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Going all the way, laying the ladder all the way, until the half-waist of the buried mountain, Ning Tao only used eleven small ladders. There are still a few hundred meters away from the visual inspection, and only a small ladder is needed to pave the "road" to the mountain of burial gods. What will happen at that time is unknown.


But this step has already been reached, and then only then goes on.


Ning Tao activated the twelfth small ladder and threw it out.


The ladder became larger and longer when it was released, and it was clicked and connected to the eleventh ladder, and the end reached the mountainside of Burial God Mountain.


The mountainside and the entire funerary mountain were a whole, and the gap between the stone and brick walls could not be seen, but when the twelfth ladder was put up, a portal suddenly opened on the mountainside of the funerary mountain.


The door is also triangular, with an upper point and a lower width, or an isosceles triangle, a height of several tens of meters, let alone a person, even a train can drive in and out.


Ning Tao looked at the two ladders left in his hands and suddenly understood.


This ladder only needs twelve ladders, that is to say, before flying princess came to him, she had done all the dreams she had to do and got all the ladders she wanted to get. He stepped in her dream, activated that dream, and created two boxes and two small ladders twice before and after, which were superfluous. As long as he is willing, the flying princess is also willing. He can get involved in the dream countless times and get a lot of boxes and ladders, but this ladder only needs twelve to be laid on the buried mountain.


This is something designed in advance, like a program. This process wakes up at a certain moment, creates twelve small ladders in order, and then ends. Perhaps if it wasn't for his involvement in the dream of the flying princess, the flying princess would no longer have that dream.


After climbing the ladder, the next step is to open up the sky.


Is the secret machine buried in the mountain?


Ning Tao looked up at the triangular gate that suddenly opened, and was a little nervous.


Bi Mingzhu said: "Old send, you are waiting for me here, I will go and see, no problem, you can come in again."


Said that she was about to jump on a horizontal board, Ning Tao grabbed her.


"I should go, you should stay here and wait for me." Ning Tao said.


Bi Mingzhu also clasped Ning Tao's hand and prevented him from jumping up: "You are more important."


The flying princess suddenly ordered: "You two go in and see."


"Yes." The two dragonfly female guards responded with a leap, leaping, flapping their wings, and flew towards the previous horizontal board with two swipes.


At this time Ning Tao and Bi Mingzhu are still holding hands, contending who should go to explore.


Bi Mingzhu narrowed her eyes at Ning Tao, everything was silent.


Seeing her squinting eyes, Ning Tao realized that she was just acting and was playing with him. But he really wanted to go in and see, not to cooperate with her routine Feitian Princess.


The two dragonfly female guards soon flew to the end of the ladder and landed in the triangular gate on the last horizontal plate.


No organ trap was triggered, everything was normal.


The two dragonfly female guards carefully entered the triangular portal, and the people standing below were invisible.


"Let's go and take a look." Ning Tao said, he took Bi Mingzhu's hand to leap upward. This time, Bi Mingzhu did not stop Ning Tao, and the two came and landed on the last horizontal plate.


Princess Feitian and A Qing, and a dragonfly female guard also came to the last horizontal board.


The last horizontal plate of the ladder is in a parallel position with the triangular door, and the situation in the door can be seen at a glance.


Behind the door is a triangular passage that extends into the mountain belly without seeing the end.


However, looking at this, Ning Tao saw the two dragonfly female guards at a glance. They had already penetrated the distance in the passage, one was 100.89 meters and the other was 101.22 meters.


Pedometer, this garbage ability is obtained in the seed space, and follows him like a tooth. His most anticipated perspective ability disappeared inexplicably in this world. Otherwise, he can judge at a glance whether the flying princess is a stone girl or not.


"Let them come back," Ning Tao said.


It seems that there is no danger, but it is difficult to guarantee that the two dragonfly female guards who explore the road accidentally touched any law organization. In that case, not only will they die for nothing, it will also bring the risk of failure in this adventure.


Flying Princess nodded her head, and Yang Sheng said, "You two are back!"


Her voice echoed in the triangular passageway and reached the depths of the passageway. The two dragonfly female guards heard it and immediately reversed it.


Ning Tao said: "Let's go in together, Princess Feitian and you and your people will be the last."


The flying princess answered, and her eyes were full of gratitude. She knew that Ning Tao was protecting her and her people, and she would not be able to do so in such a place.


Ning Tao and Bi Mingzhu led the way, step by step toward the depth of the triangular channel.


