The new moon is like a hook, the cold white moonlight is as weak as a firefly, and it is dripping on the red glazed tile, reflecting the loneliness of the entire imperial city. A series of chaotic footsteps suddenly sounded on the empty palace road, and several birds were shocked.

A furry golden figure appeared on the wall. Under the close look, it was a golden kitten with a big palm. At the highest point, he was slightly hesitated, and he pointed to a smooth glazed tile with a claw tip. The footsteps behind him were getting closer and closer, and the kitten licked his ears and jerked off the wall with three feet high. The high wall was still too high for the small body. When it landed, it hit a roll, rubbed his head, quickly got up, and disappeared into the dense grass in a blink of an eye.

"Look carefully, don't let it run!" The voice of the guard's leader was full of vigour, and the rest of the guards were in unison, turning the spear in his hand and tumbling in the grass with the end without the gun.

The night is dim, and it is not easy to find a large-sized kitten in this high-grass-sloping sloping field. It is not easy to come. After a short time, another team of guards, with a pointed fork of Zhang Xuchang, violently stab Deep in the grass.

"No, that's the emperor's cat!" The guards quickly stopped.

"Afraid of anything, but only a beast!" Later, those people screamed, the movements of the pointed forks kept going, and the sharp forks crossed the amazing cold light in the moonlight.

"Come on!" The commander of the guards turned the tip of the gun and firmly blocked the pointed fork that was attempting to stab again in the grass. Other guards saw it and tapped the spears in their hands to stop the tines that were stirring. The atmosphere between the guards was immediately swayed.

Not far from the grass, a pair of amber eyes picked up slightly, and everything that happened in the night was clearly seen, paused for a moment, and turned away quietly.

The capital of the early spring is warm and cold.

Su Yu rushed to the raft while holding the wooden bucket on the brakes to prevent the water in the bucket from spilling too much. This water is the sea water in the home. If it is sprinkled, the sea fish in the bucket will die in a moment.

At the place where the stalls were set up every day, Su Yu skillfully smashed the rafters, unloaded the wooden barrels and wooden frames on the car, and cut the chopping boards and knives in three or two, and found a squat bench from the corner of the smashing car. I rolled up my sleeve and sat freely on the side of the barrel.

"Little fish brother, how is it so late today?" A boy, about seven or eight years old, wore a half-old cotton plait, his dark face was just because he had just passed the winter, and he still had two blushes, laughing. It’s awkward. Seeing Su Yu came, consciously letting the place where he was sitting down to give him a stall, and then he was familiar with the bench and came to the bench and sat next to him.

Su Yu smiled and handed him a white cloth bag from his arms and handed it to him. "I saw a good thing today and forgot the time with the fish boss."

The child's name is Sanchuan, and he will come here to sell eggs every day. Because of Su Yu’s going to the dock to buy goods in the morning, he often delays the time, and Sanchuan will help him to occupy a booth in advance.

"What good thing?" Sanchuan chewed the cake and curiously went over it.

Su Yu smiled mysteriously, grabbed one from the barrel, and rushed to the front of Sanchuan with both hands, and suddenly opened his hand and sent it forward.

"Oh!" Sanchuan was scared to hide behind, and he slammed into the ground. Seeing Su Yu’s hand holding a strange thing, a lot of soft, a kind of strange pink, very embarrassing.

"Ha ha ha ha..." Su Yu looked at Sanchuan's look and couldn't help but laugh. "I'm afraid, this is delicious."

"This strange thing can still eat? Is this what?" Sanchuan sucked his nose, climbed up from the ground, sat back on the small bench, looked at Su Yu with unbelief.

"Of course, I can eat, this is... squid..." When I mentioned this strange and familiar term, Su Yu was a bit stunned. In the days when he lived before, the squid was only sold on the southern coast. Here, the temperate seaside actually has it.

It has been three months since I passed through Su Yu. He still doubts that he is actually dreaming. Maybe he wakes up and returns to the original world. He is also the chef of Chuanxianglou, doing joy every day. His spicy crab, send some seafood scraps to the wild cats at the back door before work, go home to watch TV and play games at night... instead of being a poor aristocrat in this inexplicable ancient world.

Yes, don't look at Su Yu is a fish seller. He is still a nobleman in his ancient identity. Su Jiazu followed the emperor of the Taizu to fight the world, and sealed a marquis. Although the descendants of the princes came to Su Yu, he was already a worthy second-class auxiliary country general, but the honour is a honour, no martial arts. Expensive, relying on those who can also do a good job.

It is a pity that when Su Yu passed through, he just passed away. The uncle bullied him to want to win his title. The aunt took care of the family. Because of the poor management of the family in these years, there was no savings and no funeral. I spent most of my time, and the aunt mother used this to treat him harshly. Not only did she not live the riceworms of my sister-in-law, but even the rice was not enough!

In desperation, Su Yu had to return to the old business, pulling the only donkey in the family and selling fish.

"Come on a grass carp." Someone came to buy fish. Su Yu threw the squid in his hand back into the bucket. He smiled and said, got up and took out the hedge, and fished a fat man in a large tub filled with fresh water. Grass carp, "Guest officer, do you see this line?"

"Will you kill fish?" The first time I came here to buy fish, I saw that the fish boss was pure and clean. It was not like selling fish. It was like a gentle and gentle scholar. He was hesitant.

