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Pampering the Yandere in the Apocalypse

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Novel Summary

The end of the world amplified human greed and selfishness. At the same time, the end of the world has become a paradise for some people. As ‘Heartless’, she was someone who was abused and raised to become an emotionless killing machine, the apocalypse was like a world created for her. Trust became the emotion that killed her in the end.

Now that she is reborn, she is no longer herself. Her soul is heavy with doubt, her left eye is no longer able to see, but she holds the power to overturn the heavens and a new ability to control zombies.

But the betrayal from her previous life prevents her from trusting in others. This time, she has a new life.

Seeing the crowd in front of her, she fell silent. Should she believe in it?

Finally putting aside the obsession in her heart, she observes the people in front of her. The yandere’s expression is on full display: “Don’t betray me, don’t abandon me, and don’t deceive me. Otherwise…”

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Short Title:PTYITA
Alternate Title:重生末世之独宠病娇
Weekly Rank:#2722
Monthly Rank:#2501
All Time Rank:#3586
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Reincarnation, Reverse Harem, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Yandere, Zombies,
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11 Comments on “Pampering the Yandere in the Apocalypse
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  1. Primero que nada muchississima gracias por tu arduo y excelente trabajo traduciendo ésta excelente novela me encantó de principio a fin......No me gustó que muriera la potra me hubiera gustado que tuviera un Bebé con alguno de los protagonistas los últimos capítulos lloré como loca😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙋gracias al autor o escritor de la novela excelente trabajo

  2. Really sad ending. Especially when last second chapter 170, on the very last part, I cry a lot. I could feel the sad in the words. When he say he went back to place where they first meet and slept there alone forever. Although I have been confused about the earliest chapters, in the end I could understand and why. Truly human heart. Even I could feel irritated if it was me.

  3. Also removed the reverse harem tag. There are not any reverse harem in the story. Only have multiple people love same person and the the person didn't make any harem at all. And she rejects them all. At first I was thought it was but didn't at all. Besides she died in the end which leaves a lot sadness.

  4. Aku sudah membaca beberapa novel zombie dengan MC cewek.. tapi isi cerita memiliki konsep yang berulang, emosi MC yang berubah" atau terkadang berlebihan, dan sad ending yang sllu menghancurkan hatiku. Kuharap novel ini tidak demikian. Jadi jika ada yang telah selesai membaca novel ini.. 🙏Please tell me., How can you like this novel?

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