Fang Xingjian and Lilia, who had knocked down each other, found that the other party was actually a student of the same university as they were, so they rushed to the school together.

If there are no accidents in the future, this will be a story of campus love.

But just as the two walked to the school on the way, Parosus was still open.

"Fang Xingjian..."

A large amount of information appeared in the mind of Fang Xingjian instantly, making his current mortal brain almost down, but as the information continues to infuse, his eyes gradually become clear from the confusion.

"I... Fang Xingjian..."

"Thank you, Paross, if it weren't for you, I really have to forget this."

But before they even sighed at the situation, time and space changed, the timeline changed again.

Piece of steel ruins, the earth is full of sacred mountains and blood, the whole world is in the end of the nuclear strike.

Fang Xingjian has also become a hunter on the doomsday wasteland, specializing in hunting and mutating Warcraft to earn wealth.

However, since he was a child, he knew Parosas in his mind, but he was dubious about what Parosus said, but through the other's guidance, his physical fitness did improve quickly, and even mastered it. Some extraordinary powers like the power of reading.

So in the next few years, with the help of Parosas, he will rapidly improve his strength. At the same time, he will sweep the wasteland all the way, and finally unify the whole wasteland world after five years. The strength of the whole person has reached the equivalent of the **** machine. The power of mastering a part of high-dimensional perception.

"Parosus, you are right, the memories of the past, I remembered..."

Fang Xingjian, who has recovered some of his memory, has made even faster progress, but when he spent years of hard work and made up his strength and memory a little bit, time and space changed, and the timeline has changed again.

This time Fang Xingjian became a small staff member in the city, and rushed and worked hard for work all day.

And Parosus looked at the scene in front of him, but he did not say anything again.

He has already understood that no matter how he helps Fang Xingjian, as long as the battle of the demon gods continues, then every time the timeline changes, his actions will be turned into nothing, meaningless.

‘Fang Xingjian wants to reawaken and regain his strength. The only way is to rely on himself. ’

‘But to test your own will to cross time and space, this kind of willpower needs to be ruthless to what extent? ’

This time, the speed of time and space changed faster. Parosus found that there were almost no minutes, and time and space changed again. Fang Xingjian was drawn from the modern city to the ancient society and became the son of a farmer.

Parosus thought: "But Zuo Qing Cang will not fight with uncertainty. After he has really done this kind of thing, is there already a post-arrangement?" One day, but it hasn't arrived yet. ’

Although the time and space changes in front of the eyes, the timeline has passed thousands of years of thousands of years, but in fact it is only a change in the timeline, history changes, in the perception of Paros, his time is only Just a few hours.

So next, Parosus quietly watched Fang Xingjian experience various time and space changes.

He is keenly aware that the frequency of time and space changes, and the speed of timeline migration is getting faster and faster.

Often he just came to a newly generated timeline for ten seconds, time and space changed again, and the timeline moved again.

And this speed is still accelerating, from ten seconds to five seconds, one second, or even a thousandth of a second, one ten thousandth of a second.

The eyes of the world are dazzling, and almost let Paross open his eyes. From here, you can also see the intensity of the battle of the demon gods. Almost every one tenth of a second has a confrontation that affects dozens of parallel universe changes. .

And this speed is still accelerating.

At the end of the day, there was a lot of vagueness in the face of Palosas. As the timeline changed faster and faster, all the perceptions seemed to gradually lose their effect, all material time and space. The energy is blurred and unclear, making it difficult to grasp.

The next moment, outside the distant time and space, one is about the size of the moon, and the body is crystal clear, and the sphere with the transparent luster is slightly shaken.

The appearance of this sphere, there are many similarities between the end of the eye and the practice of Fang Xingjian.

Now, with each timeline change, there is a large amount of data information across the limits of time and space. In the eyes of this huge version of the terminal, a large amount of information is constantly tumbling in the eyes of the end of the huge end.

Each piece of information contains the consciousness of a square star sword in a parallel universe. These consciousnesses are placed together like locusts, constantly killing each other and swallowing them until they destroy all other consciousness except themselves.

As more and more information floods into the eyes of the end, more and more consciousness is constantly being killed under the mountain of electric signals, and the vibration of the eyes of the whole end is getting stronger and stronger. After the limit, a new consciousness was born in it.


Fang Xingjian feels that his consciousness has emerged in a chaos. The whole person seems to have experienced an infinite killing, which is hard to wake up.

In fact, he has indeed gone through countless killings and experiences. Every time after his consciousness in the parallel world enters, both sides will start to kill and then devour the other's consciousness.

He is equal to playing against countless parallel worlds and engulfing their consciousness.

In just a few hours, he has experienced billions of years, a long life, countless experiences filled with his brain, squeezing his original life.

Compared to his original life of more than 20 years, it seems that these experiences have taken up the bulk.

However, he knows that these experiences are not real, not his real experience. Fang Xingjian can only use all his strength to suppress these experiences and thoughts that he swallowed.

Once and for all, repeated suppression, Fang Xingjian's will continues to incorporate all kinds of his martial arts ideas, just like a more and more sharp sword, these thoughts are smashed and suppressed.

This is also the real purpose of Zuo Qingcang. He has already prepared for the square star sword in front of this moon-sized end of the eye, Fang Xingjian's final eye, but it is the tool to connect with it.

With this end of the eye, and with the help of the twelve demon gods, tens of thousands of thousands of time changes in one second, the universe is born and destroyed, it can be said that the power of thirteen devils is used to accelerate the promotion of the Fangxing sword. It will make his will as good as a sword. 8)

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