"Small fish brother kills fish can be amazing!" Sanchuan saw the man wrinkled his nose, said with conviction.

Su Yu smiled and didn't answer. He took out the scales and said that he would slap the big grass squid across the cutting board, quickly open the smashing belly and **** to the scales. All the movements were flowing in one go, and it was actually older than the seaside. The fisherman is also skilled.

"Good craft!" With the help of the killing fish, people can't help but admire.

Su Yu took over the copper plate and smiled. He thought that he had been killed for five years before he was mixed with the chef. Fortunately, he no longer had to kill the fish. He did not expect it. Now everything starts from scratch. Looking down at the slender hands, because of the long exposure to salt water and the cold weather, there have been several frostbite injuries, and no longer recover the white. If he didn't have enough capital, he would have already opened a restaurant. Why bother to do a low-cost, low-return fish business here. However, turning around and looking at the squid huddled in the bucket, Su Yu’s lips could not help but rise a bit. Today, there is a good opportunity for him to accumulate capital.

"Little brother, I am not talking about you, how can you get this!" The fish that had not yet gone, pointed to the squid in the bucket and shook his head. "This thing can be bought by no one."

The people of Da'an Dynasty prefer to eat the fresh things in the rivers and lakes. Therefore, the fishing and selling of fish is very popular, but it is mainly concentrated on fish, shrimps and crabs. Few people will eat this kind of squid, because it is not good to do. The fishermen who salvage these usually throw away or sell the animals. Su Yuwen’s words are just a smile in good faith, not much to say.

The capital is divided into east and west sides. Dongcheng is the residence of wealthy people. The west city is home to civilians. This Xiping Street is a small road in Xicheng. Because of the narrow road, it is not often used to take carriages. Yes. The women of the poor family are not as exquisite as the deep house ladies, and they go out to buy food in a basket.

Because of Su Yu’s whiteness and sorrow, these grandmothers and grandmothers like to talk to him a few words, and with the beautiful sword-killing method, the business is naturally better than other fish stalls. Just after noon, I sold out the last fish.

"Cut, sell laughter, you should go to Chunyi Building, you can get a few dollars on this Xiping Street..." Not far away, the five big three-selling fishermen said coldly, although they did not improve the cavity, the people around them heard it. clear. Chunyi Building is a well-known small building in Beijing. This is to say who is self-evident.

When Sanchuan listened to this, he went to the man theory and was pulled by Su Yu. He was not a person living near Xiping Street. He couldn’t be **** the cellars here. The guests smiled. Su Yutian grew warm and it didn't look like a good thing. With this bitter smile, it was very distressing to look at it.

"Who is the fourth child, who are you?" After receiving the fish that Su Yu used to straw, the nearly 40-year-old Zhang Dazhen immediately turned around and glared at the fisherman.

This big cockroach is famous for its pungent temper. No one dares to provoke the whole street. In the fourth year, he can’t help but shrink his head. He feels so embarrassed that a woman is really humiliated and stalks the neck: “Who took it? Who is it!" When this statement came out, I regretted that I wanted to bite my tongue.

"Well, you dare to yell at me Zhang Cuihua, and don't inquire about what the old lady did when she was young!" Zhang Dazhao suddenly came up, and no one has dared to argue with her for a long time. This time it will be a bit of fun.

The street soon surrounded a lot of people to see the excitement, and then the fourth person was stunned and couldn’t take it. Su Yu did not change his color and silently packed up the stalls, and drove the car quietly and quietly.

Turning around the corner, it is a shop that collects old wood. Su Yu unloads the large tub and two large wooden barrels on the board, leaving only the half-size barrel that holds the squid.

The old carpenter with a white beard looked at him for a long while. "Ten one."

"This bucket has ten articles, but this tub is dug by the whole piece of wood, at least 80 yuan." Su Yu said.

"You are two pieces, up to thirty." The old carpenter frowned.

"That's not for sale." Su Yu bent over and made a move to take the tub away. This tub is indeed a good material. If it is not enough money, he still can't sell it.

The old carpenter saw the old material and was reluctant to let go of the old material. After some bargaining, the tub sold for fifty-five articles. Su Yu counted the newly acquired seventy-five pennies, plus the two hundred and thirty-three coins that were sold today, these are all his current homes.

After collecting the two hanging copper coins, Su Yu took the donkey back to a house in the corner of Dongcheng. This is a three-in-one house. The blue brick and gray tiles are quite old. Only the two stone lions in front of the main entrance still have some old scenery.

"Hey, the two young masters are coming back, what about today's people?" From the side door, I saw a woman with a big waist and leaned on the pillar and reached out to ask him for money.

"Mother said yesterday that the drug has not been eaten." Su Yu looked cold and clear, lazy to look at the woman's glance, and shackled the scorpion. His body is the scorpion of the old Sir Alex Ferguson, but the wife of the main room has no son-in-law, and he will be kept as a nephew. He died before March, and his aunt was ill by the uncle, in order to supply the aunt’s soup, Su The reputation is to give the big aunt a daily payment of two sea fish to the soup.

Auntie heard the words, a pair of thin eyebrows upside down, sneer: "Since your mother does not take medicine, I will sell the donkey tomorrow, save you from the sun to throw people away."

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