"Okay, don't be a bit too bad, go ahead!" Hua Yuman urged thirteen to leave.

Thirteen smiles, looking for Rong Xiao to talk about the heart.

After the thirteenth walk, Hua Yuman will go to the arms of Xiaoqi and see that she wants to sleep, so that people can hold on.

This child is really a cute child with a white dress. Sometimes she looks so cute and likes it.

"Man, you said that we will make a mistake, then Rong Xiao is not a child of the body of Jiuyang?" Mo Ziting said that he was hiding in his heart.

After the arrival of Rong Xiao, Lingle was not happy with him. She just sorted out the recent events and felt that Rong Xiao didn’t like to play with the soul, but it was like the little young Xiaoqi. Tight.

Xiaoqi is very cute, and it is a miniature version of Maner. Even if it is so small, it can be seen that it must be a delicate little beauty after growing up, that is, he also likes it very much.

On the other hand, my daughter's spiritual music, the black imprint covers half of the face, not to mention the beauty, in the eyes of outsiders, even an ugly child.

Rong Xiao is still so small, it is a person who looks at her face. She does not say what will happen in the future. She will not let her daughter interact with such a person.

Perhaps she is worried about it now, but she hesitated, and told her about her concerns.

Hua Yuman sighed. "This is not going to be wrong. Everything will go to Liyang and talk to Rong Xiao. I will not allow anyone to hurt the spirit."

"Man, I said, if they grow up, Rong Xiao doesn't like spiritual music at all, and I don't want to let them together. Maybe, we have other ways of spiritual music..."

Mo Ziting said with care, Hua Yuman listened very distressed. She patted her hand and comforted: "We let Rong Xiao put it around and raise it, just hope to contribute to the growth and health of the spirit. Let Lingle not let the yin hurt the body too much, and when she is a little bigger, we can also teach her to restrain the yin in her body. As for how they grow up, just follow it!"

Mo Ziting nodded, and Mann said that it was exactly what she thought.

Soon, Qing Qing said that Lingle wants to be a mother, Mo Ziting left.

Hua Yuman will also return to the room to sleep, because he is worried about the sun, he is sitting in the room waiting.

After a time of thirteen, I came back. When I saw the little feather waiting for her, he smiled and took her into her arms.

"Don't worry, I have already talked with Rong Xiao very well. He will not do anything like today. I don't know how it is now. Little feathers, guess how long it will take to give birth to the emperors of the Three Kingdoms." ?"

Thirteen minutes to change the topic, he knows what is the most concerned about small feathers.

Hua Yuman pondered for a moment, compared to a finger, "I guess a month."

Thirteen smiled and touched her slender and tender fingers. "You really have confidence in God!"

Hua Yuman raised his eyebrows. "Don't you have no confidence in Tianer?"

Who told her before, is it not the heavens, but the emperors of the Three Kingdoms?

Thirteen blinks, flashed on her cheek, and then mysteriously said: "I guess God can recover the Three Kingdoms for up to three days. Do you believe it or not?"

This time, Hua Yuman blinked. "Three days? So fast?"

The round-trip trip between the three countries is not limited to three days. Although the spiritual strength of Tianri is not weak, it will shift the skills of thousands of miles, but it will take at least three days to travel to and from the Three Kingdoms!

Suddenly, her head flashed a flash of light. "You gave him the basket?"

Thirteen smiled and nodded. "After all, it’s our son. If you can't help, you can't really let him have nothing to do alone!"

Although this trick is black, it will work.

Hua Yuman also grinned, but she did not blame thirteen. On the contrary, she was very happy.

Liyang and Tianer are not fathers and sons, they are all black belly fans, but she loves, hehe!

Here, the two of them talked about the sky, on the other side, the baby from the sky has been sitting in the treasure basket in the night, directly followed the wind bamboo journey back to the wind and moon kingdom.

His first goal was the wind bamboo journey of Fengyue.

On the second day of the dawn, Feng Zhucheng just went to the early days of the Windy Kingdom, and as soon as he went up, he said that the agreement with the three countries caused a discussion.

Just when the ministers were just deploying and researching countermeasures, the baby from the sky descended from the sky, and a sword directly fell on the belly of Feng Zhucheng...

It seems that it is not easy to dislike, but the baby has lifted his hand and a blast has flashed. The hall that was still lively is suddenly silent. All the courtiers have been spotted and set in place.

