Here, Lingle has handed the letter to the sky, because Xiaoqi has disappeared, and Lingle is not too scared, and his speech is vomiting.

"My brother, the man left this letter, and he left. I, what do we do now? Go back and tell the godmother?"

After reading the letter from the cold face, I suddenly reached out and ruined the letter, and it was a slap in the face.

Xiao Tian smiled and patted the head of Lingle. "Do not talk to my mother about this matter. Don't worry about Xiaoqi, she won't have anything to do."

"Then we don't want to go to her? What if the person hurts her?" Lingle is still very worried.

Although she also knows that the person who can sit on the treasure basket from the domain of the gods must not be an ordinary person, the domain of the gods and the emperor of the gods are there, only need a letter, he will find Xiaoqi as soon as possible, but she is still afraid of Xiaoqi Injured!

It’s a smile from the sky. “It’s not good for her not to harm other people. Whoever took her away, there is bitterness in the back. Anyway, Xiaoqi’s girl always said that the Three Kingdoms have gone there, and I am looking forward to it. The kingdom of the gods, want to play, this time will be her good. Lingle, Rong Xiao came this morning, let him accompany you."

After talking about the day, I will not go to see the music because I mentioned the tangled eyes of Rong Xiao.

These two people, there is still a long way to go, he can only look around, can only dial, but can not do anything.

At this time, the kingdom of the gods, Feng Feng still said that the sick Feng Mingmo was drinking wine and eating meat, looking at the great scenery outside.

His mood today is actually very good, because his son is sitting in the basket and going to the Three Kingdoms.

If he can really get Yu's daughter to the kingdom of the gods, then he will definitely see Yu's again.

It’s been more than a decade. Although it’s gone, it’s going on, but it’s growing.

He doesn't ask for anything else, just look at her!

When Yu Yu left, he met an orphan with a very good bone in the forest. Although the child saw that it was still small, his eyes were very stubborn and very persistent. He was hard to be soft once in a thousand years. That time, he But the soft heart brought the child back to his own territory, the name is still, the phoenix remains.

Take this name only because his heart is still love!

Of course, this is just my own selfishness and is not enough for outsiders.

I don't know how long it took, he suddenly saw a flash of light in the sky, Feng Ming ink immediately lay down, once again pretend to be half-dead, waiting for his son Feng still bring people back.

Not long after, the treasure basket stopped outside the house, and Feng still hugged the little seven who had been crying tired and fell into the house.

After settled in Xiaoqi, he entered the room of Feng Mingmo. When he saw himself, he seemed to be in a bad mood, and he was angry. He was busy: "The person has brought it back, but he is tired and asleep, waiting for her to sleep. Woke up, take her to see me!"

Feng Mingmo heard that the little girl actually cried, and immediately sat up straight. "You stink, how can you cry people? Can't you be gentle?"

Feng still blinked, his face was depressed, too gentle, and people can come to the kingdom of the gods with him.

"Well, let me go and see!" Feng Moxi curiously went to the room where Xiaoqi sleeps.

When I saw the little beautiful girl who was sleeping quietly on the bed, Feng Mingmo was silent for a while, and after a long while, she spit out a sentence.

"There are seven points of beauty, and the three points are similar. Stinky boy, you have to seize the opportunity, you know?" Feng Mingmo snorted and went out.

Feng still sighed heavily. He had never seen the feathers in the mouth. From the portraits and the little girl in front of him, the beauty of the light is not the same. The important thing is this little girl. It’s alive!

He really can't think of it, and some people will look better than this crying little girl.

He was afraid that she would suddenly wake up, so that she could sit at the door and guard her, and she kept it all night.

The next day, Xiaoqi woke up with a look of dissatisfaction, refused to eat, and cried for a while, no matter how the phoenix still could not help.

At this time, Feng Mingmo also came over. He looked at the little girl in front of him for a while, then shook his head. "Your mother can not cry you!"

Xiao Qi is strangely screaming at Feng Ming, dissatisfied: "I am not my mother."

Of course, she couldn’t just cry, she cried, she was going crazy, and the whole Fengyun City would shake three times because of her mother’s tears and unhappiness.

But she is a child. Although she is already fifteen, she said that she is still a child at the age of fifteen. When she is 18 years old, she can fall in love. When she is twenty, she can become a relative, so she sees Many people in the Three Kingdoms have become close relatives at the age of fifteen, and they are still very curious. They also want to know what their future husbands will be, so they secretly went to Tianta Temple with Lingle.

