Silent night, above the highest tower of Fengyun City, a veiled girl sits on the tower of the city, two slender and beautiful little feet swaying, obviously absent-minded, body swaying, seeing People are scared, but it has not fallen for a long time.

In the city, the lanterns are very colorful, because today is the day when Xiaoqi’s sister and her peerless wolf are in love. Everyone is very happy. Of course, she is also very happy.

However, she is a bit lonely when she is happy.

At first, she and Xiaoqi together with Tianta Temple to ask for a sign. She once thought that Xiaoqi’s husband would be that person, only because in her eyes, that person is also a beautiful and lonely wolf...

And I am actually a dream, now, is it telling myself that it is time to wake up?

She has been here for a long time, but no one has come to her.

She thought that no one noticed that she was gone now!

Xiaoqi is lively and lovely, and she has always been a pistachio for everyone. When she became a relative, it was naturally a good match for her, even Rong Xiaoge, who did not like to drink, even smiled and drank a few cups...

Just when she thought she was forgotten, the one who was the least likely to be here suddenly took her into her arms.

The person behind her is soft and fragrant, and she is the most familiar taste. Her eyes are suddenly red, and the mute voice calls: "Da Niang!"

Hua Yuman hugged the poor spiritual music in front of her eyes, then took her hand and sat down next to her.

"Lingle, do you know? The godmother once fell from such a high place, the tall tower, I was framed, and I will die when I kick it down..."

Lingle panicked and hurriedly took her, "Da Niang, you..."

Hua Yuman patted her hand and smiled. "I am dead, but then I lived because of the reason for turning the rabbit. But, what the goddess wants to tell you today, life, there are actually many things. It’s impossible to start over. Sometimes you go through thousands of miles and you can’t get anything. When you forget, when you let go, when you are quiet, you find that the person is there. Beside yourself... Just like you are doing it! I can’t ask for love, when it comes, it’s so casual, but this is not a casual, it’s like a fate. Lingle, telling you about you. The mind, the mother will give you an idea."

Lingle was moved and sad, and directly plunged into the arms of Hua Yuman, and choked: "Da Niang..."

She did not expect that at this moment, she would first come to her and tell her so much, she felt so good.

"Gang Niang knows that you are because Rong Xiao is not happy, isn't it?"

Lingle bit his lip, a small voice: "I know, I am ugly, not worthy of Rong Xiao brother!"

Hua Yuman frowned, directly reaching out and stroking the face of Lingle wearing a veil, earnestly said: "Who said? Our spiritual music is not only ugly, but also the most beautiful woman."

Lingle knows that the godmother is comforting herself, and stretches out and touches her face. "Lingle doesn't like to look in the mirror, and the spirit is really ugly!"

Listening to the inferiority of the spirit, Hua Yuman took up her hand, condensed a little spiritual power, wrote and painted on her hand, and soon, Lingle found that her hand stood a very beautiful, The elf wearing petal clothes, the elf is so small and cute, very cute.

Lingle surprised to extend the other hand and poked the little elf. I saw that the elf immediately blinked at her and smiled. "Wow, you can actually see me! Master owner, she Can you see me!"

Hua Yuman smiled. "Yes, she is a pure child. Do you say that she is beautiful?"

The Hundred Flowers Elf immediately said: "Of course it is beautiful, only the purest talents in the world can see me, just like the master."

The Hundred Flowers Elf said the words of the beautiful, the spiritual music returned from the shock, the incomprehensible said: "Da Niang, is this?"

Hua Yuman raised her hand and touched her head. "There is a hundred flowers of spiritual strength. This is a half-year-old cultivation of the flower-colored elves. Unfortunately, except for the dry mother, others can’t see her, and she can’t hear her. Sound, you are still the first one. The Baihua Elf can only be seen by the people who have the purest soul and soul in the world, so our spiritual music is the most beautiful person."

Lingle stunned for a while, and the moving eyes were red.

"Dan Niang, is this true? People really can't see?"

"Of course, otherwise, let's try other people?" Hua Yuman smiled and said again, "In fact, I have shown you both to you and Xiaoqi. They thought I was teasing them. I was two days ago. Inadvertently listening to your mother and saying a word, I thought, we may see my flowering elf!"

