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After crossing to become the abbot of Shaolin Temple, he discovered that this is a world where martial arts are prosperous and the Hinayana Buddhism is respected.

[The abbot sign-in system started successfully]

[Sign in and get epic-level Tathagata palm]

[Sign in to get a Diamond Sutra of Mahayana Dharma]

[Sign in to get magical powers: Jin Guangpu Zhao]

[Sign in to obtain the Zongmen Architecture-Shanmen Stone Tablet]


As long as you continue to develop the sect, improve incense, luck, belief, and accumulate merit, you can continue to sign in.

So Shaolin Temple developed from a small mountain temple to a Buddhist holy place, while Fangchi accidentally became a Buddhist leader, a powerful and profound Buddha, a generation of monks, the reincarnation of the Buddha, and the living Buddha…

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Short Title:OSSA
Alternate Title:开局签到少林方丈
Author:A good dream
Weekly Rank:#774
Monthly Rank:#297
All Time Rank:#3873
Tags:Buddhism, Master-Disciple Relationship, Misunderstandings, Overpowered Protagonist, Sect Development, System,
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15 Comments on “Opening Sign to Shaolin Abbot
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  1. This novel is simply a waste His cultivation is useless since he never rely on cultivation when he fight but rely on merit points. His merit points limiting him to use any shaolin technique, without merit points he will fall into demon way. And he need merit point since even a passived skill the fortune golden eye consumed 4 merit point every day. He dont have zhen qi or buddhism qi therefore he cannot use martial arts. Boring Sign-in tagatha palm are 100x better than this was a pitty the update was too poor which makes no different from dropped. Waste of time

  2. Hey guy are you dumb? The mc is a Buddhist monk, and you were expecting a harem and romance.. you also took points away from that in your review? Tf virgin loser dosnt deserve to read good novels if you want them all to be harems.. and for the mc being weak, and having to rely on merit points what is the problem? What did you expect another shitty novel where the mc instantly becomes op and everything goes his way in the form of coincidences, and shitty 2d characters? Honestly i agree the novel isnt that good but not in the way you said it was bad.. man you are a disappointment, so many good novels ruined by people like you forcing the authors to put in awkward romances and changing there whole stories to be based around a harem, because they cannot deal with annoying harem spam comments.. if you want harems that much go read a doujin, wattspadd novel or watch porn and not force literally every single goddamn novel ypu come across to be another shitty harem... fuk you are gay.

  3. Big mouth, so you think this novel was good? So being a fan of harem make you 2d and gay? And you surely didnt read my review clearly, when his weal relying on merit points was goos, but when he become strong will he not rely on merit points? Shut up you stupid virgin, know no culture. This is a fantasy, there are countless kind of monks, and mahayana buddhism dont exist in their world. And who said monks cannot have harem stupid.

  4. Damn a Karen 😂😂 hah just read febmoon say it doesn't have Harem and he doesn't like it but didn't read the rest u got angry like a woke who Heard some one say blue lives matter and started screaming 😱😱😱 Haha 😂 truly pathetic

  5. I doubt this guy had even read the story and i did read the whole review. It was just as stupid as the harem part. First he used merit points one time to use an attacking technique in the 112 chapters i have read so far, secondly Buddhist monks use merits to use there powers, it has always been a thing and this guy gave a bad review because the author quantified it, thirdly the whole concept of Buddhism says you cannot have a harem, if he did he wouldnt be a Buddhist monk so he fact he clicked on the novel expecting a harem and then complained when it didnt makes him a cringe retard loser that should probably go watch porn instead of expecting every novel to be a harem..

  6. No big bad points (nonsense, cliché, unlogical dev, etc), ok read, dropping but only read the beginning so idk about the rest of the novel. initial world building looking rly shallow and uninteresting monotone and boring, even face slapping events have nothing for them misunderstandings with op items/places and not a sign in novel no build up, pacing or dev in the story. Every event is random with no real development or story line This novels feels very lackluster, more like a boring slice of life novel than a fast paced system novel.

  7. eh yo tf, i love harem and romance, but sometimes i want a solo life ones too. Bruhh i am one of those cultured degenarates who reads large harem and illogical romance

  8. I have nothing to say against a well made harem! BUT I HATE those 2d harems where every f**king girl has to stupidly fall for the MC and roll over with their legs apart!!! that makes the whole story kind of forced and boring, no real character development etc. AND it hinders the whole plot because many author seem to fell like thy have to let a new girl appear very new arc... not my cup of tea!!

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