This is a pure method of cultivating the will, and does not promote any power, just to cultivate the will of Fang Xingjian to the point where it can never be destroyed, even across time and space.

In a similar way, any creature in the multiverse may collapse and dissipate directly, and it is difficult to persist. However, Fang Xingjian is obviously not. His willingness and resilience have completely surpassed the origin of blood, the stimulation of his own experience, and the cultivation of martial arts. The imagination of all creatures, especially the obsession with survival, has kept him alive.

Fang Xingjian is moving forward toward the limit of will. His will is like a crystal clear, infinitely sharp sword. No experience can shake him any more. Even his thoughts begin to cross the parallel universe and pass information to it. Those who are parallel to the universe.

With the will to transmit information across time and space, it will not die, and nine deaths will not be regretted. This is already the so-called saint realm in many worlds.

In the void, Zuo Qingcang raised his head: "Is it finished?"

Being able to use the time and space to transmit information is the first step and the most difficult step. If it is not too late in time, Fang Xingjian will be discovered by the other party. Zuo Qingcang is not willing to take such risks.

But now that Fang Xingjian has succeeded, he can see that countless pieces of information have been sent directly to the ever-changing timeline, and the Fangxing sword in these timeliness has returned information.

On the ever-changing timeline, Fang Xing's will spans countless time and space, forming a network of information.

And this stimulation of will and consciousness is even greater. Almost every moment, Fang Xingjian experiences hundreds of thousands of different timelines at the same time. A lot of information is filled in his mind, like It is the whetstone that sharpens his will.

So an hour later, he began to pass energy between the timelines.

Three hours later, he began to be able to deliver material, Fang Xingjian finally began to gain the ability to move on the time axis, and gradually became a real high-dimensional creature.


In the void, the little boy wrapped in yellow light smirked and looked at the end of the moon-sized end of the eye.

Beside him, a golden vortex slowly emerged. It is the golden demon in the thirteen devils, known as the high position of the vortex of hope and despair.

"In the gloom of the disaster, have you planted the anti-logical family in his body?"

"If you want to go beyond the ultimate, you must go beyond logic." The little boy smiled and said: "How can I make a mistake in my work? Now he has the same divinity, humanity and logic. He can do it. Things are not limited."

"But he still can't be the ultimate. Everything is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, the ultimate."

"If the ultimate will appear, then he must have appeared." The voice of hope and despair is calm and full of extreme reason: "I always believe that the ultimate already exists in our multiverse, we do not have Found that the only possibility is that the ultimate is not willing to let us discover."

"No." The eyes of the devastating disaster smashed up, and there seemed to be a frenzied radiance flashing in it: "There is still a possibility. If the ultimate is already there, but we can't find it, then we may not exist and be true. On the timeline, but in a logical structure."

Hope and the vortex of despair whirl and say: "The logical structure? There is indeed such a possibility, but in that case, the universe we are in may be just a dream, a record, an illusion."

"So, everything is built in illusion, can you finally understand this?"

A pink rabbit slowly emerged from the void. His eyes seemed to be covered with bloodshot eyes. The whole person revealed a hint of madness and sweetness: "The whole multiverse is built on a huge Lies, we are only a scene in the dreams of others, and I will finally prove that the entire multiverse is meaningless."

The disaster of Yuhuang slowly said: "No, the illusory seat, our existence is by no means meaningless, but has some understandable reason above all else. The growth of Fangxingjian will eventually prove my There is nothing wrong with the theory."

At the moment of the tripartite exchange, Fang Xingjian’s body has a white and a silver force that has been tumbling up. It seems to have been smashed out of the endless void and poured directly into his body.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian finally understood the plan of Zuo Qingcang.

The purpose of Zuo Qingcang is to let him rely on the blood and the sensation of time and space to directly contact the power of the white demon and the silver demon with the will to the extreme.

If he does this directly, his consciousness will be smashed by the two in an instant, but now he has the possibility of bearing a moment, and the disaster of the glory is for some purpose, pushing the boat and adding anti-logic to him. The brand of the family has greatly increased the possibility of success.

The next moment, one hand was caught on the head of Fang Xingjian, who was Zuo Qing Cang.


At this moment, Fang Xingjian and Zuo Qingcang seem to have become a person directly, and because Zuo Qing Cang was originally eroded by white, Fang Xingjian and Zuo Qing Cang have become one person, and the more surging forces belonging to the White Devil have poured into Fang Xingjian. The body constantly erodes everything he can perceive.

At the same time, the power of the silver god, which is poured into the void from the other side, is also becoming more and more turbulent. It seems to be the same as the white rival.

The square star sword at this moment is like the battlefield of the two great devils.

But in the next moment, the power of silver directly broke the limitations of time and space and fled toward the timeline.

The endless **** spurted out from the body of Zuo Qingcang, and went to the silver chasing after the escape.

In the eyes of Zuo Qing Cang, there is a glimmer of light: "Become, white, and get out of my body. Is this really your wish? But under absolutely rational operation, this has become a cage that you can't do."

"Beginning, they fell towards the beginning of the multiverse. As long as they reach the starting point, they will prove my ultimate conjecture."

Hope and the vortex of despair look at this scene in front of you, instantly turning into a golden light, following white and silver.

"The beginning of the multiverse is only a void, because he was built on the lie." The illusion of the illusion turned into a pink light, and together with it.

The little boy who was incarnate in the disaster of Xiaohuang laughed, and the whole body slowly fell into the void, but his eyes were firmly against the ever-changing body of Fang Xingjian. The pupils were full of fanaticism and excitement: "Come on. To reach the outer path, to erase the existence of all the devils, to grasp the authority of the crown of heaven with the body of the mortal, to surpass the absence of logic, and to be born!

Let's get started, the devil falls. "8)