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Paranormal Recovery: My Wife is Too Strong

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When he woke up, Su Yue traveled to a gamified world and obtained a selection system. This world, when night falls, will breed evil spirits and evil spirits.

In order to survive, everyone needs to complete various tasks under the dark night to survive, so as to obtain rewards, transform themselves, and make them stronger.

[Ghost language—everyone knows that there are many ghost words and ghost words. Nine times out of ten, it is false. After using it, it can influence other people’s judgments of you according to the star rating. 】

[Ghost ear – it is the most special hearing in the world, with it, all whispers can’t hide from your ears. 】

[Blood-stained sharp-tapered hammer—forty small hammer, eighty large hammer, oh sorry, I accidentally pushed harder, if you have a next life, I will pay attention. 】

[Old contract after use – bad stomach? It doesn’t matter, here is a thoughtful stomach nourishing package. 】

Su Yue: “The top of the ghost, proud of the world, if I have Su Yue, there will be heaven! … My wife saves me!”

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Short Title:PRMWTS
Alternate Title:灵异复苏:我老婆实在太强了
Author:Really cowardly light
Weekly Rank:#8293
Monthly Rank:#8339
All Time Rank:#8637
Tags:Ghosts, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Sudden Strength Gain, System,
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