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Orochimaru’s Magic Lamp

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The 51st year of Konoha was designated by later generations as “the beginning of reform in the ninja world” and “the first year of Vientiane renewal”.

Orochimaru made an indelible contribution to this.

Because he was haunted by a lamp god.


After being guided by a traveler who became a lamp god, watch how Orochimaru harvests leeks from the ninja world and walks the road to eternal life.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:OML
Alternate Title:大蛇丸的阿拉神灯
Author:Nika Bacca
Weekly Rank:#1956
Monthly Rank:#2825
All Time Rank:#6192
Tags:Bloodlines, Fanfiction, Human Experimentation, Male Protagonist, Naruto,
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