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The black gas floating in the void suddenly rushed in, rushing to eat the blood and minced meat that had not had time to fall, and the scene was like a large group of piranhas smelling the blood, and quickly swam for food .


Two dragonfly female guards who explored the road, only one was left in an instant, and the remaining one shivered on the stairs.


"Protect the princess!" A Qing stood in front of Feitian Princess.


The remaining three dragonfly female guards should not stand on the left and right sides of Princess Feitian, and behind her.


However, those ghostly black gas did not come to attack anyone, they did not even attack the dragonfly female guard standing shivering on the stairs, swam away after grabbing the flesh and blood pieces.


Ning Tao retracted her gaze and looked at Feitian Princess: "In the future, you will let your people explore the road, you first ask me, don't let them go to death for nothing."


"I ..." Princess Feitian nodded her head. She wanted to say that she didn't really want him to take risks, but this sentence didn't say anything after all.


Ning Tao stepped back, stepped on the stairs, and climbed up, walking as he said, "Follow me, don't put your hands and your wings out of the stairs."


The group climbed up, and Ning Tao walked in front.


Although the zigzag staircase has a width of almost two meters, there is no guardrail next to it. If you accidentally fall, it will be an abyss. Therefore, even Ning Tao was walking on the side of the mountain stream and deliberately pressed the speed.


Layer by layer, the space above became more and more narrow, and finally came to a platform.


There is no portal at the end of the platform, and there is no use of stairs to extend upwards, and this is not the highest point of the Burial Mountain.


Ning Tao stood on the platform and looked up. He saw a plane, and there was also a tree pattern in the middle of the plane. It was half dead and half glorious.


"It looks like there is a layer above," Ning Tao said.


Princess Feitian said: "Brother Ning, you have to open it, open it."


Ning Tao looked at the pattern of the tree. Although it had a height of tens of meters, he only needed to make a slight jump to touch it, so that the tree in his mind resonated with the pattern, and then opened the plane. But at this step, the urge to know the truth has faded, and reason and vigilance have taken the initiative.


Climbing the ladder and turning on the sky. If this is like walking around the lights, it will be over if you walk along the road. Is that too easy?


The existence of the flying princess has not appeared until now. The flying princess has reached the ladder and came here, but it has not been activated by that existence. This is not normal.


Also, the bamboo slip implement said that he was waiting for him at the Burial God Mountain, and until now it has not appeared.


Before you figure this out, is it a good thing or a bad thing to open this last plane?


These are the issues that Ning Tao needs to think clearly.


"Brother Ning?" Princess Feitian tentatively said, "What are you hesitating about?"


Ning Tao didn't know what to tell her.


Bi Mingzhu said: "Sister Feitian, be quiet, let my husband think about it."


Flying Princess' lips moved, but said nothing.


Ning Tao was silent for a moment, and said, "You all take a step back, I'll open it."


It's all in front of the door, always going in.


Flying Princess and her retreat


Platform edge.


Bi Mingzhu stopped short before stepping back: "Old send, be careful."


Ning Tao nodded his head, then jumped forward, flew under the plane above his head, his palms stuck to the pattern of the tree, and at that moment, a trace of the force of creation poured into the pattern.


The pattern is lit momentarily.


Rumble, Rumble ...


There was a loud noise from the top of the head, and it felt like a herd of cattle was running over it.


In this loud sound, the plane slowly opened, and the golden light poured down like a waterfall. The light is so strong that people can't open their eyes. Ning Tao suddenly felt that there was a powerful force in the golden light to pull him up. He instinctively wanted to break away from the power that pulled him up, but the power was like water. He could struggle at will, but always surrounded him. everywhere.


He is like a person who fell into the river, he can struggle at will, but the river water always takes him forward.


He looked down at Bi Mingzhu, but couldn't see her. Jin Guang was so hot that he shouted, "Get out of here!"


His voice was also overwhelmed by "water" and could not be transmitted.


Is this a dangerous situation?


No, because he does not have a sense of crisis, at most it is just nervous.


Ning Tao couldn't see Bi Mingzhu and Princess Feitian, and neither could Bi Ning Tao and Feitian Princess see Ning Tao. The golden light poured down like a waterfall, and Bi Mingzhu stayed still. Suddenly the flying princess leapt forward, plunging her head into the open gap and disappearing.


"Princess!" A Qing exclaimed, her wings flew up, and three dragonfly female guards flew towards the crack.