This scene makes the entire hall extremely strange and quiet!

Xiaotian baby smiled and said: "Uncle Feng, is it that you lost now?"

The wind bamboo process and the amount of sweat on the forehead flowed down, and I stopped. "I lost!"

He hasn't started yet, but he has lost like this, and the half of the loss has been refuted.

"What about you?" The baby looked proudly at the group of courtiers, proudly saying, "The surrendered people are blind!"

Ever since, everyone is desperately squeezing their eyes, the scene is really beautiful...

From the day the baby released the sword in his hand and smiled: "Uncle Wind, the inheritance, now I am taking you to catch the emperor, can't go?"

Wind bamboo took a moment, then immediately nodded, laughing at Mimi’s words: "Well, I am going with you!"

Feng Zhucheng confessed a few words, followed the baby from the sky and sat on the basket, and set off for the country.

At this time, the emperor left the country to be in the royal study room to change the memorial, from the baby just appeared, there are countless archers in all directions.

I left the memorial and walked out, facing the baby who was still in the air and watching the lively wind bamboo road: "Heaven, my uncle knows that you will appear like this, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

The baby smiled and said: "Uncle, do you think that you can take me down? You are too small to see me."

It’s also a smile. “Of course, this is not the case. Uncle has also made multiple plans, it’s a matter of the throne, and the uncle can’t play too much. If you are injured, I will be ready for you.”

Departure is really a lot of preparations, he wants to see how much the son of his thirteen brother is capable.

He raised his hand and the archer did not send it. A smog of fog turned to the baby away from the sky.

The baby immediately said: "Uncle Wind, hold your breath, poison!"

After that, he only applied a protective enchantment to block the harmful gas.

Immediately after the fire in the front of the study room, a sudden fire broke out. The flames of the male and the male were separated from the baby’s treasure basket. The archers shot at this time, and the scene was extremely dangerous...

At the moment, Feng Zhucheng couldn’t help but scream, “This is really a dead hand for your nephew!”

Although poisonous smoke, fire, bows and arrows are all used.

Early in the morning, he was worried that the water would be released from the hustle and the blue sea. I didn’t expect it to be more sultry than myself.

Also, even if they did not even have time to resist, they lost.

However, in the end, even if you give yourself enough preparation, there will be no such awkwardness.

It seems that people who are close to the throne and who are close will not be taken lightly.

Today, he is really convinced of this war.

"Uncle Feng, you stay in the treasure basket, don't go away!" After that, the baby from the sky is like a string of arrows, actually rushed out of the basket, everyone has not seen where the baby went. I just heard a cry and shouted, "The archer stops!"

Everyone looked in the direction of the emperor of the country. I saw that the baby was actually taken away from the sky by the baby. Like a chicken, don’t mention how embarrassed.

Feng Zhucheng saw this scene, and laughed happily.

He was very happy to see that he was worse than himself.

"Uncle, can you admit defeat?"

Awkward and frightened and said: "Okay, count your child is very powerful, and my dark guard and the Imperial Guard are useless."

The baby screamed proudly. "Who said that you didn't use it, you used it, look over there!"

Looking away from the direction of the baby pointing away, I saw that the foreign army’s Guardian Army stood alone in the same place, and did not move. At first glance, it was the collective point, this...

This is not a half word.

However, the baby from the sky is right again: "Your three hundred guards are like them, rest assured that after an hour, they will be solved."

"Ha ha ha ha..." Feng Zhucheng couldn't get up with his waist. He didn't even see how he shot from the sky. He suddenly stopped so many people. It really is the son of those two people. Great!

After being shocked, I was also helpless. This kid is as black as his beggar.

From the sky baby, another huge force was thrown out, and the fire on the ground was directly extinguished. He smiled and said: "Uncle, do you want to catch me with us?"

Nodded and smiled, "Go!"

He also wants to see how Hailanxu will deal with Tianer, like thousands of calculations like him, or directly handing over the emperor.

The three men sat on the basket and went straight to the sea blue kingdom. The atmosphere in the treasure basket was a joy.

Here, Hailan Xuan is waiting for the day to come. He is not in his own dragon palace, but he moved to the princess hall to live.

I don't know how long it took, a basket of heaven flew in, and the long-awaited Hailan, sitting at the entrance to the Princess Hall, laughed and said, "Come on!"

