room hear clearly.

He is worried for Zhang Fan!

"Why, are you hungry?" Zhang Fan opened his eyes softly and said to Xue Fei with a smile.

When Zhang Fan closed her eyes and covered her white stick with her hands, Xue Fei's heart was anxious and her mouth became angry.

After a while, my upper and lower teeth bit my lips, and my mind was full of thoughts. When the family members hit Zhang Yuan, I must stand in front of Zhang Yuan.

After a while, he felt that this was not good. He murmured and looked at the medical staff next to him, thinking to himself: Would you like to let them go first?

When Zhang Fan opened his eyes and laughed at him, Xue Fei's wild thoughts disappeared.

This guy is a personal person. He doesn't have to look at Zhang Fan's face, and just listen to the tone of Zhang Fan's speech, he knows that the operation is fine.

"Zhang Yuan, are you alive?" The anesthesiologist asked gently.

"Of course, I didn't see who was doing the surgery, if it was the dean of yours.

It is estimated that this old man's intestine will be much shorter! Xue Fei didn't need Zhang Fan's affirmation, he just started to blow his ox.

"Oh, don't talk nonsense, the gut is starting to squirm!"



The operating room, especially the circuit and equipment nurses, felt a choking feeling.

Women seem to be more emotional than men. The depressed air allows them to appreciate Zhang Fan's pressure clearly.

When they heard that the intestines were alive, the stone in their hearts seemed to be broken directly.

Even if the intestinal inactivation cannot be resurrected today, the impact on them is minimal, but the immersive women really feel happy for Zhang Fan and the patients.

On the operating table, when the patient is anesthetized, some nurses will discuss, "Look, look, how white!"

"Look, look, people's abs."

There are all kinds of envy, but there are absolutely no bad intentions. In this industry, bad intentions do not last long, nor can they continue.

"Zhang Yuan, should I come?" Xue Fei felt that his mentality was about to explode. Zhang Fan was more uncomfortable than him, so he thought about completing the follow-up operation for Zhang Fan.

Not to mention the system's approval, if it is other surgery, such as the end of the appendix Zhang Fan may let out.

However, hernia does not work. The intestine has taken the sheep's tract in this place. Once you are not careful, you do n’t need to cut it with a knife, and you can close the sperm cord for others.

As the saying goes, there is no cultivated land, only exhausted cattle. In fact, this sentence is not comprehensive. As long as the water is maintained for a long time, the cattle can maintain fertility for a lifetime, but the cultivated land is not good. After menopause, there is no such conception. Chances are up.

So Zhang Fan won't give you Xue Fei the chance of finishing, not to mention that Xue Fei is still an orthopedist.

"It's okay, I'll come later!" Zhang Fan said to Xue Fei with a stroke of the old man's fine cord.

"Hehe, he's all seventy and eighty ..."

"Even if they are a hundred years old, I haven't asked you to give them contraception, we can't help but be concerned!"

Zhang Fan said angrily.

"Hehe ..." Xue Fei still wanted to speak, but looked at Zhang Fan, and Lai Pizi swallowed directly, afraid to speak.

The operation that could have been done in forty minutes was done in two hours.

After the operation, Zhang Fan said to the director of the fifth department of liver and gallbladder: "The patient's intestinal tract is a bit ischemic. Pay more attention when you go down."

"Well, yes, Zhang Yuan."

After that, palm moxibustion quickly left the affiliated hospital. At this time, this place was right and wrong.

Zhang Fan was simply unwilling to get involved in their internal affairs. Lao Li, the director of the fifth department of liver and gallbladder, had some ideas, but he had Zhao Jingjin in front of him.

Therefore, he didn't bother to speak, but Zhang Fan knew what he wanted to say by looking at his expression.

"Zhang Fan, here!" Shao Hua drove next to the hospital and saw Zhang Fan coming out, shook his arm and shouted Zhang Fan.

"Oh, how is your business going well?" Because of the bulb of Xue Fei, Zhang Fan and Shao Hua were very restrained.

"Success, I don't even know that you all know people at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences!" Shao Hua was also happy when things went smoothly.

"Academy of Agricultural Sciences?" Zhang Fan frowned. Xue Fei immediately said, "Which old man's daughter is going to be circumcised today doesn't say she has a relationship!"

