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Chu Yan’s life went through ups and downs. At the age of fourteen, he stepped into the realm of a fourth level martial arts expert. However, he was framed at the celebratory feast of fifteen and charged with attempting to assassinate the emperor and usurping the throne. In the presence of all the witness and material evidence, he was demoted to a civilian on the spot and sentenced to death. Not only was his martial arts destroyed, the poisoned wine at the banquet was also damaging his body at all times. The Emperor, the Prince, and the Princess colluded just to frame him, the Crown Prince.

To Chu Yan, the turning point in his life was probably the pair of earrings left behind by his mother. This echo loop could open a time and space cage called Return to the Ruins Tower. Inside Return to the Ruins Tower, one day was equivalent to three days in the mortal world. Different levels in the tower had different surprises.

Chu Yan made up his mind, “When I recover my strength, I will take what you guys took from me, and take it back again!”

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Short Title:OtH
Alternate Title:御天
Author:Liu Ya
Weekly Rank:#3574
Monthly Rank:#2957
All Time Rank:#3423
Tags:Fantasy World, Male Protagonist, Revenge, Weak to Strong,
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4 Comments on “Overriding the Heaven
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  1. This is a boring novel. All characters are bland and too much brainless. One villain got beaten, but again came back to get beaten and 2nd time he did not even bring minions or granp/elders. MC has some tower with op powers like time 3:1 but that was for 1 chapter then author forgot about it.

  2. i read this novel on another platform, i guess around 200+ chapters.... MC has a gf and his maid who was very close to him was taken away by a sect as she had a good physique....novel is good in the start but it became a generic cultivation novel around 200 and then i stopped reading

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