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Others Tame Beasts, I Tame Demons

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Novel Summary

Traveling through the era of national beasts, Su Yi discovered that his pet beasts could actually choose a special evolutionary route!

When others are still trying to make the red fox evolve into a flaming fox, his nine-tailed fox fairy has already fallen in love with Liaozhai;

When others are still trying to make the thorn grass evolve into a thorn tree, his queen of thorns has already suffered from secondary school;

Looking at these strange beasts, Su Yi fell into contemplation.

Will I still be a beastmaster in the future?

This is the demon!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:OTBITD
Alternate Title:别人御兽我御妖
Author:No month without a building
Weekly Rank:#3436
Monthly Rank:#2207
All Time Rank:#1937
Tags:Beast Companions, Demons, Evil Gods, Game Elements, God-human Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Inheritance, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Monster Tamer, Mythical Beasts, Nationalism, Pets, Racism, System,
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42 Comments on “Others Tame Beasts, I Tame Demons
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  1. ok time go quit so freaken ticked dam mc is a freaken idot he says no to everyone that helps him but then crys when he has no dam money or have a hard time to train but he was given a chance to join company then had the chance to use the gym for a life time and free potions and classes but he just a dam moron tired of this crap

  2. not that far in but so far it is ok just some times with pet stuff is it starts to sound like pokemon telling it how to fight just lame the pets lived in the wild and raised themselfs they know how to fight and i liked how his pet quit listening to him and won the one battle by itself i like that alot. just again with these novels they have some poor smuck who is poor but dont join up to a ompany that wants them like here they was going to pay 150.000 each week but he says no come on now he needs resources and money so he says no what bull

  3. Does anyone know any raw website to read this novel starting from chapter 249. All chapter after not fully translate. Only the first few lines translated

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