The four thousand-year-old inheritance family, three martial arts powerhouses of the same era, and the martial arts powerhouses of the Jindan stage together attacked Jueyuan.

He fought hundreds of rounds.

There is no winner or loser.

This is the most incredible. What I didn't expect was that Patriarch Lin was forced to make a move in the end.

The Lin family is the head of the four thousand-year heritage family.

Among them, Patriarch Lin's martial arts strength has always been the best.

It is an absolute transcendence.

Jue Yuan was severely injured by the Lin Patriarch's move.

At the critical moment, a man in black suddenly appeared and rescued the seriously injured Jueyuan.

Between the lightning and flint, no one has reacted yet.

"Huh, you finally showed up."

Patriarch Lin clenched a fist and said with a cold snort, gritted his teeth.

Seeing the man in black, Patriarch Ye, Patriarch Chen, and Wang Jiazhu, Gu Shi looked murderous in black.

It was the whole person who undermined the ancestor of the four thousand-year heritage family.

I saw that the man in black ignored the four Patriarchs, and seemed to be disdainful, but went straight to Jueyuan, who was seriously injured and vomiting blood.

"This is the Ninth Turn back to the blood pill."

Taking out a pill from his arms, the man in black poured it into Jueyuan's mouth after speaking.

Raise his hand to hold Jue Yuan's chest.

While protecting the heart of the Lord, and working with this holy medicine for healing, I felt that Yuan's injury improved in a moment.

His complexion is also much better.

"you are?"

Jue Yuan took a sigh of relief. After the injury was not serious, he looked at the man in black with a look of doubt.

He wanted to know that the man in black was rescued at a critical moment.

Who the **** is it?

He didn't hesitate to take out a high-grade healing medicine to heal himself by depleting his true energy.

Even if the man in black is a big demon, how can he care for him like this for no reason?

"Child, I didn't expect..."

The black-clothed man's eyes were full of pain, and he choked up halfway through the conversation.

"I thought you were just a child with mediocre aptitude and mediocre in this life."

"Unexpectedly, you can get to where you are today..."

After calming down his emotions, the black-clothed man's eyes could not help but moisten down, and said emotionally: "Fourteen years ago, I gave you, who was still in your infancy, to a farmer to raise you."

"I've been watching you grow up in secret, and later discovered that your martial arts aptitude is mediocre, and you haven't demonstrated your martial arts talents. I didn't expect you to be successful in martial arts..."

"A month ago, you worshipped Shaolin and became a monk, and I followed it all the way secretly. I only hope that you can lead an ordinary life, and it is best to have the strength to protect yourself..."

Speaking of this, the man in black couldn't help sighing, he sneaked into the Buddhist scripture pavilion that night to read martial arts.

Finally, I copied the Heavenly Grade Divine Art [Thousand-Hand Tathagata Jue]

The purpose was just hope that Jue Yuan practiced secretly, and over the years, he would achieve something after decades. After all, Jue Yuan was of ordinary qualifications. After decades of studying and cultivating Heavenly Grade Divine Art, he could achieve a certain degree even in water milling skills.

In the future, there will be a bit of self-preservation after he is gone.

He can also do his own thing with confidence.

To avenge the blood and blood of the family.

But what I didn’t expect was that Jueyuan could have such a dazzling achievement as it is today...

Shaking his head, the black-clothed man suddenly knelt down and prostrated on the ground in the direction of the abbot's monastery.

He knocked three heads heavily.

"Child, I didn't expect that after you worshipped Shaolin, you would be trained by Abbot Xuanxin to become a true dragon."

"Abbot Xuanxin, he is truly an immortal monk and power."

"Zhenai the living Buddha, the reincarnation of the Buddha, he just used mediocre aptitude to teach you from the day after tomorrow to the late stage of foundation building in just one month..."

"Tianpin magical skill Thousand-hand Tathagata to reach Dzogchen..."

Looking at the direction of the abbot's monastery, the black-clothed man's eyes were full of gratitude. He hadn't seen Jue Yuan's martial arts strength in the late stage of foundation construction before.

He didn't even know that Jueyuan had practiced the Thousand-Hand Tathagata Jue of the Heavenly Grade Divine Art to Dzogchen.

But he also saw clues before.

That was the day when Jue Yuan went to the Abbot's Monastery to sweep the floor, Jue Yuan's changes and temperament were from the inside out.

That day, the Shaoshi mountain shook the mountain, and that day the abbot’s Buddhist monastery emerged with the power of Dharma that made him tremble with fear...

That day, Jueyuan walked out of the abbot's monastery.


He knew that he was hiding in Shaolin, even if he could hide these ordinary four-generation or even three-generation disciples.

But there is absolutely no way to hide the abbot Xuanxin.

Although he had never seen abbot Xuanxin, the person in black clothed people truly feared was the abbot Xuanxin.

The one who is truly grateful is Abbot Xuanxin.


"Under the decree of the abbot, the poor monk leader Shaolin protector..."

Jue Yuan proclaimed the Buddha's name, and Jue Yuan was also full of gratitude, and slammed three heads in the direction of the abbot's monastery.

If it weren't for Abbot Xuanxin's ten thousand-character Buddhist language, and the support of Abbot Xuanxin before him.

Where is the current Jueyuan?

Has long been sinking into the abyss of blood, swallowed by the demon monk so much that there is no scum left.

The words between the man in black and Jue Yuan.

And the two of them, Gu Shi was stunned by the sight of bowing towards the abbot's monastery.

"What? Do you think Yuan Wudao has mediocre qualifications?"

"Isn't it possible? A month ago, it was really just the acquired triple?"

"Is this really not a terrifying evil genius with martial arts talent?"

"Abbot Xuanxin turned a mediocre talent into a terrifying evildoer Tianjiao?"

"Jeyuan is really ordinary, but how can it be possible to transform from the triple-layered transformation of the acquired day to the late stage of foundation building in just one month..."

"In the later stage of the foundation building, Jueyuan, the Heavenly Grade Divine Art Great Perfection, was actually trained by Abbot Xuanxin?"

"Sigh... This Shaolin is so terrifying, it took only a month for UU reading to turn a mediocre into a wicked Tianjiao."

"Shaolin is really a sacred place of Buddhism, it is so amazing that it is incredible. Abbot Xuanxin is an inexperienced monk..."

"Jueyuan, an acquired triple waste wood, has such a chance..."

"Ah, even Jueyuan is fine. Wouldn't it be fine for me to go to me?"

For a while, everyone was shocked, and also jealous. Jueyuan a month ago turned out to be just an ordinary three-fold waste.

He was actually abruptly forced by the abbot of Xuanxin and trained by Shaolin to become a genius of evildoers.

How can we not be jealous?

Such an opportunity, such a good deed, can't wait to worship Shaolin immediately.

A group of four generations of disciples from Jue Zi generation didn't expect that Jue Yuan could achieve what it is today.

Abbot Xuanxin made him.

Shaolin made him.

Suddenly I felt extremely excited, and became more devout towards Shaolin, and even more fanatical towards Abbot Xuanxin...

"Donor, who are you on earth?"

Jue Yuan turned his head, folded his hands together and asked the chief curiously.

He wanted to know what was his relationship with this man in black.

There is also his own life experience.

I saw the man in black, dropping his mask, it was a thin, wrinkled old face.

"Child, you are from Shuiyuan Mansion, the bloodline of Liu Shui Jian Li's family..."

"I'm your second uncle Li Wentian..."

Li Wentian, the man in black, turned his head and looked savagely, looking at the four Patriarchs with cracking teeth.

Full of hatred...

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