Knowing that they came, Hailan Xuan went straight inside, sitting in the main position inside, seems to want to talk to them.

From the sky baby directly jumped off the basket, looked around and went straight toward the sea blue.

However, she has not yet walked to the center of the main hall, and she saw a semi-invisible net falling from the sky, directly giving him a net, and stunned the baby for a while, trying to move, but he couldn’t find the one. network.

Walking away from the sky, the baby and the wind bamboo are very surprised.

This Hailan Xuan is not just to talk about, the people who have given up the emperor's hand, actually moved the real thing, really surprised them!

"Hey, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Hailan Hyun smiled and bent down to stare at the unwilling baby.

It’s not too mad to leave the baby, “You are swindling! What a ghost thing.”

Hailan dazzled and said: "Since you have to participate in the Battle of the Three Kingdoms, you can't naturally treat you as an ordinary child, and you can't give up the sea blue kingdom by my own meaning, even though my intention is to inherit the throne. However, it is early or late, it depends on your ability."

Obviously, the day is still too tender.

He knows God very well. This is the princess temple. It is the place where he used to live. It is also the place where his mother-in-law lived. Therefore, he is more likely to relax his vigilance than in other places. Therefore, he has set up an institution here.

It’s also a sight to be seen from the hustle and the wind. This Hailan Xuan Mingming has mastered the weakness of the sky and used his emotions at this time to make him careless.

However, they can't say that Hailan is wrong. After all, this is a real battle between them. If he releases water, they will not be so good, but their feelings are uncomfortable.

The baby was very depressed, and he sighed. From time to time, he reached out and poked this net that could trap himself. "I originally wanted to give the things that the mother gave me to you before I started to dry up." Wang’s war, I didn’t expect to use my special feelings for the Princess Hall to make arrangements. It’s really disappointing.”

Suddenly, the baby suddenly sat down and buried his head on his knee. It seemed very sad and disappointing.

Hailan dazzled a bit, he just wanted to catch the day, and did not want to really make him hate!

Also, what did Maner Space take for Tianer to hand over to him?

He curious and worried to go over, the hand just touched the net, I saw that the net of the baby from the sky suddenly seemed to be blown by a gust of wind, flipped in one direction, directly bent over standing next to The sea blue dazzle is covered...

From the moment, the baby stood up and smiled and looked at the blue-and-white dazzling trapped in the net. He said: "Dry, how is this taste of the net?"

Hailan Xuan really vomited and vomited blood, and grinded his teeth: "You stink, there are a lot of ghosts, actually take your mother to lie to me!"

The baby stunned from the sky, "Dry, you are too small to look at the sky, so you can break the net, you can really keep me."

The separation from the hustle and the wind bamboo was also opened next to him. As soon as he saw Hailan Hyun’s loss, the two men laughed very happily.

However, this kid is really powerful from the sky. He clearly has the ability to conquer people, but he is not very ruthless. He has the courage to make a plan. In the next two or two times, he will win the sea blue with the fastest speed.

"Well, I will admit defeat, and let me go." Hailan Xuan admits to lose, but my heart is still very happy.

He believes that the mainland of the Three Kingdoms will be more prosperous under the hands of Tian Er.

After the emperor of the Three Kingdoms was settled, a station of the king of the king was settled within a day, which was shorter than anyone imagined.

Hailan Xuan asked: "Heavenly, is it going to return to Fengyuncheng?"

From the day, the baby thought about it and said: "After the merger of the three countries, it is not necessary to continue to be called the Fengyun continent. It is good for the Three Kingdoms."

When his words fell, the emperors of the Three Kingdoms were shocked, and their hearts sighed from the atmosphere and generosity of the sky.

We must know that the title of the three countries can be retained. This is actually a kind of respect for them. It is a fake to say that they are not touched.

At a young age, there is such a heart and mind, and in the future it must be a good emperor.

"Fengyun City is a palace for the Three Kingdoms. I found myself a Regent..." He said, from the mysterious sea blue of the baby, I picked up my eyebrows. "I am still small, I have the small things." Big things, I will discuss with the Regent and the uncles..."

Hai Lan Xuan is not surprised. On the contrary, he feels that Tian’s proposal is quite good.

There is no opinion about leaving the wind and the wind bamboo. There are couples who suppress it on the little emperor of Tianer. The three countries will be more stable and stronger.

