Chapter 728: Who Laughs First

If people are divided into three, six or nine, the organs can actually be divided into three, six or nine. The first is the craniocerebra, not only above it, but also the human body's hardest skull protecting the brain.

And the skull has a very powerful barrier, the blood-brain barrier, as long as a substance with a larger molecular weight cannot enter the skull.

For example, if you eat food that you have never eaten before, if you are uncomfortable, you will first have abdominal pain, and then more severely, other organs will fail, but the brain will be fine.

Without this barrier, these symptoms are gone, because once the macromolecule enters the brain, the brain will be down and the mind will be out of order. What to eat and what to eat is definitely not a joke.

The second organ is the heart and lungs. Between the heart and lungs, the heart is slightly higher than the lungs. Rows of rib forks protect these two large organs like a tube. The heart lies on the lungs, which also made a sofa for the heart.

Moreover, although there is a layer inside and outside the ribs that is not comparable to the ligaments, it is also a tough mucosa layer, so it is not uncommon for rib fractures to penetrate the heart.

As for the abdominal organs, a diaphragm is like the ceiling of the abdominal organs. It firmly controls the organs that control the abdomen.

What exactly is this diaphragm? People in this age really can't understand it. People who grew up in the countryside when they were young are probably impressed.

The butcher killed the pig, opened his stomach, and first removed the gallbladder. Once this thing broke in the stomach, the pork could not be eaten.

Then drag down the esophagus vigorously, the torn esophagus from the pig's mouth with the stomach and the intestine, with the ligation of the entire **** torn.

At this time, if the child is curious, puts his head into the pig's belly and looks up, he can see a ceiling-like cover that is white in the middle and red in all directions. This is the diaphragm.

In the middle is the diaphragmatic tendon. It can be said that in the body, this tendon is the softest and least rigid tendon.

But this thing is like a closed hood. All the ascending and descending blood vessels and esophagus between the thorax and abdomen are wrapped with layers of mucous membranes. These mucous membranes firmly adhere to the gap between the thorax and abdomen like adhesive.

Therefore, the chest and abdominal cavity can be said to be a closed cavity. When the lungs shake violently, the diaphragm and abdominal cavity form a pump.

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped tendon. With this gadget, the downward pressure is quite large, and the upwards are rarely considered.

Therefore, someone who coughed and coughed his intestines between his legs, but never saw his coughing out of his mouth.

Squeeze up and down, the pressure in the abdominal cavity suddenly rises. If this pressure is formed in the brain, the monkey can be called a mother by the hoop curse, which is probably even more unbearable.

If it is in the chest, it is estimated that the heart is already like a chick who has been trousers, and the chest is beating or stopping, it is so proud.

The intestine is also different. The intestine is as long as a tadpole. In fact, its personality is very strange.

The high air pressure came over the pressure, the intestine seemed to feel nothing, at most it crooked the mouth, and moved a little more.

So in the early stage of hernia, there was no abnormal feeling at all. Instead there is a thrill of rubbing the abdomen.

As if his digestion had improved, he had relieved his hands once a day and twice a day recently, and some old men and women were still complacent.

Why does a hernia form here in the groin?

Popular sayings, such as genes, age, smoking, and so on.

It is also said that when the child was in the womb, the body did not know whether the child was male or female.

Then the body left a passage here in the groin. What does this channel do?

There is a passage for the testicular (a) pill to descend from the abdominal cavity to the pouch. Wanzi Wanzi, this thing is round and oval.

So the passage left by the body is also round. After the child is born, it must develop rapidly.

The body doesn't care about this place anymore, just like the tofu project, it grows a little muscular.

Therefore, when the pressure is high, this tofu dregs project will not work. First, open your mouth.

Everyone can think about where the intestines used to be, where the **** can pass through?

Under high pressure, the intestines are like filling ducks, and they just squeeze in from the place where the sperm cord is taken.

Then squeezing and squeezing, it's really like making a meatball, squeeze it with both hands, and the meatball comes out of the hand.

This intestine was squeezed into the bag alive near the spermatic cord, because the channel was round. After the intestine was squeezed in, it was round like a monk's head.

The hole is a bit bigger and can slip out like two long noses hanging from the nose of a naughty child.

The pores are smaller. With the increase of pressure, the blood starts to become sluggish, and then the intestines quit.

As soon as it was angry, it started to swell. The first thing that happened to the patient was pain and pain in his stomach. People who can feel the pain do not know where to touch it.

Then the bag became extremely large, and then the intestinal edema swelled, pressing the space of the **** (a).

The **** (a) pill is not a good stubble, it also starts to rebel against pain, after these two kinds of pain converge.

At this time, to tell the truth, life is better than death. The cramps in the stomach are mixed with the **** (a) pills, and it feels like a pinch.

When the old man asked Zhang Fan to cut the foreskin, his intestines became edema to a point, and then suddenly pain appeared.

Suddenly, the old man seemed to change his face. The sagging muscles on the cheekbones were stretched.

The legs merged for a while and separated for a while. Nothing could be done.

"The foreskin is not cut, the foreskin is not cut. Grandpa, don't cut!" The old man thought he had said something wrong, and he started to rebel.

"Quick, surgery! Intestinal ischemic strangulation." Zhang Fan knew at a glance what was going on.

The operating staff in the operating room were originally smiling secretly, and even the smile began to get busy.

Cut the skin, fingers, subcutaneous tissue, muscle layer, open the fascia, and cut the peritoneum.

Just after general anaesthesia took effect, Zhang Fan started with Xue Fei. Dizzy with hands dancing.