However, I did not expect that she actually asked for a peerless wolf, she wants to marry a wolf to do!

Feng Mingmo smiled and stood up straight. "Forget it, there is nothing to say to you with a little girl. If you live here, let them take care of you, wait for your mother to pick you up." go back!"

After all, he only cares about whether a person is crying in this world!

After Feng Mingmo left, the emotions of Xiaoqi suddenly broke out, and the things that could be thrown directly were thrown into the phoenix.

However, Feng still has no reaction at all, and there is no anger.

Xiaoqi is depressed, does this man have no emotions?

Seeing that she doesn't cry, she doesn't throw anything, and Feng is still tempered: "Are you hungry?"

Xiaoqi touched his stomach and nodded, "Hungry!"

"What do you want to eat? I will take you out to eat." Feng still packs things up, takes the basket, and goes to the Shenzhuang Villa to return the basket and take the **** to eat.

Xiaoqi looked at him strangely. "Do you not cook anything to eat? I am hungry now, can't I get something to eat first?"

She is also very hungry. She didn’t eat anything when she went to Tianta Temple in the morning. It was so tired that she slept and felt hungry. She was just busy crying and losing her temper. She didn’t feel hungry, but now she is Feng still reminded that she found herself hungry.

Feng is still very calm, "Hmm", "I will not cook, and every time I call the people of the Gods Villa directly to eat, but today they can not send."

Because the treasure basket is in his hands, they certainly can't send it.

Xiaoqi quickly looked at this place. The phoenix of this godland kingdom is very large. The palace they live in is independent, but it does not smell the smell of smoke.

Seeing this, she was somewhat disgusted: "You phoenixes have fallen to this point, and even the money for a cook is gone?"

Feng still heard a sigh of relief, and suddenly hooked his lower lip. "If you sell it, you can buy a few cooks. I think I can think about it."

Xiaoqi gave him a look, then it didn't matter. "Yeah, it's better to sell me to the imperial dining room of the palace. I don't know what else to do. It's okay to play the miscellaneous, and I learned the same thing with my mother." Good cooking, and my uncle, his cooking skills, but not the people who eat God Villa at all!"

Feng still feels funny in his heart. This girl thinks that it is quite beautiful. Sending her to the palace is not the same as returning her to the Three Kingdoms.

"Forget it, you put yourself so well, leave you to cook for us. Or, let's go to the market to buy food!"

"Oh!" Xiaoqi readily agreed.

She followed the phoenix and went to the vegetable market. She bought a bunch of ingredients and returned to the Feng nationality. Because the kitchen of Feng Ming Mo has not been used for a long time, there is nothing, so Feng still makes people prepare some new utensils quickly, and so on. Time has passed an hour.

Xiaoqi is very sad and reminded, when did he eat this kind of suffering, this time is to give thanks to this phoenix, and she must return him in the future.

After the kitchen was cleaned, all the ingredients were taken out by Xiaoqi, and then she washed the rice. After steaming the rice, she began to carefully clean the ingredients, and then cut the vegetables one by one. The action of waving the kitchen knife was So skilled, as by dance.

Feng still sees God, and no one has ever seen a dish in the kitchen.

When the small seven made four dishes and one soup, Feng still had countless waves in his heart.

He always thought that like the arrogant woman of Xiaoqi, it is impossible to cook. I did not expect that she would not only do it, but also the cooking is not bad. It really made her look at it.

Moreover, this girl was very busy in the kitchen, very careful, and did not bring her previous negative situation to the kitchen.

Before going out at the end of the meal, Feng still stole two, and the taste was really beautiful!

After the meal, he looked at Xiao Qi's gaze and added a touch of heat.

He decided that he would leave this **** to cook for himself and make a meal for a lifetime!

However, in order to achieve this desire, we must leave her, and there is only one way to leave her permanently, that is to marry her.

Thinking of this, he suddenly smiled. In fact, she is also good, although she loves to cry a little, but fortunately, people are beautiful, crying is still pretty good!

At this moment, Feng Mingmo, who had just eaten half of the rice, suddenly had a pale face on his stomach. He was very surprised and said: "You are actually poisoned in the food, you are more than your mother!"

On the little seven lips, I took a beautiful arc and smiled and said: "I am not my mother!"

- End of this chapter -

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