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This is a virtual reality online game with One Piece as the world background. The daily adventure (pretend) story of the protagonist Zhao Yu who has obtained the “clone fruit” (which can clone other people’s everything except strength)~~

ps: A pirate fan fiction novel written by a pseudo-sea fan, I hope you don’t take it too seriously.

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Short Title:OGOPW
Alternate Title:网游之航海王世界
Author:rainy cold moon
Weekly Rank:#6970
Monthly Rank:#6821
All Time Rank:#5493
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game, Modern World, Nationalism, One Piece,
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  1. The story was entertaining but it fell into a few pitholes. 1. The nationalism of Chinese guilds vs the rest of the world. This is a futuristic world where people have spread out to the galaxy. I don't see the idea of China being so strong. 2. This world is said to be run on tech. The tech is supposed to be way ahead of the martial arts and yet all of it was completely useless in the end. 3. Author made an annoyingly common decision to not write about what his actual story is about. This is a One Piece VR story. The climax is a real world battle with little to no One Piece element. This is why authors trying to make the real world as exciting as the game is often just muddying the story. 4. His fruit is developed in the most basic direction and is useless in the climax. Why didn't he try to develop the fruit in directions that aren't copying the devil fruit. Then maybe he'd have been able to use it in the real world. 5. Author throwing away plot points that he loses interest in. What happened with the Impel down dungeon? All that said I did enjoy the story. 7/10.

  2. I read a story about a male character whose name I think is Felix, I know that he had two identities one is a person who wears a hoodie with a smiling face on it because the person living in his head did not allow him to base his secret identity off on her face and the other identity is the identity he uses to interact with his family and friends. I also know that at one point he had purple and green hair and I think purple or green eyes with the ability of a poison progenitor and later on in the story he inherits the chimera's sand ability and gains long blonde hair (that he cuts) and his eyes are golden and triangular (his eyes can I think hyper focus or something). At the start of the story I think he is in an island and he has to make profit from the island in order to determine his position in the family and the resources he receives and I know that his parents are dead and he is taken care of by a father figure, I also remember that it is a rebirth story and he represents America in the national contests I think. A scene I remember is that they were playing a violent version of hide and seek in the building with his cousins and I also remember that he was given some potion thing by his elders and they were told that they could either give the elder their potions for safe-keeping or hurry up and take the potions to their rooms and the first one to arrive back would win a watch thingy but the mc got a loophole and stayed in the lobby and gave the elders his potion and in short he got to the lobby the first one so he won. I just thought about this story because when I was reading it was not finished so i started another book and forgot about the title and I just remembered it. If someone knows the title can they tell me please? I also know that he two beings living in his head unable to get out and the chimera can get in and out of his head.

  3. This was going good but then it kept going nationalist backhand. Oh unlike some countries talking about freedom china is about safety of the people over all. So we have a police state of cameras everywhere and five minute police times detailing plots. But somehow underground gbling that leads to kidnapping and suicides still happen. And china is top of the world so all the conspiracy come out in our interstellar society. God damn shitting up this perfectly good book.

  4. Welp~ I thought it would atleast be decent but nah.. It's worst than those previous novels with similar concept like one piece beinga VR game. The mc played anonymous first but for some fukin reason a random guy who he just had a conversation for second time discover him in ridiculous way. I feel the author deliberately do it. Then Mc no longer hide his identify always show off like normal Chinese mc do and always get the same surprised reaction from every players which is so annoying.

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