480, Fanwai, Lingle's Heavenly Father (End) Lingle looked at Rong Xiao like this, quietly looked at him, listened to every word he said, looked at each of his expressions, and then quietly thought.

In fact, he can go with Xiaoqi to play with them, but he does not.

"Rong Xiao brother, do you want to go play?" Lingle took the courage to ask him.

In the past, Rong Xiao was very cold to himself for most of the time, but there were several times a day to fight against himself and talk to himself. She always thought that this was because her own mother and cognac had said to him. Because of his body of nine yang, he must appear on his side for a while.

Now think about it, maybe, Rong Xiao brother just doesn't know how to express himself!

Although I thought about it, she soon hesitated.

Just when she thought that Rong Xiao would not answer her, he looked back at her.

"I am a man playing snowball fights, it is you, like the old woman, there is no vigor and no interest in playing new things."

Lingle suddenly sat up straight, like just waking up, and ran straight out with bare feet, while running and saying, "Then I am going out to play now, it must be very energetic."

Rong Xiao’s face was black and some unpleasant frowns. “You’re stupid in your head, don’t wear a coat, and don’t wear shoes. How do you feel so good.”

Lingle was still depressed. I used to be abandoned by Rong Xiao at this time. She was hiding and crying several times, but now she is very hard to be willful. "Yeah, I am stupid!"

Say that someone has already ran out.

When people go out, they can also hear the voice of Xiaole.

Rong Xiao was really depressed. Looking at the **** that ran wildly on the snow, he squatted for a while, and finally took up her coat and took the warm shoes and ran out.

He ran around with something, but he couldn't catch up with the spirit. He was angry. He yelled at her name for the first time. "Lingle, you stop me!"

Lingle snorted at him. "I don't, your martial arts are better than me. Can you still catch up with me? Is it useless?"

After Rong Xiao listened, the whole head was smashed. Is this gimmick dare to provoke her?

What did this girl and Hua Wei say last night last night?

Why is it that one night, he feels that this avatar is a change of one person.

"Lingle, why don't you wear shoes?" Xiaoqi also ran over here.

However, Lingle does not let Xiaoqi catch up, and has been running all the time.

I don't know why, she feels that walking barefoot on the snow is particularly good, and there is a cute flower elf running in the snow in front of her, so she just didn't run around, but chased the elf. Running.

However, it seems that like the mother said, no one else can see it!

Rong Xiao sees that Xiao Qi can't catch up with the spiritual music. In the end, he has to bite his teeth and make spiritual power. "Lingle, catching you, you have to beat your ass."

As soon as he was swaying, the man had already caught a happy face and caught it, and suddenly he was carried into his arms, forcibly wrapped in a thick coat, and then even personally dressed for her. On the fluffy shoes.

Lingle had a red face for a time, and I don’t understand how Rong Xiao would do this, so the feet are shrinking.

Rong Xiao was very dissatisfied with her behavior. She thought she didn't want to wear shoes. She took a shot on her foot and thought about it. She took a flip of her and took two shots directly on her ass.

"So big, how can you be as self-willed as a child, you know that you don't know, if you are sick, you have to add trouble to other people, you are troublesome..."

Listening to his hustle and bustle, Lingle felt happy for the first time, and even had a hint of sweetness in his heart.

Rong Xiao saw that she didn't cry this time. She was still laughing. He was stunned again and was stunned by her lovely smile.

What happened to this girl today, actually laughing at myself, laughing while being beaten by myself.

In the past, this girl didn't have this good temper, and he often cried. If he was bullied, he would silently sue and let him be read by his elders.

"Rong Xiao brother, do you play Lingle's sister's ass?" Xiaoqi threw away his cloak, then ran over to them, and then looked at them with a smile.

The phoenix kept on the periphery still walked away, and looked at Rong Xiao and Lingle. If he smiled thoughtfully, he did not break anything.

Rong Xiao turned back and touched the head of Xiaoqi. He smiled and said: "This girl is a stupid, a little owed, or we are cute. You have been playing for a long time, don't freeze it, let your lonely wolf take it earlier. You go back."

Xiaoqiu smiled, and she cleverly blinked her eyes. She took a calm face and left.

While walking, he said loudly: "Feng still, we can't bother them, walk around, the mother has a hundred nectar today, I want to try it!"

Feng is still somewhat dissatisfied and directly puts people into his arms. "You are noisy."

Xiaoqi ignored him, and he opened him and blinked.

Here, Lingle is grabbing a handful of snow on the ground and throwing it away.

Rong Xiao was annoyed. "You gimmick, nothing to throw me?"

This girl is really courageous. I don’t seem to be afraid of him today?

However, he was very happy to see her like this.

