The sky was just shining, and the two girls climbed to the top of the Tianta Temple. They looked down on this prosperous and beautiful land, and the pride in their hearts came to life. .しw0.

"Lingle, my mother said that the place where she met me was here, and she took the emperor Yan, and took the emperor's pet. What do you say we can draw today?"

Speaking is a carved jade, beautiful like a little elf girl, a purple lining her skin color like snow, temperament is noble.

"I don't know!" Lingle shook his head and patted his sister's head again. "Small seven, we must hurry back when we sign the ticket. Do you know? If your big brother finds that we are gone, next time he will not Will take us out to play."

"Know it!" Xiaoqi spit out his tongue and pulled the spirits and ran into the hall.

There were not many people in the hall at this time, so Xiaoqi immediately stepped forward and shook the sign carefully.

The mother said, the heart is the spirit, so the small seven 摒 in addition to distracting, very sincere and earnestly shake their own sign, after signing the landing, she will quickly pick up, immediately ran to the old abbot . "Master, you will help me out!"

The old abbot glanced at this pretty little girl and smiled and blinked.

This little girl was very similar to the female donor who had drawn the Emperor Yan and the Emperor of the Emperor. He was also curious, what kind of sign can the daughter of that person draw?

After receiving the sign, the old abbot was silent for a while, and some unexpectedly said: "Is the small donor asking for marriage?"

Xiaoqi did not have any embarrassment. He nodded directly. "Yes, Master, what is this sign for me? Is it good?"

The old abbot smiles and will give her a signature, "Little donor!"

Xiaoqi was curious and took a look. I saw only four words written on it, "The peerless wolf!"

Her eyes are wide open and I don't understand what these four words mean.

"Small donor, the peerless lone wolf is your future husband, good and good!"

Xiaoqi couldn't understand. Looking back at Lingle, Lingle's face was not very good. She looked at the big Buddha that was enshrined in the main hall. She also piously bowed down and shook out the first sign in her life.

She will also sign the old abbot and wait for her sign.

The old abbot looked at Lingle and slowly spit out three words, "Dream!"

The footsteps of Lingle are not stable at the moment, and the person you think in your heart is really just a dream for yourself?

Xiao Qi did not understand what a dream, wrapped around the old abbot and asked: "Master, what is a dream?"

The old abbot smiled mysteriously. "A dream is a dream. The marriage of this little donor is like a dream. It seems that the dream is disappointing. In fact, no one in the world dreams!"

After that, the old abbot turned and left.

After listening to the signing, Lingle and Xiaoqi are not too happy, because the abbot did not tell them that they are good to sign, or bad sign, and then they really don’t understand any peerless wolves, not even Know what a dream is.

On the way back, Lingle whispered: "Small seven, in fact, do you know that Rong Xiao has always liked you? He is an orphan. He grew up with us, but I think he is like a horse. A peerless lone wolf, will your marriage be..."

"What will happen, I don't like Rong Xiao, my brother said, Rong Xiao is the body of Jiuyang, and the person he best matches is you. Rong Xiao brother is only when I am a sister, I am very clear. "Small seven interrupted the words of the soul."

She is already fifteen years old this year. As for why Rong Xiao is in Fengyun City, her mother and her eldest brother have never concealed her. She has long known about the body of Jiuyang and the body of Jiuyin.

Don't say that you don't like Rong Xiao, even if you like it, she will never grab the same man with Lingle's sister.

Lingle also knows the temperament of Xiaoqi. Listening to her, she just bites her lower lip and says nothing.

From a very young age, she likes to stick to Rong Xiao. There is always a special force on his body that attracts himself. However, Rong Xiao is very hateful of her. She approaches him unconsciously every time. He will push her away...

Gradually, he will allow himself to play around him, but never ignore her.

All the time, everyone knows that Rong Xiao is very good for Xiaoqi. It’s so good that he is as good as Xiaoxi’s mother and uncle, but he is incomparably indifferent to himself.

"Lingle, my future husband must be very good looking very good, must not lose to my brother and I, he has a very strong martial arts, can not lose to my brother and I. He has to hurt me very much, Pamper me, can't lose to me." Speaking of this, Xiaoqi's words turned and he whispered. "Gang Xiao, he can't even beat my brother, let alone me."

When I heard this, Lingle was laughing. There are several people in the world who can be like a cognac, and a few people can be like a mother. Moreover, few people in the world can beat the brother of heaven.