"Yeah." Lingle is trying to say that he wants to try his brother, and he sees that Cognac suddenly appears in front of them. She didn't even think about it. "Dry, do you look at the flowers of the goddess?" ”

Thirteen stunned, looked around, then shook his head. "What's wrong, is that little thing gone?"

Hua Yuman listened to his forehead and was unhappy. "The little guy doesn't know where to go. I must find her today. I don't know if I am going to play, if I am caught by the bad guys. How can it be good to go."

Thirteen some powerless words: "Little feathers, that, she may just be playful, and come back when she has enough."

Although he wants to help find it, but he can't see it, how to find it!

Lingle saw that he was not like a joke, so he blinked in confusion and pointed out his own face: "Dry, isn't the flower elf here?"

Thirteen, one, then the eyes fell on the face of Lingle, some unexpected words: "Don't you lose it? Did Lingle really see it?"

Said, his gaze looked at the small feathers, and then saw the sly in her eyes, and suddenly understood what.

Lingle nodded, and for a moment did not know what to say, but had to stretch out his fingers to make the elf play for a while.

Thirteen is very happy to say: "If this little thing is lost again in the future, it will be handed over to Lingle. The sky is not too early, and Lingle will go back to rest. I will also take you to go back to rest." ”

"Yeah!" Lingle nodded with a smile and walked away, ready to leave.

Hua Yuman smiled and blinked at her. "Sometimes, don't just look at your eyes, feel it with your heart, look at other places, maybe there will be different gains."

Lingle nodded and motioned to understand.

After waiting for her cognac and dry mother to leave, a figure suddenly jumped to her front, and the tone was not very good: "Don’t run around in the evening, let everyone worry, not grow up. Childlike."

Lingle was embarrassed, seeing Rong Xiao, and it was a common complaint, but she did not know why, she actually heard a trace of concern, she suddenly slammed her mouth and nodded and left.

Rong Xiao saw her smile, and her heart shook a little, and followed the footsteps of Lingle in the back.

When Lingle returned to his room, Rong Xiao complained again. "When you walk slowly, you must have no meals at night, and the roads are not going well."

In the past, when Lingle heard these words, it must be sad. I couldn’t sleep well at night. I felt that I was dismissed by Rong Xiao, but today, for the first time, she did not think about it.

She suddenly understood the words of her mother. Later, she should feel it with her heart, not just with her eyes.

This night, she had a good night's sleep and slept very well.

Early the next morning, Lingle was awakened by the voice of Rong Xiao.

"How are you still sleeping so late? Xiaoqi, they all piled up a morning snowman outside." He said, he also grabbed a handful of snow on her face, and Lingle instantly woke up.

Such a thing, every year, Rong Xiao will do it once or twice for herself. At first she always felt that Rong Xiao was because she hated herself and deliberately did this, and he also pushed himself down on the snow several times...

Thinking of the past, Lingle sighed.

Rong Xiao seems to be very dissatisfied with her movements. Unhappy: "Small age is like an old woman, sighing. I have been playing for the morning, Xiaoqi has been laughing, and you are a little positive." ......"

When Lingle listened, it was even more emotional. In the past, she listened to Xiao Xiao, who was full of Rong Xiao’s mouth. Like Xiao Qi, her heart was very uncomfortable. I felt that he liked Xiaoqi, but she discovered it later. Just squatting in my own ear, but did not go to play with Xiaoqi.

Lingle once again remembered the words of the goddess, then climbed up with a smile and threw the snow from her hand directly back to Rong Xiao’s face. "I just want to sleep for a while. What happened? Little seven days are alive, I am born lazy. !"

Rong Xiaoyi, for a while, said: "I finally admitted that I was lazy."

This girl, dare to throw her, dare to talk back to herself?

There is progress!

"You must learn more about Xiaoqi." Rong Xiao did not speak, standing in the window to see Xiaoqi and Feng still, and a few younger younger brothers and sisters playing, and looking at the camera.

"We are so cute, throwing snowballs and throwing a quasi..." Rong Xiao broadcasts the situation outside.

"Small seven have progressed..."

Lingle listened and suddenly laughed. She suddenly felt that she was really stupid before. She always understood that we are referring to him and Xiaoqi in the glory of Xiaokou. At this moment, she felt for the first time that what he said was actually He and himself...


- End of this chapter -

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