Type: Special props

Effect: Suppress a treasure, so that its power and effect will be greatly reduced, and at least one quality will be reduced (the highest suppression level God King).

Restriction: This item can only be effective when equipped in the palm of the hand.

Limitation 2: Suppressing gloves can only exert their maximum effect when they accept the target, otherwise, the suppressing effect is only one-tenth.

Compared with the unknown taboo book, the effect of suppressing gloves is much more single, and there are many restrictions, which only take effect on treasures.

Of course, this doesn't conceal its power. Only the book of taboos can be suppressed, and its value is quite high.

If it were not for the first step to grab the suppression glove from the **** of wisdom, then the person sealed in the forbidden book would become himself.

"Strengthen the suppression gloves first!"

In the process of rushing, Zhou Zhuo was not idle, and decisively strengthened the suppressing gloves by +40.

【Pressing Gloves +40】

Type: Special props

Effect: Suppress treasures within 40,000 yards to greatly reduce their power and effects (you can set a list of non-suppression treasures), and reduce at least 1 to 4 qualities (the highest suppression level, God King level).

Additional effect: [Rule suppression +40]: Your suppression gloves can suppress the rule for 1 second (not the supreme rule), and invalidate the rule (unsuperior effect) (this effect can only be triggered once a day).

[Restriction Removal +40]: Your suppression restriction effect is removed, and you can only play 50% of the effect without wearing gloves.

[Strong Suppression +40]: Your suppression priority is increased by one level, and under the rule level, the priority is always increased by one level.

[Skill Suppression +40]: When you wear suppression gloves and the suppression gloves touch the skill, you can suppress the effect and make it lose its effect in a short time (this effect has source priority).

[Suppression Field +40]: For the attack and skill damage in the area of ​​40,000 yards, the damage caused by the forced use of this skill is only 10% of the damage, the duration is 15 seconds, and the cooling time is 12 hours (this effect cannot be used for regular skills suppress).

[Spirit Suppression +40]: When you use the suppression gloves to attack the target's head, it will apply a suppression effect to the target, with a suppression effect equal to 10 times your spiritual value. After the suppression is successful, the target will enter for 24 hours The mental suppression period (mandatory duration, unable to save and weaken), the cooling time is 6 hours. .

Chapter 779: Corruption and Aberration Taboo Rules! Taboo Summoner!

The enhanced suppressing gloves are quite effective. From suppressing a piece of equipment to suppressing a large-scale group of treasures, the highest reduced quality level has reached 4 qualities.

The power is quite amazing.

This trick is especially effective against group treasure attacks.

The additional additional effects also strengthened the effect of suppressing the rules. Even if the effect can only be triggered for one second per day, it is quite amazing. Although the highest rules cannot be suppressed, there is at least a means to save lives against the powers of the **** king level.

In addition to rule suppression, skill suppression, suppression domain and mental suppression are all extremely powerful effects, especially the skill suppression effect, which surprised Zhou Zhuo the most.

To be precise, the significance of this strengthening effect to Zhou Zhuo even far exceeds the suppression of rules.

Why do you say that? The reason is simple.

Zhou Zhuo faced a problem when dealing with the Primordial Devil and the Lord of Underworld.

That is, these powerhouses have methods similar to invincibility, and the priority of invincibility far exceeds the invincibility effect obtained from the Temple of Light. Even the arrows attached to the sacred attack will be transferred and saved, unable to cause damage to it.

This means that even if I used Buddha to save sentient beings for the powerhouse of the main **** level, he generated an extremely amazing life shield, without breaking the shield, triggering the shield-breaker effect, everything was empty talk, and the enemy could not be killed.

When dealing with the primordial depraved parasitic primordial demon, the fallen primordial demon swallowed the shield of the Buddha's sentient beings into his stomach, or used the demon to disintegrate, and controlled the change and reorganization of the opponent's body, before they had the opportunity to trigger the shield breaker.

When dealing with the lord of the sea, if you don't have the halberd in your hand, you can suppress the sea, there is no way to break the effect of the lord of the sea that can divert all attacks, naturally it is impossible to complete the feat of killing the master god-level powerhouse.

The enemies Zhou Zhuo encountered were getting stronger and more perverted, and the master god-level powerhouses definitely had similar life-saving methods.

If there is no means of restraint, the next time you have no good luck with restraint skills, even if you have the skill of ‘rescue and heal’, which can produce amazing bursts of damage, you will not be able to kill the master god-level powerhouse.

Now, suppressing gloves appeared.

The ability to suppress skills represents an invincible method that can also suppress them.

This means that Zhou Zhuo can ignore the enemy's changes, and'save the dead and heal the wounded' can be fully exploded.

From then on, the success rate of killing the main god-level powerhouse will soar. From the previous luck and look at the face, the current success rate is at least 70-80%.

As long as he doesn't encounter an existence similar to the goddess of death, Zhou Zhuo can start his own killing of the main **** level.

With this effect, the suppression gloves also ushered in a qualitative change.

For Zhou Zhuo, it is absolutely invaluable.

Its significance is far more than going to bracelets and the book of taboos.

"Yes, pretty awesome!"

"Let's try to strengthen the book of taboos together!"

Having just strengthened the amazing treasure of suppressing gloves, Zhou Zhuo also tried to strengthen the book of taboos.

This treasure is strengthened, so you have to be more careful.

First strengthened to +28, confirmed that there was no uncontrollable effect, Zhou Zhuo dared to continue to strengthen.

Until it was strengthened to +40, the book of taboos became more and more perverted.

Looking directly at the book of taboos will be swallowed into the book of taboos.

There is also a taboo summoner.

Permanently summoning the **** king level or even beyond the taboo existence of the **** king, is still uncontrollable.

There is also a more perverted effect: taboo resuscitation.

The book of taboos will choose the target independently, absorb the power of the target, and continuously give birth to miniaturized taboos, swallowing the host’s life and all energy to survive until it is completely gestated. If the incubation is not completed, the taboos It will be completely out of control.

This effect does not stop until the entire world has completely turned into a taboo monster.

The final effect is simply synonymous with abnormality, and Zhou Zhuo is very heartened, but he is still shocked.

Most of the effects strengthened by the book of taboos are uncontrollable.

For example, the forbidden summoner, after this unknown forbidden existence appears, the first thing to do is to counteract the master of the forbidden book.

This thing is definitely synonymous with evil.

Zhou Zhuo has blocked many uncontrollable effects, even so, most of the enhancement options of the Forbidden Book are still uncontrollable.

【Book of Taboos+40】

Type: Book of the Unknown

Effect: For books with special taboo divine power, the word taboo on the page has formed rules and possesses incredible power. When it is open for a long time, the power of taboo will form a powerful taboo life. Any existence that opens the Forbidden Book will be sucked into the Forbidden Book until it is closed again.

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