After talking, Shao Hua said hello, Xue Fei quietly said to Zhang Fan, "Zhang Yuan, or you will be reimbursed for the plane ticket, I will go to the plane. It's weird here. You have been a long time In case of drought, I ... "

"Go, go, go." Although Zhang Fan also wanted Xue Fei aside, things didn't work that way.

"Get in the car! Shall I drive?" Zhang Fan said to Shao Hua.

"Okay, if you are not tired, you can drive." After speaking, Shao Hua said to Xue Fei again, "Director Xue, you can do it before, you two men can still chat!"

"Hi, okay, okay!" Xue Fei didn't say anything, but she had already raised her thumbs up to Shao Hua. This girl was too human.

The power of the big pickup feels a level higher than that of Zhang Lu's Cool Road Ze. After walking through the urban area, he enters the ring mountain road in the mouth of frontiers!

Straight Tianshan Road, the traffic flow is scarce, the car is straight, Zhang Fan is driving and can't help raising the speed of the car.

Looking at the speed of the vehicle, Xue Fei immediately touched his seat belt again, then grabbed the handrail and stopped chatting with Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan didn't notice, but Shao Hua could see clearly, and immediately said to Zhang Fan: "Drive slowly, my license plate is not a red brand. I took my uncle and aunt with my parents and my mother to eat a few days ago and stopped. After a while, let the traffic police post a note! "

"Oh, huh, huh!" Zhang Fan also realized that he was driving too fast.

"Zhang Yuan's car is stable, it's almost 180, and there is no sign of shaking, old driver!" Xue Fei licked his dry lips, deliberately angry at Zhang Fan.

Galloping all the way, Tianshan is getting closer. Looking at the snow line in Tianshan, Zhang Fan remembered what a herdsman had said to Zhang Fan when he was in Chasu.

"When Tianshan's snow line reaches the middle of the mountain, it will be ready to slaughter the winter festival. When the snow line reaches the foot of the mountain, it will be time for heavy snow to seal the door."

It's already evening to get to Chasu, Zhang Fan said to Xue Fei, "Let's have a meal together?"

Xue Fei shook her head like a spinning top. "Don't eat, don't eat, my mother-in-law is waiting for me at home!"

Zhang Fan screamed Xue Fei's anguish, and didn't say anything, but a smile was already on his face.

After Xue Fei was gone, Shao Hua was on the co-pilot, pinching Zhang Fan's face and saying, "Look at the others, take care of your wife!"

"Oh, you didn't see him scratched into a trumpet flower. Go, go home! Take your wife home!" Zhang Fan drove towards the home with a smile.

When he arrived at home, Zhang Fan smelled the scent of the meal as soon as he entered the house. His father and Shao Hua's father were chatting, and his mother and Shao Hua's mother were cooking in the kitchen.

As soon as Zhang Fan entered the door, Shao Hua's mother came out of the kitchen first. "Ah, it's like coming back. Tired, please wash your face."

Zhang Fan's mother also hurried out of the kitchen.

Although Dad kept looking at Zhang Fan, he said to Shao Hua's father, "You sit, you sit, you are his elder, how can any elder stand up to welcome the younger. Let ’s continue talking and continue chat!"

A table of dishes, the family was eating hot. At about the same time, Zhang Fan took out a quietly bought gift.

The whole family was boasting quietly, and whispered in their old mother's mouth: "It is another mess of money, students, and ..."

"The scholarship that people get for themselves, the first prize, is tens of thousands, but now quietly they are the rich!" Zhang Fan quickly interrupted his mother's speech.

"Oh, what are you talking about? I said my old lady was awesome at first, you see, I started to get paid before I graduated!" The old man was happy.

With this remark, not only Zhang Fan's mother laughed, but even Shao Hua's parents laughed. The old man now feels that his authority at home is getting worse and worse, so he is very distressed to the girl who is not in front of her.

Some things, such as preparing for Jing Jing to find a job in the future and let Jingdu's acquaintances take care of Jing Jing, Zhang Fan did not say that this is what a brother should do.

Moreover, Zhang Fan felt that as a man, there is no need to say something, as long as it is done.

After eating, Shao Hua was going to scramble to wash the pot. Mrs. Zhang Fan refused to let it go. Several people entangled for a while. Zhang Fan said to Shao Hua, "It's not once or twice. Change your clothes to accompany me outside."

"Come on, go, you still have important things, don't worry about things at home." For Shao Hua, Mrs. Zhang Fan really likes it.

I do n’t talk about it, I ’m still smart, I ’m not smart about it, but I ’m also respectful.