Within a few steps, Ning Tao's mind sounded Bi Mingzhu's voice: "Old send, can you tell me now, what did you find in her head, why protect her everywhere?"


Ning Tao said to her heartily: "She was indeed created by something, creating her existence and leaving a mark of creation in her chaotic memory. Every time she enters that dream, the mark of creation It will create a box with a ladder in it, and we have already walked through it. "


"So it is, is she an enemy or a friend?"




"Then you protect her everywhere?"


Ning Tao said earnestly: "Climb the ladder, open the heavens, and return to God. The first step is related to her. It is difficult to ensure that the next steps are not related to her. If she dies, we will probably give up everything. So, after she becomes We must protect her before the enemy. "


"I go……"


"what happened?"


"Yin and Yang He just flashed in your heart, is that her true mission?" Bi Mingzhu said.


Ning Tao froze for a moment, as if there was a big whistling in his heart.


It is sometimes a good thing for two people to have a good heart, but there are also disadvantages. This situation is an example. He didn't want to tell the true mission of Flying Princess, but Bi Mingzhu captured his brain waves and interpreted his voice.


Everyone has privacy, okay?


It's really bad for you to intercept and interpret people's opinions at will.


However, speechless and speechless, Ning Tao nodded.


A laugh came from Bi Mingzhu in his mind: "Old send, I believe you, you will never protect her for this reason, right?"


Ning Tao nodded again, secretly praising her for his understanding.


However, Bi Mingzhu followed up with another sentence: "You wouldn't just want to join Yin and Yang with her, right?"


Ning Tao: "..."


He decided to withdraw his praise.


There is no problem with Yin-Yang and Bi Mingzhu, but with Princess Feitian, he has no idea at all, after all, it is an existing instruction. Knowing that it's a trap, you have to put your feet in, isn't that silly?


The group walked forward for 1,000 meters, and the triangular passageway came to an end. At the end of the passageway was a triangular black rock gate, which was the same height and width as the passageway. A triangular case is engraved on the plane of the triangle, which is the pattern of a tree.


Ning Tao and Bi Mingzhu both stayed in front of this pattern.


This tree is half dead and half capacity, isn't it the huge apple tree that the two came to this world?


After a few seconds, Ning Tao looked at Bi Mingzhu, and Bi Mingzhu also looked at him. The four eyes were opposite, but they were all the same confused and confused.


Princess Feitian came to Ning Tao's side, glanced at the pattern on the door, and then looked at the door, and then frowned: "This door is so big, there is no lock.


She reached out and tried to push the triangular giant door, but the door remained motionless and there was no response.


Ning Tao said, "Let me try it."


He reached over the giant gate, but before he injected heavenly energy into the gate, the tree in his mind suddenly became active. Almost at the same instant, the pattern on the facade suddenly shot out a faint golden light, and the entire pattern was lit.


Kakaka ...


The giant gate slowly moved away, revealing an upward staircase and a huge space.


The middle of this giant mountain like a pyramid is empty, and the staircase extends in a "Z" shape up to the top of the tower. The huge mountainside space is also a standard triangular space, filled with a faint golden light, and a strand of darkness floating in the air. They are with Jin Hui, but they are not scattered and illuminated, which is very strange.


It's okay to imagine them as dark ghosts floating in the void, and that's the first impression they make.


Ning Tao was the first to pass through the triangular portal and walked a few steps to the entrance of the stairs, but instead of going up, he continued to go forward and took a few more steps to the edge of the mountainside space. At his feet is a black rock platform, and the next step is the abyss ~ ~ He poked his head at the edge of the platform and looked down.


The space below is still where Jinhui is with the darkness, but it has changed below the horizon. There is endless darkness under the horizon, and his sight cannot be penetrated at all. Staring at the dark abyss, it feels stared at by it, and the feeling of death is especially strong.


There are stairs up, but there are no stairs down.


Seems only to climb up.


"You two go up to explore the road." Princess Feitian ordered.


"Yes." The two dragonfly female guards who had previously explored the road responded. One stepped on the stairs and prepared to climb up honestly, while the other wanted to earn performance and flew up.


It was at this instant that Ning Tao's heart gave birth to a sense of danger. But he did not wait for his voice to remind him that the dragonfly female guard who flew up flew out of the stairs and entered the mountainside space. At that moment, a tide of energy surged, and before she could react, she turned into a mist of blood in the air.


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