Wu Liang's face suddenly realized, that is really wonderful!

It's no wonder that Nan Ge was so nuclear before, it turned out to be because of nuclear bomb milk!

I saw Wu Liang smash into the arena with a big jump, and when he was in the air, he was already beastly!

Landing has become a bald muscle bear!

However, it did not become the largest body shape, but maintained the size of three meters!

After all, short is more sophisticated!

Danny looked at Wu Liang's muscles, and a sense of oppression came to his face!

I couldn't help but sneered: "Do you think you have tonics?"

He took out five blood-red injections from his trouser pocket!

"This is a violent potion developed by our Eagle Nation Emperor Research Institute, which is made up of a variety of animal blood!"

"It can greatly increase the user's attack power, physical fitness, reaction speed, and all-round improvement!"

"As soon as the needle goes down, there is a 20% chance that the heart will stop beating!"

"But today, Danny Black Steel, for the glory of the academy, for Shirley's future, I will kill you!"

While talking, all five reagents plunged into my heart!


Wu Liang: -`(·́㉨·̀٥)′-

One stitch has a 20% chance of crashing, you get five stitches?

Wouldn't you really hang up like this?

At this moment, in the stands, Sean and Tom are covering their faces one after another, fighting a shield fight. Do you want to fight like this?

Can you lose confidence anymore?

Shirley can't bear to look at it, how can I trust you like this? Hey!

I saw Danny directly spit out a mouthful of old blood, his muscles swelled, his blue veins violently, his eyes were blood red, and his spiritual power was extremely frantic!

Wu Liang was startled, this kid was lucky enough, he didn't crash?

"Huh! What about Kryptonite? You drink and I drink too!"

After speaking, he directly pulled out a bottle of nuclear milk from the bomb chain, pointed it at the camera, and looked straight!

"Drink milk only nuclear bomb milk!"

"Future life will be more exciting!"

"Ask where to buy bouncing milk!"

"Southern God's stall loses money!"

(๑·̀㉨·́)つΣ目 "锵锵~"

Danny's face is black, you are a der, the game is just incidental? Advertising is the point!

Who do you look down on?

Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao looked towards Jiangnan one after another. It must be Xiaonan's idea again, right?

After all, this business acumen is not something Wu Liang can do!

Wu Liang didn't delay, he raised his head and drank it!

In the next moment, Wu Liang's bear hair turned crimson, and he was covered in red hair, turning into a red bear!

Even the countdown appeared in the eyes! -


The vast number of netizens are looking forward to it!

"Oh huh? Nuclear bomb milk? It sounds flammable and explosive. Is it stronger than vigorously?"

"This package is too unfamiliar, right? I just want to know how exciting the future will be!"

"Fuck? What the **** is your whole body turning red? Your whole body has red hair? This is an ominous cover!"

"The countdown... can count down? Hey hey hey! Doesn't it really blow up?"

At this moment, Danny has already been unable to restrain the throbbing in his heart, and he is directly blackened and tempered!

A black steel sword grows in the palms of the two palms, just hear a "boom"!

A big hole exploded in the ground, and Danny was like a black cannonball, and went straight to Wu Liang to cut it away!

I saw Wu Liang roar wildly, and the blood-drinking shield was directly in front of him!

"Furious! Bear King Shield! Anti-Injury Armor! Golden Bell Jar!"

In an instant, Wu Liang stacked three spiritual skills and one unique skill on himself!

Open the strongest defensive form, but this is not over yet!

I saw Wu Liang yelling up to the sky!

"Savage collision!"

Danny was shocked and bumped? Huh? Are you going to bump into it?

I couldn't help but guard against it, but after Wu Liang was covered with a layer of golden light, he still stayed on the spot, and there was no more text!

But Jiangnan in the stands stood up excitedly!

Xia Yao said excitedly: "Is it a big man's star skill?"

Jiangnan: (。・᷅ꇴ・᷄)و "It must be. I asked him what it was, but he didn't say anything, he just wanted to show us a hand!"

"Crash? He didn't hit him either! Shaking him to play? The big man really shoots!"

But Danny didn't care about so many, two swords slashed madly on the shield!

Beng made his debut on Mars and cut Wu Liang back by two steps, but was perfectly guarded!

Instead, Danny's face paled by the anti-injury effect, but he didn't care at all. Instead, he gritted his teeth!

"I'll see how much you can resist!"

"Bloody killing!"

The next moment, Danny's knees, elbows, shoulders, and spine, but wherever steel knives can grow, they all derive steel knives!

Turn every part of your body into an attack weapon, slashing frantically!

Wu Liang was beheaded and slid backwards continuously, and the bear king shield was quickly broken!

But there is still a blood-drinking shield on top, Danny is extremely angry!

"Magnetic drag!"

The metal force field is formed, and Danny's mobile figure becomes more flexible and weird!

He kept slashing around Wu Liang, but Wu Liang was motionless as if he had eaten a holding spell!

The steel knife slashed at Wu Liang's body time and time again!

The scene of people eating whales happened!