During the time when Zhang Fan was not in Chasu, the girl was afraid that the old man would worry about being lonely. She took them outside every day and almost ate all the meals named by Chasu.

To be honest, Zhang Fan's mother never dreamed that her own little stone could find such a good daughter-in-law. Compare heart to heart and exchange heart for heart, so Zhang Fan's mother is as natural to Shao Hua.

Home and talent are flourishing. With such a good family atmosphere, Zhang Fan lives up to such a good family without taking the lead.

"Where?" Shao Hua, who had cleared up a little, asked Zhang Fan in amazement.

"Go to the dean's house." Zhang Fan ignited and drove.

"Send something? I haven't seen you take anything. Come in empty-handed?"

"Stupid girl, bring something over. The old lady is expected to throw it out. Let's just buy some fruit when I go to the place. Not only don't bring things, I need to get something when I leave, so the old lady is happy.

Zhang Fan said with a smile to Shao Hua. He couldn't understand the old lady anymore.

"Does it fit?"

"Listen to me!"

When the car arrived, Zhang Fan bought some apples and pears at the gate of the community. Southern fruits cannot be bought. In the words of frontiers, bananas are just like radishes. They are not as good as radishes.

Knocking on the door, hey, Ouyang's old man in an apron looks like he's cooking or washing the pot.

"Yo, Zhang Fan, Shao Hua, fast forward and fast forward, Lao Ou, here is the guest!" The old lady estimated that Zhang Fan was chanting in the old man's ear every day, so the old man was very affectionate after seeing Zhang Fan.

"Where does the dean modify the documents?" Ouyang came out of the study with reading glasses, and Zhang Fan said to Ouyang with a smile.

In fact, the old lady was watching a serial in the study. When she heard that Zhang Fan was here, she quickly brought her reading glasses.

"Oh, you are back. Shao Hua is here too, fast forward, fast forward. So are you, come home when you are fine, I will give you tea."

Ouyang said to pour the tea, but he hasn't moved yet. The old man has begun to say hello. He knows his wife and never expected her at home.

"How's it going to go out this time?" Ouyang asked, looking at Zhang Fan as they took their seats.

Zhang Fan glanced at the corner of the old lady's mouth, which was a sign of happiness. He was also thinking. Why did the old lady feel so good?

"Very good. I went to see it this time. The gap between China's top operating room, top hospital and us." Zhang Fan said to Ouyang drinking tea.

"Oh, we are not afraid of a gap! Waiting for Monday, and waiting for you to preside over the start-up ceremony?"

"What ceremony?" Zhang Fan asked puzzled.

"Hey, you'll know by then, don't say this, don't say this." The old woman waved her hand proudly, and she wanted to surprise Zhang Fan.

Then he went on to say, "This time I received a special case number, and the person who named you will be asked to have an operation. It's not small. The leaders in the city have come to see it in their personal capacity."

"What disease?" No matter who Zhang Fan is, he first asked about the disease, which is the characteristic of doctors.

"Early pancreatic cancer!" Said the old woman.

"Uh! Isn't it Modo? Call ..."

"Yeah, how do you know?"

"I know so well, European academy, let me tell you ..." This time it was Zhang Fan's turn to start talking to Ouyang as ugly and ugly.

In fact, this is also a kind of close expression. Zhang Fan returned from the demon and came to Ouyang's house without bringing anything.

This move directly made Ouyang too face-saving. In her heart, she said: "How, how, people don't forget this!"

And this kind of child-like way of speaking, in fact, also gives Ou Yang a kind of pressure that can give Zhang Fanding, and Zhang Fan can cover the sky.

Zhang Fan is not in order to make Ouyang better in the future, he is repaying grace.

Without this old lady, and without the full support of this old lady, even if Zhang Fan has a system, it is estimated that people in the hospital are definitely jealous.

But when the old lady found Zhang Fan, she first gave the regional flying knife to Zhang Fan, but also strongly supported Zhang Fan.

It can be said that this old lady is like Zhang Fan's another system.

Shao Hua was gnashing his teeth while listening. Originally on this occasion, Shao Hua never spoke, but after listening to Zhang Fan's words, she said: "Too bullying, how can there be such a thing, don't give him surgery. "

"Hehe!" Zhang Fan patted Shao Hua's hand.

"It turned out to be such a thing!" The old lady suddenly realized at this time.

Then, without talking, she rubbed it with a water glass, and she thought for a long time before she spoke.

(End of this chapter)

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