噗, 噗, 噗, 噗!


There were four more blood mists in the golden light.


The flying princess took twelve dragonfly female guards, and all fell down here.


Their death, apart from the two who fell on the step of the ladder, the other ten died worthless. Especially the last four, the protection of the flying princess is eager, but then you have to measure your own strength, so what is the difference between a mop and a fire?


The fall of the four dragonfly female guards awakened Bi Mingzhu. She subconsciously wanted to catch up, but watching the blood mist falling in the golden light, she hesitated again. The four dragonfly female guards fell instantly. How powerful was the suppression and killing, could she survive it? If only Ning Tao and Princess Feitian were allowed in here, she would break in forcibly, and I'm afraid it would end in a fall.


With this hesitation, the plane above the head suddenly closed, and the golden light disappeared as if it had not been turned on.


The blood and minced meat raindrops of the four dragonfly female guards are usually sprinkled down and spread on the platform with a strong **** taste. Just now, they were still four young and beautiful lives, but in this blink of an eye, they were left with blood and minced meat.


Countless black gas came from the edge of the platform, and all of them whirled wildly, but did not dare to approach the platform. The sight seemed to be tens of thousands of black clans clustering together, trying to eat.


The sight was horrible, but Bi Mingzhu calmed down.


She had a telepathy with Ning Tao. If Ning Tao died, she would feel it, but she didn't feel that way.


"It seems ... it's really a combination of yin and yang, you don't want your mother to follow you, it's ruthless of you." Bi Mingzhu said to herself, and a self-deprecating smile appeared in the corner of her mouth.


Except for making fun of herself, she couldn't find anything to do.


At the same time, the burning golden light disappeared, and Ning Tao's eyes were a triangular space. The ground was covered with black floor tiles, and each floor tile had golden runes of heaven flashing. It's unclear how many runes of the sky there are, and for a while, they can't analyze what kind of law matrix they constitute. The only thing that is certain is that compared to the Tianyan he once cracked, this law formation can not lose much, and may even be flat.


This triangular space is empty, there is no idol, and there is no magic.


Ning Tao raised his head and looked up. At a height of one thousand meters, a blue heavenly energy crystal ball was hung on the apex of the three sides. But in this space full of golden light, the blue heavenly energy light seemed very weak. Very low-key. The three faces that make up this triangle's secret space are also full of golden sky runes flashing. To him, this is an artificial rune space.


Tapping, tapping, footsteps came from behind.


Ning Tao turned hurriedly, and he saw the flying princess coming towards him. She looked nervous, her eyes full of awe and confusion.


This reaction calmed Ning Tao's mind. The reaction of Feitian Princess shows that she has not been activated yet, and she is not an enemy yet. But how long this state can last, then no way of knowing.


Now killing her heartlessly seems to be the best choice to prevent her from becoming an enemy, but Ning Tao does not do such a thing, and she may still need her at this step. Therefore, killing her can only be thought about in my heart.


"Brother Ning, here ..." Princess Feitian's voice trembled a bit. "What is this place?"


Ning Tao said: "We should still be inside the Burial Hill, but I don't know what is here. Didn't you say take me to open the sky, I think we have reached the highest point of Burial Hill, but I haven't Seeing Tianji, do you know where it is? "


Princess Feitian thought about it seriously, but shook her head again: "I don't know."


This answer Ning Tao was not surprised at all, because he had already turned over all her memories. She has not been activated, but it is actually the first time she has been here. How could she know where the secret is?


Princess Feitian also said, "Brother Ning, there may be that pattern here, let's find it. If we find the pattern of that tree, we may find the opportunity."


Ning Tao nodded his head, his eyes wandering around.


What he saw were the runes of heaven shining with Jinhui, as it was on the ground, and so were the three faces that made up the triangular space. There is a pattern of that tree.


"I'll go and see." Ning Tao said.


The flying princess answered and said, "Be careful."


Ning Tao jumped forward and flew to the apex of three sides, heading for the blue heavenly energy crystal ball.


With a distance of thousands of meters, the void was three steps away.


Seen below, this heavenly energy crystal ball is not large, but in front of it, Ning Tao realized that it was actually very large, larger than his size.


After a brief stagnation, Ning Tao's body fell down, and he instinctively summoned the **** cloud.


However, this time Shenyun did not come out.


"I'm going ..." Ning Tao fell from the height of a thousand meters.


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