Lingle smiled and said: "You are not saying that being thrown is fun, I will try!"

Rong Xiao was reluctant to throw her, and some awkwardly stood in the same place to let her throw, a pair of wind and rain to come with her.

Throwing for a while, Lingle has some boring words: "How do you feel like a root wood? Stand and let people fight, you are stupid!"

Rong Xiao did not hold back, actually laughed out.

In the past, only he said that this gimmick, and now dare to dare to lick his wood.

Seeing him laughing, Lingle has been lingering for a long time, and finally stayed in the road: "Rong Xiao brother, you will not be evil?"

For so many years, she has never seen him laugh like this. Even for Xiaoqi, it is just the kind of smile that makes people feel like a smile.

However, he just laughed out loudly? Did he hear the mistake?

I don't know if this laugh encourages her. Lingle bites her lower lip and suddenly sat down on the snow. The hand unconsciously fiddled with the snow in the ground.

Her sudden abnormality made Rong Xiao worry too, and she bent down and tried to pull her up.

Lingle took his hand and didn't get up. She looked at him seriously. "Rong Xiao brother, do you like me?"

Rong Xiao suddenly stayed, and he thought he had got it wrong.

This girl is asking if she likes her?

Is she really asking this question?

He always believed that Lingle was afraid of himself and hated himself. Even when he sometimes felt that she was different from herself, he thought that it was only because of the physical reasons of the two.

Seeing that he is only staying, not talking, Lingle has some sad words: "Rong Xiao brother, do you really dislike me? Even if I marry someone, will you bless me, no..."

"No, you won't marry someone else." Rong Xiao grabbed her shoulder and said very seriously. "I told the Regent last night, I will marry you..."


At this time, it was not calm to change the spirit, she thought she was wrong.

Rong Xiao saw her like this, and took a deep breath and said seriously: "Lingle, would you like to marry me?"

This sentence he wants to ask for a long time, has not dared to speak, yesterday was to see her unhappy, one went to the city tower, sitting there like a beautiful kite, it seems to drift away, he was anxious With the regent king asking him, he showed his heart to the Regent last night.

His only concern was that Lingle refused to nod.

"Rong Xiao brother, are you really talking? I always thought that you didn't like me." Lingle was happy and sad, and the mood was extremely complicated.

After glory for a long time, I said a word that I have been swearing for many years. "Lingle, I always like you. But I also want to ask you, do you really like me? Not because of anything else, Not because I am the body of Jiuyang, 100 because you like me..."

Speaking of this, he was even nervous, his voice was a little tight, and he was trembling.

Lingle stunned. She didn't understand it before, but at the moment she understood, Rong Xiao brother thought that he was close to him, like him, just because he is the body of Jiuyang, and he is the body of Jiuyin, it is two The role and needs of physical fitness...

Thinking of this, she hurriedly shook her head. "No, no, Rong Xiao brother, not only because of the special physique of both of us, I like you, I like the brother of Rong Xiao, not your body..."

Rong Xiao was very happy to hear it, but the latter part of the inexplicable one made me depressed. "You don't like my body? Is it because I don't look good?"

He always knew that Lingle and Xiaoqi had always wanted to marry a husband who had a peerless face. His appearance and skill were all based on the emperors of the Three Kingdoms. However, his own looks and martial arts were good. However, compared to the departure from the sky, it is still slightly inferior. He is afraid that Lingle will feel wronged and lost.

Lingle is also anxious, busy: "No, I don't like Rong Xiao's brother."

Rong Xiaoyi, for a moment, did not know what to say, only said: "Is it true?"

Lingle bites his teeth, Rong Xiao brother does not believe in himself, what should I do?

After thinking for a while, she remembered her mother’s wish to let her believe in her, blushing, and then she took the initiative to kiss Rong Xiao’s face...

When Rong Xiao suddenly turned a blind eye, he kissed him from the small guard to the big little girl?

His face immediately opened a big smile, and then the whole heart was soft and sweet.

Looking at the shy little girl in front of him, he made a decision.

"Lingle, you are responsible for me, you are responsible to me!" He said, he kissed the lovely little woman in her arms...

From an early age, he knew that he and she were the fate of the fate, but gradually, they all had some opposites. I didn’t expect that this snow would let them untie the knot...

After the end of this wrapped kiss, Lingle squinted at the man he liked. "I think I seem to be dreaming now!"

Rong Xiao smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Now the dream woke up? Do you want to kiss us again? Let's have another dream together?"

Lingle suddenly blushes and lifts her face. She suddenly realizes that the dream is like this...

She was originally a dreamer. Even if she woke up, as long as someone was dreaming with her, what difference does she have when she is awake and asleep?

"Rong Xiao brother, I will be responsible!" Lingle smiled happily!


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