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My name is Zhang Feng, and I accidentally crossed into the ignorant and backward world of cold weapons, but I didn’t panic at all, because I could travel freely between the two worlds.

A bag of salt can be exchanged for a noble title, and a bag of sugar can be the richest man in the city!

From the moment I came to the other world, I have been invincible.

But I don’t have much ambition. I just want to grow fields in this remote town, be the city owner, find a beautiful city owner’s wife, and live a life without shame.

But slowly, I found that the style of painting seems to be a little different——

How could he be three meters tall?

Why is she so small?

What the hell are her pointy ears and fluffy tail? I miss rua!

How could she have wings? Can you really fly? A little envious.jpg

When my territory seems to be threatened by these “monsters”, I may not be their opponent, but I still don’t panic.


Since I can’t beat them, let them join me!

Find out about the safest, most harmonious, most prosperous, most delicious, most happy, most advanced and wealthiest city in the world!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:OMM
Alternate Title:异界经营手册
Author:laughing mountain ghost
Weekly Rank:#1329
Monthly Rank:#2292
All Time Rank:#2156
Tags:Another World, Army Building, Cheats, Cowardly Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Dragons, Early Romance, Elves, Fantasy World, Gate to Another World, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Inferiority Complex, Infrastructure, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Management, Modern Knowledge, Naive Protagonist, Nobles, Orc, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Sexual Abuse, Slaves, Technological Gap, Transmigration, Western Fantasy, Wizards,
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46 Comments on “Otherworld Management Manual
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  1. With tags like sex slaves,sexual abuse,naive mc and cowardly mc I dont think this is gonna be good read right? And the overall plot seems too common. But than I agree that one have to turn off our logic to enjoy Chinese novels.

  2. Banyak misteri yang belum terpecahkan, seperti masa lalu amy, bagaimana xiaotang bisa terluka dan masa lalunya, dan bagaimana sampe MC dapat kemampuan menyebrang dunia lain di gunung, dll. Sampe tamat belum ada penjelasan dari penulisnya.

  3. Apaan nih mc sampah gak guna malah mau jadi bangsawan di bawah keluarga raja gak bisa ya bikin kota sendiri berdiri sendiri menjadi sebuah negara kayak komik to be the castellan king kan mantap ini malah mau jadi bawahan mana martabat seorang yg bisa ke isekai gak guna banget sih jijik gue udah gitu munafik si mc gak minat lihatnya dengarnya aja udah jijik gua

  4. Harus kuakui nih novel ceritanya memang menarik tapi sayang sekali mc sedkit bodoh dan seorang munafik jijik gue lihat gayanya.dia bilang pria terhormat gak mau bikin sedih kekasihnya tapi secara gak sadar dia ngumpulin harem teruss pas istri bangsawan ingin mengikutinya dia menolak untuk membawanya karna takut mengecewakan istrinya padahal munafik sekali malah istri bangsawan yg kalah itu dijadikannya simpanan jijik gua lihatnya. Gayanya itu lo kalo mau jangan sok pura pura gak mau bukan bikin senang pembaca tapi malah jijik pembaca yang ada

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