Zhong Yingxue quickly put the lid on the durian pulp and stuffed it back into the bag!

"You are already very strong, but I am stronger than you! There are not many spiritual skills!"

"You are indeed very comprehensive, but there is also no outstanding point. A person's energy is limited. Choose the direction that suits you best, and then do it!"

"Innate talent is indeed important, but it is not the only one. The hard work acquired is equally important!"

"If you want to understand, you will catch up soon, right? Of course! I won't stand still! If you are not satisfied, please feel free to challenge!"

While speaking, she stretched out her little hand towards Shirley!

Shirley looked at Zhong Yingxue blankly, her eyes gloomy, and a wry smile!

Not only did he win himself, but he also pointed out the direction for himself, and retaliated with virtue...

This self-defeating conviction, pride and complacency will eventually ruin you!

Shirley took a deep breath and took Zhong Yingxue's hand and was pulled up by her...

"Crab... Crab, crab, yours!"

Zhong Yingxue: (ૢ⁼̴◡⁼̴) "It's okay, after all, I will get along for a long time!"

Shirley: (・᷄~・᷅)?

Jiang Nan in the audience was full of excitement: "That's right, Xuexue is right! Talent is important, and direction is equally important!"

"I have chosen the direction of your efforts. As the Almighty Hatcher, your future can be said to be bright?"

Shirley's face is black!


My life is bleak!

Lost this time, is to help hatch the egg, play a game, and even take yourself in?

Can't help rushing back to the exchange group, with a look of trepidation!

(☍﹏⁰) "Teacher, what should I do? Jiang Nan wants me to hatch his eggs..."

"You gave the idea for the bet. Now that the celestial bull didn't win it, it got yourself in! You can't leave it alone!"

Tom: (٥・᷄ㅂ・᷅) Ah this...

My sister thought you could lose?

Sean raised his eyebrows: "Don't be afraid, I'll just win you back later! Danny, it's your turn!"

Shirley looked at Danny as if asking for help!

Danny patted his chest and looked confident: "Don't worry, as long as it's not Southern God, Mo Tian, ​​Xiao Shengxian, Da Hei Xiao Hei, I can handle it!"

Everyone: (≖_≖)...

Why don't you get rid of them all when you step on the horse?

What use is it for you?

When I first came here, I persuaded Nanshen to be one. After only a few days, I can't count a finger, okay?

Danny grinned. Since it is an indiscriminate challenge, just choose a platinum that is similar!

Don't challenge those strong, it is the most important thing to win back Shirley's free body!

Then he said loudly: "This next bet, if I win, I won't count Shirley's last bet!"

Jiang Nan looked excited, come back? You are so cute!

"Yes, if you lose, then take 300 million small dollars to do art construction for our college!"

Xiao Chuhuo: (◞・᷅ٹ・᷄)☛

Zhao Dezhu: (◞՞ټ՞)☛

Guan Hu: ᕙ(メ`ᴗ′)☛

Doesn't this formation come up all at once?

My sister raises this kid for nothing, and she knows how to transfer a small amount of money to the house!

Tom's face turned black. The ghost art construction is obviously used for reconstruction, right?

But when I think of it, Shirley’s work for a year, a year’s delay, not a little bit is left behind!

So he gritted his teeth and said: "Just 300 million! Danny, you can rely on me! Pick a scum!"

Danny grinned and jumped into the arena, his eyes patrolling among the students!

Xia Yao was so excited, she raised her hand frantically!

٩(∗ᵒ̌ꇴᵒ̌)۶ "Choose me, I am weak, Zha Yao said that I was the one who went up and lost!"

Danny's expression moved, and Sean quickly used his brain waves to transmit sound!

"Don't choose her! Don't believe in Yao, don't pass on Yao, I have studied her fighting style, and I will restrain you if you can't keep up with her!"

"Give me stability and change one!"

Danny scratched his head, his gaze fell on Qin Shu's body: "Ah! Then you are good!"

Shaun analyzed for a while, this product is an ice method, except that it is not human, it is not so prominent in all aspects!

With Danny's means, it is easy and pleasant to win!

Qin Shu was also confused, did you choose me? Does Lao Tzu look so weak?

Ye Xinghe smashed into Qin Shuo: "Brother, the overall situation of 300 million yuan, can't you live it?"

Qi Yu laughed: "If you lose, be careful to be beaten by Lord Zhu and others!"

Qin Shou curled his lips: "Hmph, bullying the weak? Fortunately, I was prepared!"

Then he raised his hand and asked, "Since it is an irregular competition system, I can't compete with my spirit pet too much, right?"

As soon as he said this, Jiang Nan's expression immediately became weird!

Zhao Dezhu proudly said: "In our China, spiritual pets are also part of the strength. Are you okay? Of course, you can also use it!"