The sharp blade couldn't break Wu Liang's skin and flesh, all was blocked by the shallow golden light!

Danny was shocked, fucking? Is this man made by a weight? Have you cut it for so long without seeing any blood?

"I don't believe it today!"

Hearing a "chih", Danny's upper body clothes were torn, and countless black steel thorns shot from his spine!

Accelerate in a crazy circle in the metal force field, shooting Wu Liang with terrifying kinetic energy and penetrating power!

"Clang clang~"

A series of metal crashes came, and sparks splashed!

Wu Liang stood still, still nothing happened, all was blocked by golden light!

As long as Danny's face is uncomfortable when he is injured!

Xiong Er's eyes widened: "Ah? Is my elder brother so hard now?"

Jiang Nan: "It's that layer of golden light, lost it! Isn't it the absolute defense of the same level attack, right? The price is not being able to move?"

"As expected of Xing Yao's skill!"

However, in the next second, Jiang Nan's heart trembled!

You can't hold back anymore. After drinking nuclear bomb milk, it will kill you if you don't explode for three minutes!

I have already told Wu Liang, what is he doing?

With Danny's uninterrupted super attack, the golden light on Wu Liang's body became more and more fierce!

Xiao En suddenly realized that something was wrong, and got up and shouted, "I'm holding back! Rewind, it should be a power-storing spiritual skill!"

Danny shivered, and he was about to retreat through the force field, but the next moment, his goose bumps rose up, and he actually felt locked in!

Wu Liang grinned, raising his hand to trigger the mechanism, and the shield turned into a shield axe!

The broad axe is aimed at Danny's chest!

"After the old iron, I will ask you have been hit by a mountain?"

In the next moment, Wu Liang's body suddenly turned into a 30-meter giant black bear!

The blazing golden light broke out in an instant!

"Savage collision!"


With a blast, the huge bear body slammed out like a cannonball, and the air in front of it was directly detonated!

The speed is so fast that even the naked eye can hardly keep up!

Danny:! ! !

"Black steel carbonization!"

Its whole body suddenly turned into extreme metallic black, and its hardness was greatly improved!

Hearing a "bang" sound, the shield and axe slammed on Danny's chest!

The huge inertia hit him straight to the wall on the side of the auditorium!

Jiang Nan looked horrified, raised his hand to throw out the void chain, entangled everyone on his side, teleported and ran away!

The next moment the two hit the wall together!


The auditorium on one side was directly knocked down, and car-sized gravel was blown up everywhere!

Danny's chest was sunken, and his lungs almost didn't come out!

Σ(ଵεଵ|||) Puff!

The wall of the arena where Jiangnan is located has been smashed!

Haven't waited for everyone to recover from their shock!

Wu Liang grinned: "Blast!"


With a loud noise, the dazzling crimson energy burst out with Wu Liang as the center!

The range of the explosion exceeded a thousand meters!

Half of the auditorium was blown up, and even Jiang Nan was scared to pee by this power!

Damn it!

Nuclear Bomb Milk with Dali 2.0, is it so fierce?

You must know that the power of a nuclear explosion is directly proportional to the physical fitness of the user!

Vigorously improving physical fitness is not a general terror!

Danny was blown away by this crash, completely black, and his pants were all broken!

Without the slightest extraneous things, yelling at the auditorium!

"Sean! You idiot! You tell me this is a meat tank? It's a good fight?"

"This horse is a sprinter who explodes!"

I saw Wu Liang, who had blown it up once, with white smoke all over his body, and all his red bear hair had blown up, making the whole bear fat!

The golden light on his body was only half of it, and he slammed his head towards Danny!

"You suffocated!"

Danny got up from the ground and ran wildly around the arena!

Who can stand this? Wow, everyone in the room was dumbfounded!

Are we blind? A meat tank chasing melee?

The point is that these two goods don't have any fabric on them, and they have met frankly!

But no matter how fast Danny is, it can't be as fast as a savage collision!

This collision is locked!

It's another bear hug like hitting a mountain!

Ok! Bear burst!


The explosion sounded again, Danny was almost dead, and Sa Yazi ran away!

ε=ε=ε=ᕕ(#༎ຶД༎ຶ#)୨ ah!

"Can it blow up? Don't come over on horseback!"


"You hold back and run, and you'll be over if you are not Beng Beng!"

"Let you see how barbarous Brother's collision is!"

At this moment, the two met frankly and ran wildly in the arena...

Mo Ling froze in the stands holding the microphone!

(‧̣̥̇꒪ᗜ꒪)⋋ Ah this...

This terrible picture, coupled with the extremely subtle and ruthless lines...

Let me explain how an idol-level vitality girl can explain!

There is no way to speak up!

At the moment, Hu Shuo is crazy on the live car side!

"Hurry up! Pinch off the screen, this kind of thing can't be broadcast!"

"It's been so long, haven't you learned your lesson?"

"From now on, the person named Wu Liang should stop filming. As long as there is his appearance, there will be no one that can be broadcast!"