"How? Ye Linjun, is my demon body strong enough?"

When Yan Feng's body size expanded to a certain extent, a slight smile appeared on Yan Feng's face, and said very eagerly.

"But it's not over yet! Do I still have a big gift?"

Seeing Ye Linjun's silence, a sorrowful smile appeared on Yan Feng's face and said with a grinning grin.

"Oh? Really?"

Hearing Yan Feng's words, Ye Linjun's eyes condensed, and then a slight smile appeared in his eyes!

He didn't know how emboldened Feng was to speak like this. Although the demon body is extremely terrifying now, it is still too far to destroy Ye Linjun!

"Really? I hope you can say this when you see my methods!"

Yan Feng's eyes condensed, and then his face suddenly became hideous!

Then, under Ye Linjun's gaze, Yan Feng made a completely unexpected move!

Yan Feng turned the sword with his hand, and then cut it directly to his neck without any hesitation!


Suddenly, the sound of palms across the skin sounded directly in Ye Linjun's ears!

Then Yanfeng's head fell straight down, and then an extremely illusory scene emerged directly from the wound of Yanfeng's decapitation!


When Ye Linjun saw this virtual image, his mind roared instantly!

In this scene, Ye Linjun saw his very familiar figure!

That is the sky of Profound Sky, beyond the sea of ​​clouds!

Emperor Fengyao and Emperor Tuoze slowly walked out of the virtual image!

And behind the two of them are those who have given Ye Linjun trouble in the miraculous ancient land, and they are not in everyone's hands, they are pulling a chain!

I don't know why, Ye Linjun's heart suddenly became confused when he saw this chain!

After the chain, Ye Linjun is very familiar with the links!

Wuer, Cao Ge, Jiajia, Yunxue Yunyu, Bing Yao, and even Ye Xunming, who had just entered the realm of the Emperor of Heaven, were all in the confinement of that chain!

At this time, these people, with scars on their bodies, were all in a coma!

It seems that after they were arrested, they all suffered extremely cruel treatment!

In order to get information about Ye Linjun's current life, the Emperor Tuoze and Emperor Feng Yao probably didn't know what **** methods they used!

No two class people must have suffered a great deal of destruction!

Almost all the monks who had a deep relationship with Ye Linjun in this lifetime were imprisoned by that chain!

And at the end of the chain, there is a long sword with only the blade of the sword!

If coupled with the dozen or so pieces of the Emperor Sword that Ye Linjun had just obtained, it would be exactly the shape of an Emperor Sword!

Heavenly Emperor Bingyao and Emperor Tuoze even collected the remaining Emperor Sword fragments of Ye Linjun!

It seems that they have really exhausted Ye Linjun!

In order to prevent Ye Linjun from rising, they didn't know how much effort was spent!

After seeing Ye Linjun, Emperor Tuoze and Emperor Fengyao didn't say much, they just waved their arms and slammed towards Ye Linjun!

And behind them, the enemies of Ye Linjun, who had now been promoted to the realm of the Emperor of Heaven, waved their hands together and blasted towards Ye Linjun!

They will never let Ye Linjun rise again!

Therefore, he didn't even give Ye Linjun the opportunity to grow up, and the many emperors of them all shot together, just to make Ye Linjun stay in the realm of Spiritual Venerable forever!

Suddenly, a huge energy ball mingled with all the power of multiple emperors, and went straight to Ye Linjun

Suddenly, the entire Profound Sky Continent was extremely shaken, as if the end had come, the sky was dim!

The monks in the entire Three Realms all knelt down at this moment!

The strongest blow from dozens of emperors was enough to wipe out the entire Profound Sky Continent!

Seeing this scene, Ye Linjun trembled with anger. He never imagined that he would encounter Emperor Tuoze and Bing Yao in this way!

With Ye Linjun's current strength, there is no way to resist such an attack!

At this moment, the white jade hand Jiang Ming suddenly appeared in front of Ye Linjun, wanting to help Ye Linjun resist this attack!

But the energy ball hadn't touched the body of the white jade hand Jiang Ming, just the leaked energy made the white jade hand Jiang Ming's smoke go away!

"Golden Lotus is sublimated!"

At this moment, Ye Linjun had only one way, and that was to rely on the supreme divine tool Chaos Golden Lotus and Star Cat to resist the attacks issued by many emperors!

At this moment, the power of God at the center of Ye Linjun's eyebrows has not been fully accumulated!

Now I can only rely on Star Cat!

And Ye Linjun’s never-born apprentice Ze Yang and the apprentice Yu Tao trapped in the starry sky also delivered a trace of strength to Ye Linjun!

Now, Ye Linjun has gathered all the power he can use now, constantly urging the supreme artifact in his mind, Chaos Golden Lotus, and wants to use the power of the supreme artifact to resist the attacks of these dozens of emperors!


Suddenly, a burst of extremely strong brilliance was rapidly expanding centered on Ye Linjun!

The entire Profound Sky Continent is shining golden!

On this day, Ye Linjun returned to the realm of Emperor Heaven. When Ye Linjun became Emperor, the entire Profound Sky Continent was filled with golden light, and various gods descended from the God Realm appeared. The monks on the entire Profound Sky Continent were in these gods. The feelings below are all across many great realms in one breath!

The two of Tiandi Tuoze and Tiandi Fengyao were also eliminated when Ye Linjun entered the realm of Tiandi!

On this day, the God Realm merged with the Three Realms of Heaven, Earth, and Profound Realm, and the whole Three Realms were filled with the breath of God Realm!

With the supreme artifact Chaos Golden Lotus, the Star Cat in his mind, and the Sword Devourer that had been promoted to the same level as the Chaos Golden Lotus, Ye Linjun successfully became the strongest person in the Three Realms and the God Realm!

The entire Three Realms in the God Realm trembled for Ye Linjun, and his former enemies were all snarling themselves at the moment Ye Linjun became the emperor, because they felt Ye Linjun's extremely powerful aura!

After knowing that Ye Linjun was promoted to the Emperor Realm again, the Demon Race also took the initiative to withdraw from the earth and the two profound realms, and return to the abyss land, never paying!

And those thirty-six yellow springs, all the demons in the seventy-two hell, were also completely erased by Ye Linjun!

Because they knew very well in their hearts that as long as Ye Linjun was there, it was impossible for their demons to get out of the abyss!

Ye Linjun now only needs to stand under the gate of Wanxia Nation and release a breath, and he can easily wipe out those thirty-six yellow springs and seventy-two hells!

Now, Ye Linjun can truly bring his companions up to nine days, look down ten places, truly look down upon the entire Three Realms God Realm, and be immortal!

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