At this moment, both Martin and Tom looked uncomfortable, but we wanted to use it, but we had to make a deal!

Did Huaxia bring out the realm of spiritual pets without making a sound?

I couldn't help but said in an angry tone: "Use it!"

Grant Qin: (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)

"Okay! Wait three minutes for me!"

Talking and running towards the depths of the dollhouse!

Danny looked indifferent, what's wrong with Ling Chong? Just relying on your own strength, ordinary gold and platinum spirit beasts, are you not killing them at will?

After a few minutes, everyone only felt the earth tremble, and smoke billowed in the distance!

Looking intently, I saw a huge group of big-horned cows with muscular muscles migrating here!

The bull's head exudes a dazzling light, just like the sun, with huge horns facing the sky, and its eyes are blood red! -


Qin Sui sat on the horns and turned his head back to greet him: "Brother Niu and Sister Niu, don't squeeze, come in in line, you can all have fun!"

Danny: Σ(Ŏ口Ŏ|||)!

This...this magic horse!

"Didn't you say that you are heads-up? How do you bring a herd of cows? Are you playing with me?"

Are all muscle cows that drank Vigor 2.0? A wave of iron hooves trampled down, the arena will be razed to the ground, right?

Jiang Nan laughed, I said how Qin Shou managed to ask for so much power all morning!

As his own milk supplier, Qin Shou has always been vigorously managing enough ginseng!

Qin Shu grinned: (΄◞ิ.̫.̫◟ิ‵)

"I'm here to play with you!"

"Isn't it possible to use spirit pets? These 1324 big horn cows are my spirit pets?"

Tom Shirley almost didn't stare at them!

This is also ok?

People support a dead favorite, but you dote on a group?

Is it such a fraternity?

Are you a spirit warrior or a herding baby? Has the profession of beast control master already seen its embryonic form?

Danny swallowed and spit, and later he was going to fight so many muscular cows?

Can it be carried?

Sean stroked his forehead with his hand. If there is a war, Danny can indeed fight these cows, but the problem is that these muscular cows are not easy to deal with after drinking too much!

Coupled with Qin Shu's sneak attack on the side, the winning side is very small!

"Stop hitting him, choose another weaker one!"

Danny hurriedly shouted: "Change! Change one, don't hit this one!"

Cow leader: "Moo?"

(Said some fun, but I didn’t have to play anymore?)

At this moment, the cattle became restless and restless!


(Then let's play with you!)

Qin Shou's expression froze: "Don't! Don't, I'll discuss it again, I..."

The cow leader raised his head, flew out to Qin Shou and kicked off directly!

With a roar, the cow herd directly chased Qin Shuo away...

Jiang Nan covered his face: "Hurry up, stubbornly chirp!"

Danny inspected the audience and saw Mira in Xia Yao's arms, pointing straight to the past!

"How is she?"

Bullying children or something, I like it the most. It looks like I'm only eleven or twelve years old. Where can I go?

Mira was eager to try!

However, at this moment Ivy is an exciting spirit, covering her eyes and dare not look!

Xiao En exclaimed: "Choose her? Can I treat Ivy as such and be weak? She must be wrong, I will tell you, you choose..."

Jiang Nan looked a pity, he really chose Mira, and the 300 million will be handed, and Danny will lose!

Obviously, Sean’s information was not analyzed for nothing, and he would not risk it at all!

Danny grinned and pointed his hand at Wu Liang: "It's you, come down and fight me!"

Everyone knew what Wu Liang did!

As a pure meat tank, only in the team can it play its greatest role!

As for the attack, it is completely negligible. If you go head to head with Danny, you are going to be beaten unilaterally!

Even with Anti-Injury Armor in his body, he is extremely passive, and Wu Liang can be crushed to death!

Shaun obviously planned it this way, even if it was a little shameless, but he was eager for a victory!

Wu Liang grinned: "Hey~ Old Tie! You are the right person, is it finally my turn to show off?"

When he said that, he stood up, and started the game with a vigorously 2.0 top, the leopard triangle anger remained!

Jiang Nan was a little worried, and a teleport came to Wu Liang's side!

My own brother, Jiangnan knows his roots and knows the bottom line, Wu Liang indeed has almost no attack!

Going down to the match will inevitably be beaten?

"Not in the middle? Has Ke's been the opposite?"

Wu Liang patted his chest and smiled confidently: "Brother Nan, don't worry! Look, you can do it!"

However, Jiang Nan was still afraid that Wu Liang would suffer, so he took out two strings of bullet chains and hung on him!

The reason why the bullet chain is called bullet chain, is naturally nuclear bomb milk hanging on it!

Wu Liang was startled: "What is this again?"


"I'll tell you, this thing is wonderful, Jie Jie Jie~"

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