Sometimes when my mother is joking, she will say, "Why is the person of Jiuyang's body glory, if it is heaven, how good!"

"Small seven, in fact, Rong Xiao brother is also very good, he ..."

When the words of Lingle have not been finished, I saw a ray of light in the sky. When she blinked, she saw a peerless boy sitting in a treasure basket and gave him a small hand. When he turned around, he turned it into a hand. In the arms.

"Help! Help!" Xiaoqi found that his body aura was banned. He stopped and yelled.

Lingle was in a hurry, chasing the basket and shouting, "Who are you?"

The peerless enchanting smile, throwing a letter to the spiritual music, such as the sound of the peerless Baoqin lingering over the top of the spiritual music. "This letter will be given to her mother, and I will take it away!"

After that, the treasure basket carries people to make a slap in the face!

Xiaoqi was angrily squinting at the boy in front of him. He was very beautiful, but he was a little worse than his brother, but he could still see it.

His voice is very nice, better than his brother's voice, and more importantly, this boy is actually a treasure basket.

You must know that the Three Kingdoms has a treasure basket, and it is still in the hands of his own mother. This young boy is sure that she must not be a native of the Three Kingdoms.

Because, in the mainland of the Three Kingdoms, no one dares to tie the daughters of Liyang and Hua Yuman, and no one has the courage to dare to hurt her arrogant woman.

"What kind of person are you?" asked Xiaoqi.

When the teenager saw that she didn't cry, she was relieved, and she was relieved. Some awkward words: "My name is Feng."

Xiaoqi picked up his eyebrows and held his chest with his hands. He looked at him for a while and said: "Feng still? People of the Feng nationality? Who is Feng Mingmo?"

Feng still coughed a little, reluctantly said: "I am!"

Xiaoqiyiyi, soon poked on Feng’s body. “You lie to the ghost, Feng Mingmo’s wife? Even if you are jealous, you can’t have a son who is bigger than me!”

Regarding the realm of the domain of the gods, my mother-in-law also said something to myself. Moreover, every year when she was on her birthday, they would also receive gifts from Feng Mingmo and Rong Zhibo. I have never heard of the Fengmou ink. Wife!

"No, I didn't lie to you, Feng Ming Mo is really awkward, but I adopted him." Feng still explained.

Xiaoqi gave him a look. "Since you are the son of Feng Mingmo, what do you tie me to? You are not afraid of him being angry?"

Feng still said: "I said that I haven't seen your mother for more than ten years. He wants your mother to kiss, and there is no reason to see her. I said that I am jealous of you, and I have reason to see her. ......"

Xiaoyiyi was annoyed, and the phoenix still squatted on the clothes: "He wants me to shut me down, you caught me, do you believe that my mother ran to the kingdom of the gods to kill you?"

"That, I don't want to marry a stranger. I also think that I like your mother-in-law is one thing. I am not him. You are not your mother. I didn't think about you, that is me. I’m sick, I’m talking nonsense in my dreams, so, or else, you are wronged, go with me to the kingdom of the gods, and when he is sick, I will send you back?”

Feng still has no way. This is a very good thing for himself. He really likes the woman named Yu, even the bedroom is full of the woman's portrait.

Speaking of it, he was able to recognize this little girl named Xiaoqi at a glance, simply because she had a face that was very similar to her mother.

He didn't actually think about marrying his wife, but he saw that his old doctor was getting heavier and heavier. He had to tie the girl first.

Xiaoqi blinked and suddenly whispered: "Would you like me to go back and give me a peaceful mother? Then I will go to the kingdom of the gods with you? I have never been to the kingdom of the gods, I always want to see of."

Feng still shook his head and thought about it. "Just your sister has gone back to hold peace, don't worry. You should play in the domain of the gods, and let your mother pick you up!"

Xiaoqi suddenly suffered a face, and then he wowed up and cried...

You know, in Fengyun City, the most common thing for everyone is that she cries. As long as she cries, the big things can be solved immediately, so she also used this trick at the moment.

However, she was disappointed soon.

She cried for a long time with tears, her eyes were crying, and the phoenix still had no brows.

When she cried enough, Feng still had a plausible statement. "I often say that women are made of water, it seems to be true!"

Xiaoqi is simply vomiting blood!

- End of this chapter -


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