Zhang Fan did it quite quickly. With the pervasiveness of the liver and gallbladder and pancreas in general, for these minor operations, now Zhang Fan blows a cow, can do it with his eyes closed, without bragging.

Between the waves, there is a feeling that people can't help but take a look.

Just like a master who has been killing pigs and selling meat for decades, chopping the meat down, the knife and knife are all in one place.

The ingeniousness of the force and the precision of the knife make it feel like art.

If a person who has never done this job before does it, then it will not be art, and it will make people's eyes unbearable to see.

Knife after knife, and then the meat is chopped into meat.

This is the difference between a layman and an insider. Zhang Fan's surgery was so clever that even the touring nurse couldn't help but stump.

Not only the nurse, but also the anesthesiologist.

"Zhang Yuan, this old man has such a headache. He won't cut his intestines." The anesthesiologist asked Zhang Fan while recording.

"Look at the speed!" Zhang Fan said casually without raising his head.

Fast, Zhang Fan's surgery is quite fast, and the layers of organization are like classmates flipping books, oh! Huh! Huh!

When the incarcerated intestine appeared, not only Xue Fei, but other staff in the operating room could not help taking a breath.

I saw that the intestine was like a purple potato ball, where it hung, "Don't worry, fast!" Zhang Fan said anxiously.

"Oh!" Xue Fei returned to God.

The two had four hands and quickly liberated the intestines.

"No, the intestine is a bit ischemic and inactivated!" Zhang Fan said with a gentle grip.

The intestine, a healthy and energetic intestine, is like holding a loach in your hand. It can keep squirming in your hands, just like saying: Let go of Lao Tzu!

The inactivated intestine is held in the hand, just like a sage.

Therefore, male doctors in general surgery are often more accurate than female doctors in determining intestinal inactivation, which is an inherent advantage.

Zhang Fan held the MMP like a bowel that pulled his head.

Flying knives are not afraid of difficult surgery or patients. As long as the surgery is done well, nothing is a problem.

If you are afraid, there will be a problem. No matter if the patient has a physical problem or any other problem, as long as there is a problem, it is a very troublesome thing for the doctor of the flying knife.

You're charged! No matter what you say, in this sentence, you are justified. Therefore, the flying knife doctor is very cautious in choosing the operation.

"What should I do? I'll talk to the patient's family!" Xue Fei really came out, and after something happened, he can still make his own comments.

If before, things like this, Xue Fei absolutely started pretending to be dead on the operating table.

"Don't worry! Bring warm saline." Zhang Fan looked up to the nurse in the operating room.

Wearing a small white leather shoes, the traveling nurse sprinted up and down, under the fluorescent light, dancing like a milky white horse.

"Come here, here, Zhang Yuan, warm saline." The itinerant nurse gasped and wrapped in sterile gauze and said to Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan held the curved plate and then warmed the salt water. He looked at the red face above the other's mask, and nodded in his heart.

After the gauze was soaked in warm saline, Zhang Fan gently wrapped the warm saline gauze over the intestinal tract, just like wrapping dumplings.

Just like a white stick, when I went out to see the world, it was frozen purple. After returning home, parents had to be wrapped in quilts.

"Wait!" Zhang Fan said softly after the package was finished.

At this time, the anesthesiologist casually said, "Zhang Yuan still has patience. If this happened to our former Dean Chen, it would be a word, cut! It was too risky!"

"Hehe, he is not risking himself, he is risking the patient!" If it is other topics, Zhang Fan will never open his mouth later, but for such things, he must say that this is a doctor, this Is the most basic practice of a doctor.

Intestinal resuscitation is like shaking the dice to open the cup. The dealer will never let you open the cup halfway, and the resurrected intestine is also the same. Do not look at it for a few minutes.

There must be patience, which requires great patience. This patience is quite painful.

Often the doctor's heart is like two little men who keep fighting.

Wait for an egg, cut it quickly, and get infected if you don't cut it.

And the other is: we must insist, we can live.

The intestines are not ham. Cut them and wrap them in the refrigerator for the next day.

If this thing is really cut off, other complications will not be talked about first, and an irregular diarrhea will be very uncomfortable.

Just like a rooster, walking along the road may pull it all the way. Non-stop nagging.

Zhang Fan stood next to the patient, closed her eyes gently, and covered her hands with the intestines, and waited slowly.

The temperature, the temperature brought by warm salt water, makes the intestines slowly begin to feel the warmth of the world.

Slowly, the intestines began to squirm, and slowly the color began to recover, just like a little shy girl, her purple face slowly turned white and rosy.

At this time, Zhang Fan's mind was blank and he didn't think about anything. He forcibly suppressed his desire to open it.

Because he was too clear, there was only one chance.


Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shao Hua had a classmate studying here, and followed her mentor to study here.

The originally scheduled time turned out that her classmate's tutor's child had to make up for the class. No one sent it. Shao Hua could not help but let Shao Hua wait.

As soon as I waited, the chief of the logistics department of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences came. It was quite kind.

Shao Hua wondered, "are you?"

"Hi, look at me forgotten, I'm Zhang Yuan's friend!" This is the old man's son-in-law, who is the deputy head of the logistics department of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Some acquaintances, or acquaintances of Youshuimen, Shao Hua can be considered to have bought everything they need smoothly.

"That's enough. You tell Zhang Yuan that we have a lot of scientific research projects every year. If he opens his mouth, I will get you a farm scientific research project!"

"Uh, is that OK?"

Shao Huadu was shocked. "When can my little stone expand his face to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Bird City, and he can still know such a powerful person!"

Where did she know that Zhang Fan was fighting against a bowel at this time, as if she was laughing first?

(End of this chapter)

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