Because of his departure, he is very hopeful that his thirteenth brother can become the regent, not only make up for him to give up the throne to himself, but also that the thirteen brothers are not interested in the throne and like to live freely. As a Regent, if there is something big happening in the Three Kingdoms, he can't be exempted...

Moreover, he has a selfish little wish. Thirteen is the regent. Then Man is the regent of the reign. He has no reason to often see the Man in the deep palace, but there are reasons to come to see the regent, or from time to time, or The Queen Mother, and the regent Wang Hao and the Queen Mother, he prefers the Regent Wang.

Hai Lan Xuan is of course also endorsed, and his ideas are the same as the ones.

"I want to do this and my two uncles to help me. You know, I am not interested in the throne. I want to give them a surprise..."

Nodded, "Well, what to do, God, let's speak!"

"Well, we will do all the things that will be done in the merger of the Three Kingdoms within ten days. The Emperor and the Regent will also be enthroned at the same time. We will inform my mother on the day of the throne ceremony. In addition, the Cognac will be sealed as the Blue King, and the two uncles will Sealed from the king and the king of the wind, you can still live in the original palace..."

Everything was arranged very well from the sky, and the emperors of the Three Kingdoms were very convinced.

The next thing is quietly under the arrangement of the sky...


Ten days later, the enchantment of Fengyuncheng was opened, and many people began to enter and exit in Fengyuncheng...

On this day, Hua Yuman just woke up, was put on a silver peach and green blue dress, put on a very gorgeous clothes, and combed a very complicated hair.

When she was preparing to look at her own dress, the person was taken away by Mo Ziting. "Man, God, today, ascend to the throne, you are going to hurry."

Hua Yuman was anxious to hear, "Oh, I am fine, go!"

She took Mo Ziting's hand and immediately walked to the main hall of Fengyun City.

When I saw Guo Yang at the end of the stairs covered with red carpet, Hua Yuman was so stupid, and he didn’t know how to move.

Mo Ziting smiled and tweeted her. "Man, don't make it, today is the Tianji Grand Ceremony, or the grand ceremony of your regent Wang Hao and Regent."

"Ah?" Hua Yuman still can't come back.

Isn’t today just the day of the throne?

Why didn't a person tell her?

Her eyes looked forward and she could not walk for a long time.

Mo Ziting smiled and said: "Sister, you boldly go forward... but you are a man in front!"

Hua Yuman was teased by Mo Ziting's words. She looked up at the peerless man wearing a regent Wang Huafu, and then smiled and took a step...

This ladder is a bit long. Thirteen originally stood patiently waiting, but after a while, the beautiful feathers that came to me by the United States and the United States did not go to their side. He picked his eyebrows and greeted him directly. It is.

His footsteps were fast, and he suddenly came to the side of the small feathers. He held up her hand and smiled. "Small feathers, you are so slow, do you want to hug this king?"

Hua Yuman smiled and bit his lower lip, and the king, how happy it is!

Just when thirteen really wanted to hug her, Hua Yuman quickly stopped him. "No, the clothes are too long, let's go slowly!"

If you let him hold it, how rude it is, and lose face!

Thirteen of the face raised a gentle and petite smile, and held up her hand, "Well, listen to Wang Hao, let us go slowly, just go for a lifetime..."

Hua Yuman’s face was full of redness and full of shame, but she was willing to go with him like this...

Just because this man is deeply loved by her...

All the people in the audience looked at them, and they were respectful and envious, and they couldn’t tell the joy.

Feng Moxi stood below and looked at the pair of men and women who were handicapped. In addition to envy, there were more blessings.

From the thirteenth, I had hoped that I would be a double in my life. I thought that it was just a man’s joke, but I never thought that this man did it.

In fact, if you change yourself, he can do it. It is just that the person in front of the beautiful city thinks, and what he loves is not himself.

Hailan Xuan is also staring at the pair of wall people who have stepped on the banquet stage in front of him. The male is absolutely unparalleled, and the female's allure is perfect. It is such a match.

No matter how far the time goes, the world seems to have only them!

The pair of wall people raised the eyes of others, but they raised their own hearts!

When Thirteen and Hua Yuman were fragrant, after sitting down, the two men's hands were still tightly held, accepting the sorrowful ritual of their son in a British emperor costume.

