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Open the Simple Mode After Wearing the Book

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Once transmigrated into a cannon fodder villain with the same name as himself, Wu You said that he had a headache.
The original protagonist did everything in his power. Not only did he offend the protagonist, but he also offended Zhao Qingzi, the biggest villain in the book.
The villain, Zhao Qingzi, has disabled legs, is obedient and gentle in front of people, kills people without blinking, and has a gloomy and crazy personality.
After the original owner stabbed her with a sword, she said on the surface that there was nothing to blame, and secretly sent someone to stab the original owner into a sieve and throw the corpse into the wilderness.
Wu You looked at his hand holding the sword, and then at Zhao Qingzi, the beautiful villain who was stabbed by him.
When his mind was blank, the voice of the male protagonist questioning him why he did this came, and Wu You suddenly had a flash of inspiration.
Then he looked at Zhao Qingzi with a distraught expression on his face: “Qingzi, why do you always run to others! I love you! Look at me!”
Male protagonist: ? ? ?
Zhao Qingzi: ! ! !
Wu You always thought that this time-travel was a super-difficult survival dungeon. It was not until the end that she realized that the difficulty of this dungeon had been adjusted to be easy from the very beginning.
From the moment she uttered that absurd love, this girl who longed for light gave her sincerity.
Zhao Qingzi said, “I don’t like this world, but I’m happy with you, Ayou.”
Wu You held her hand and smiled sincerely: “Little fool, then I have to pester you every day, lest you still think about those sad things.”
In the end, the lie became the truth, and the two finally got married.

Optimistic and strong, through the book attack × ruthless double-sided villain

Content tags: Qiangqiang sweet text through the book
Search keywords: Protagonist: Wu You, Zhao Qingzi ┃ Supporting role: Column Tianwen “She’s Even Prettier than Me” for a collection, thank you! ┃ Other:
Purpose: Be confident in yourself at all times

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Short Title:OSMAWB
Alternate Title:穿书后开启了简单模式
Author:water moon breeze
Weekly Rank:#3678
Monthly Rank:#4001
All Time Rank:#7475
Tags:Absent Parents, Abusive Characters, Adopted Protagonist, Aggressive Characters, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Character Development, Character Growth, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Disabilities, Female Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Manipulative Characters, Marriage, Mysterious Family Background, Possessive Characters, Royalty, Sickly Characters, Transmigration, Villainess Noble Girls, Wealthy Characters, Yandere,
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  1. 10/10 una de las novelas yuri que más me gustó, MC puede parecer tonta pero no lo es, FL es linda y astuta...he llorado en algunos capítulos pero es bueno al final

  2. HELP Finding a Novel - Fastwear - GL - One of the arcs: Cultivation MC transmigrated as the student of a well know cultivator, but the starting point is that her master has demolished her cultivation. This is due to her character being framed to be colluding with the demons. MC gets thrown down into the cliff where they imprison criminals. MC gets chained by magical chains. It tortures her cruelly. FL, the Master visits her student and feels very guilty when she saw her suffering. MC almost dies but due to plot, she reincarnates as a Phoenix. Her memory as a Phoenix makes her act in a very arrogant manner. Iirc, this novel is about the MC transmigrating into different worlds to redeem the character she takes into. Hoping to receive help. Thank you.

  3. Currently at chapter 7. MC's actions seem dumb to me because she depends too much on what she remembered to the point that the worry that FL has for her(?maybe?) was misunderstood by her as FL's worry about the emperor. Every action of FL is misunderstood. When they're talking, they're not on the same wavelength. When will they be?

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