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Everyone only knows that cultivating immortals is long, and those who have attained the Tao rise to immortality, but no one has ever known… This immortal cultivator, cultivator, what kind of immortal is!

the eggs that live in the human body;

Dead fish occupying brain parts;

The long centipede that completely devoured people…

Everything you do is slowly approaching the supreme existence.

And the closer you get, the more you know the truth.

Sometimes… ignorance is also a sign of intelligence.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:PCIKE
Alternate Title:寄生修仙,我能通晓一切
Author:horse racing wild man
Weekly Rank:#6594
Monthly Rank:#8468
All Time Rank:#6983
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Friendship, Modern Knowledge, Parasite, Personality Changes, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Twisted Personality, Weak to Strong,
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33 Comments on “Parasitic Cultivator, I Know Everything
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  1. It's not chp100 like other say in my opinion it's before chp25 this novel goes to shut every soon I'm well saving and well mc being all reighetjous way and well f disgusting and make excuses for killing people instead of random but investigating strength is imp I guys and isn't mc strength using system increasing too f slow what even is a natural cultivator

  2. "Sometimes… ignorance is also a sign of intelligence"? Seriously? I mean, why? Just why would someone even put such a quote in the synopsis? And how is ignorance a sign of intelligence? How are the two even related? I am seriously not touching this novel until someone comes forward to explain the meaning of this quote to me.

  3. It depends also in the context. It might be something like, "If you know too much..... you will die.", kind of thing, so ignorance can make you live longer and that is an intelligent choice. But knowing brain dead authors in CN that I know, sometimes they just don't know what they are talking about, which make them braindead.

  4. So the act of cultivation itself is actually against the heavens and that's why there's such things as 'heavenly tribulation'... it's simply like being a spy the more you know the more likely you'll die

  5. This novel is the prime example of how a good novel which can be made into classic turns into shit ...liked upto chapter 170 dropped after that as author stopped using the the concept he used in beginning

  6. Read till ch-200 Believe me gus just please stop reading after the biggning premis of stone monkey arc. It was great till 120+ chapters, a Cultivation world with some eldrich wizardy twist is great but aurthor just forcibly converted his Original novel Idea into a Nuwa & Pengu fanfic (160+ somthing) I call bs on that. After 100 chapters system rarely appears, he relies oh his Self-Made relic more, Hell even parasitic cultivaters disappeared after 130 ch After 180+ is blatent racism (claimed by our dear mc in ch 189+) Oh yeah and those mimi ads are annoying Anyways good luck reading it,Imma dropping this broken gem of a novel

  7. There's a chance that the novel was requisition by the platform since the contract the authors signed write that the books belong to the platform not the authors soooo....Yeah. of course it isn't always the case, but sometimes a huge sudden change where previously written characters were forgotten, plot disjointness, a good chance the author had "bad performance" coz' readers we're suffering from too little chaps and wanted to accumulate some binge potential and the platform decided to take away the novel and give it to a "better performing" author...

  8. That's highly unlikely (more like impossible). Novels don't randomly swap authors when they aren't performing well. They mostly are put on hiatus or straightup dropped.

  9. Actually, it is something very common on several platforms in China, when you publish on their platform you give them the rights to that work and if they do not like how it is progressing or simply want to give the job to someone they like better, they can change the writer when they feel like it since you have accepted those terms when registering with them. That logically also generates corruption in the sense that they can take a good novel from its author and give it to someone for simply being a friend or getting along with someone from the department in charge (And the authors who register with them ceding the rights to their works They are not considered company workers or anything like that, but rather something similar to "Users of its distribution services", that means that no labor or consumer law protects them since they are not workers but since the platform does not charge them for uploading novels but they take part of the money from the sales as "intermediary fee" they also do not count as customers).

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