Tianer raised his face and smiled at his mother-in-law: "After the day, everything will listen to the mother, and the mother must love me!"

Thirteen blinked. "Your boy is now the king of a country. Another day is sticking to your mother. You have to be diligent in government affairs. Your mother naturally has your father and love!"

Hua Yuman smiled and said: "Okay, hurry to continue the ceremony, the mother is hungry."

The baby immediately said: "Well, now I am going to eat with my mother, and the rest will be handed over to the Regent!"

Thirteen of the mouth took a moment, this kid, dare to let yourself get a regent, Dangdang, is this idea?

He was thinking about it, and the baby had already helped his mother to go back, leaving 13 people to face the large group of courtiers.

Thirteen gritted his teeth and waved at the crowd. "Ritual, everyone will shine with each other and create beautiful three countries. They are all scattered!"

After that, he also chased the past in the direction of the little feathers!

The bottom of Feng Moxi and other people also laughed, he pushed the blue and blue, "Go, we also eat, so hungry!"

"Yeah. I am also hungry!" Hailan Hyun nodded and smiled, turned and left.

The hall here, there are countless foods, Hua Yuman's appetite is very good, and I have eaten two bowls of rice.

Looking at her husband, children, daughters, family, friends, all around her, she feels very happy.

Because she was too happy, her eyes suddenly turned red, and tears fell unconsciously.

Thirteen first saw her tears. He panicked and asked: "Today is such a happy day, how can I cry?"

Hua Yuman wiped his tears and smiled in the sunshine. "No, I am happy, glad that you are all by my side!"

Her words made everyone in the hall quiet for a while, Mo Ziting said with a smile: "I am also very happy, we must not be drunk today!"

Unexpectedly, I grabbed her hand. "You are a woman, and the wine is not good. You are drunk and talking, getting out of clothes, and you are not drunk!"

Mo Ziting’s swearing at him, everyone else laughed happily, and the scene was full of joy...

Thirteen held the hand of the small feather in the laughter, and stared at her eyes seriously. "Little feathers, I will pet you forever, I will always be nice to you!"

Hua Yuman smiled silently, she believed him...


On a day of birds and flowers, the thirteen and the small feathers visited the Three Kingdoms. This morning, they arrived abroad.

Looking at the beautiful clouds in the sky, the blue sky, Hua Yuman's mood is very good.

"From the sun, I want to stay in the city for a few more days, just live in our thirteen kings palace, is it good?"

Thirteen bowed his head and looked at the little woman in front of him. He smiled and sighed. "Okay, listen to you!"

Just when the two men went to the thirteen kings, they suddenly heard the people around the arguments. "There is a lot of silence in Tianta Temple today. I heard that there are a number of spirits. After this sign, it will be separated by eighteen. In the year, there is another spirit signing. Let’s go and see..."

"Yes, then I will hurry and join in the fun..."

Hua Yuman stopped and stared at thirteen. "Is it better to go see?"

At 13 o'clock, many years ago, the small feathers were drawn to Emperor Yan in Tianta Temple. Now, he also wants to see what kind of sign the little feathers will draw.

The two looked at each other and went to Tianta Temple in the crowd...

Climbing the Tianta Temple means ninety-nine steps of 99th sincerity. Thirteen and Hua Yuman walked into the main hall of the temple.

After a short period of waiting, it was finally Hua Yuman’s turn. She shook her sign devoutly, and the scenes of the past appeared in her mind from time to time.

She saw the divorce in this temple, and he began to understand the relationship...

After the wheel of fortune was launched again, everything started from this Tianta Temple. Perhaps this is the real fate!

One signed the landing, Hua Yuman took it up, stood up and handed it to the abbot on the side.

The abbot looked at her and smiled. "The rumored that the donor had drawn a good sign..."

Said, handed the sign to Hua Yuman.

Hua Yuman took a look and stunned for a while, because there were only three words on it, "Emperor!"

Thirteen smiled and took the sign into his arms. He said to the little feathers affectionately: "It seems that God knows the meaning of my little feathers. Isn't it the emperor's favorite? I will always pet my little feathers forever." , I will never leave a lifetime!"

Hua Yuman smiled and looked at the golden statue of the Buddha in front of her. I don’t know why, she found out that the Buddha seemed to laugh at her too...

Pet Wang Chong! Just because I met the right person!

The text is over!

- End of this chapter -


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