Just when the four devils of white, silver, gold, and pink fell toward the source of the timeline.

In addition to countless universes, a galaxy of sparkling blue light shook, and the electromagnetic waves that were as strong as the real ones continued to pass and converge.

"The devil fell and finally started."

"The most powerful creatures in the universe gather at the source of the universe, and boundless chaos is about to come."

"The entire multiverse will soon lead to the darkest, most chaotic, and most difficult to measure era in history."

A green parrot flies in the blue sea of ​​stars and screams: "The tide of chaos, you are not afraid of being beaten at the time? None of them are provoked, and the purpose of Li Anping and Bai, you Don't pretend not to know!"

"No, I have always believed that everything in the multiverse is born by our consciousness. Everything we do comes from the first wisdom." The devil of the blue, the tide of chaos is incomparably longing to say: "And only chaos, It is the essence of wisdom and consciousness. Our universe is born in a chaos, and it will eventually end in a chaos. The waves of the Chaos Sea will cover every corner of the multiverse. This is the eternal world. truth."

During the speech, the two devils, Qing and Green, have also fallen toward the origin of the multiverse.

"The future of the universe will greet the eternal chaos because of the disappearance of the devil." Green sighed: "The past of the universe will also usher in the chaotic tide because of the arrival of the devil. Even if I am, I can no longer compete with this. The stock trend is coming."

At the same time, other gods also fell toward the origin for various reasons.

On the other side, a golden hall hidden in the void is like an endless, densely colored golden figure. Each of them is full of momentum, and the power of mountains and seas whispers back and forth in the space.

This golden hall, which is gathered together, is like the temple of the gods, giving people a sense of solemnity and strength.

In the central position of the main hall, the White Star River from the country of delusion sighed: "The fall of the demon **** begins, everything is the same as what the underarms expected. The thirteen devils will go to the beginning of the entire multiverse and find the ultimate answer."

"From today, there is no demon in the world." Behind Bai Xinghe, a beautiful man wearing a royal robe wearing a yellow crown and a delicate white snow, like a snow, stood up and said softly: "Human, Will become the master of the entire multiverse. An infinitely possible era is coming."

The next moment, the mysterious net that has passed through the whole country of delusion has been distributed from the girl.

Xuan.com is the super masterpiece created by Li Anping, the **** of silver, in creating a country of delusion. As a time-space network connecting all members of the country, Xuanwang cannot transmit information and even transmit energy and matter.

At this moment, the girl wearing the royal robe launched the entire Xuan Net, and the infinite information was distributed from her body, and then passed through the Xuan Net into the members of all the countries of the delusion.

At this moment, hundreds of millions of humans in the entire multiverse have received the information she sent.

"Electromagnetic drive, conscious reorganization, quantum computing... and quantum eternal life, superstring life, cosmic tree."

Everyone suddenly found out that what they got was actually their eternal leader, the practice of the silver devil, Li Anping, and the way to the devil.


In the falling time and space, the white and silver rays are entangled.

A man who was wrapped in silver light and shook his body: "White, you have lost, the future of the multiverse is human. From today, there is no demon in the world."

The white light micro-microwave moved to form a man who grew up with each other, but the man's eyes were cold like a machine.

"Li Anping, you already know that human beings are meaningless to me." The white voice is cold and rational. As an absolute intellectual existence, he would not communicate with each other, but the current exchange can be increased. His winning percentage.

"It's you, give up the people who think about the country, lose your faith, and you will become a part of me."

"come on!"

"come on!"

"come on!"

"It’s one!"

"It’s one!"

"It’s one!"

Countless voices echo back and forth in the void, just like the shouts of the entire multiverse creatures.

The silver body is slowly covered by countless white light.

At this moment, Li Anping gave up the country that continued to manage the delusion and gave up the ideal that he had persisted for a long time. This is the best opportunity in white.

"Li Anping, have you finally realized? Human beings are hopeless. The so-called ideal country can never exist. After we leave, I am afraid that within ten years, the whole country of delusion will fall apart and give up, It is you."

"White, absolutely sensible, you can't always understand, sometimes give up is to get. If I give up my attachment for my ideals, I am not afraid." But in the face of such engulfing and assimilation, Ang's plane color remains unchanged. "The future of mankind can already be handed over to human beings. They don't need my guardian, but my existence, which limits their infinite possibilities. The same is true of your devils.

This world does not need you..."

During the speech, his whole body began to crack and smash.

"If you give up my obsession, you can bring a truly infinite future to mankind. How can the legendary ideal country not be in this infinite future?"


"There is another thing I forgot to tell you... Superstring life, I haven't been practicing yet..."

The silver and white light blended like a pigment, and the white light struck fiercely, but it was never able to get rid of the silver bondage.

"Li Anping... What is this?"

Among the small choices of time and again, every choice of white is 100% probability, and the second choice can never be made. He is trapped in the endless choice.

"You are jailed, white, absolutely sane, and you never want to escape the jail of reason."

Li Anping looked deeply at a certain direction in the void, and the scene of his distant hometown seemed to reappear in his perception.

"Without the kingdom of the demon gods intervening, the future will be filled with infinite possibilities. Among this infinite possibilities, there must be a beautiful future that I also want to see..."

"Unfortunately, this time it is really too tired..."

Li Anping slowly closed his eyes. The next moment, the silvery light shattered, and the radiance of white and white merged together, turning into a silver-white wave, falling all the way toward the beginning of the universe.

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