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Taking a city across to another world, the envisioned battle for hegemony did not expect to be delayed. Please look forward to the collision of civilization, technology, system, and ideas!

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Short Title:OCE
Alternate Title:异界城堡时代
Author:Interstellar battleship
Weekly Rank:#7182
Monthly Rank:#7518
All Time Rank:#6562
Tags:Army Building, Kingdom Building, System,
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34 Comments on “Otherworldly Castle Era
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  1. MC transmigrates to a random world. Immediately seeks to enlighten the world with his enlightened communist values. Why is there even a 'evil protagonist' tag? Not evil at all, just stupid.

  2. Do you have any idea how the IDEA of COMMUNISM killed hundreds of millions of people?? The basic idea of communism is driven by hatred and envy. Tthey want equal distribution of wealth yet they control everything and anyone who oppose them are either need to shut up or they will come and get you? Until now, CCP controls China. They owned the land, they lease it to people because people can't permanently have their own land. There's no way for you to rise up in status because only those with influential families or people can really lick the CCP and earn some corrupted wealth. If the goal is equal distribution of wealth, why people are dying of hunger and there in China? Shut up your propaganda here, bucko. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. Not for nothing but you are wrong it’s not the idea of communism that killed people it was a guy who happened to believe in communism just like you wouldn’t say that Christianity isn’t a murderous religion even though the crusades happened it’s usually people taking an idea that could work to the extreme and doing bad things that end up wrong

  4. did you just appeared here on this site just so to spread your ideology, facts and thoughts? try quora please. this is a webnovel site not a debate oriented site

  5. Ohh how about the so could idiotic democracy ideology? That purge millions of native Indian in America?.. how about you so could constitutional monarchy that slaughter native punjabi in india?.. how about your hypocracy theory of western people that let bomb the Palestinian people? Shame on your hypocracy theory

  6. I'm Russian, i don't need to read some random publicity of yours to know what communism actually is. it's probably you, silly westerner, who got brainwashed by communist propaganda

  7. It praises China every time it gets. Peace loving, loves freedom and heroic. I love China and not hating but pretending to have a ‘U.S constitution’ set of beliefs is baloney. Just look at History.

  8. If this was based on Earth Ancient Civilization as a impetus, that’d been a lot more interesting, am I right guys?

  9. There is no NTR, just a freaking idiots putting up false tags to troll other readers. If anything chinese novel with NTR thene is quite rare nowadays, not like I bother to read them

  10. Yes, NTR is rare in Chinese novels. Even if there is, its not very rage inducing as it normally happens at the beginning of the novel where MC's fiancée/lover dumps the MC for rich dude. Then coincidentally MC receives some kind of cheat right afterwards and becomes powerful.

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