The God of Wisdom was taken aback for a moment, and the opponent's strength seemed much weaker than he expected.

Zhou Zhuo ignored the God of Wisdom and grasped the Forbidden Book with his palm.

"not good!"

The God of Wisdom did not attack, but ran away frantically.

Because He just saw the imminent disaster.

The black leather gloves fell on the Forbidden Book, and there was no suppressing effect. On the contrary, the suction power, which was dozens of times stronger than before, exploded towards the God of Wisdom.

"Slow response!"

The God of Wisdom used this ability for the third time, and the target was the Forbidden Book, but it was transferred to Zhou Zhuo, and within 30 seconds, the immune effect was not blocked by injury.

"Ding, the shorthand effect is in effect, and your secret code has been permanently rubbed: slow response."

"Ding, the training effect is activated, and you will get the secret text forever: Slow."

The suction burst of the book of taboos was not affected. Under the suction of terror, the escaped **** of wisdom had no ability to resist and was instantly sealed in the book of taboos.


Written closed, sealed by the God of Wisdom! .

Chapter 778 Suppressing Gloves! Rule suppression and skill suppression!

It's a success!

Sealed the **** of wisdom.

Zhou Zhuo never thought that he could seal the God of Wisdom. He had to say that this was really a surprise.

"No, I am afraid I will let this guy go."

"If the God of Wisdom has been sealed or killed, there will be no God of Wisdom in the future, and there will definitely be changes in the future!"

"The induced butterfly effect is extremely serious. Who knows what kind of fate will be like going back to the future to meet oneself?"

"It's good to go back to the past, but I don't dare to do too much to affect my future self. If I make a little mistake, the combat power and treasures gained through hard work will be lost together."

"Don't worry for the time being, let's see if there is a chance to release this guy..."

If you want to get the blood of the evening, you have to open the book of taboos, which means that you will also release the **** of wisdom.

After this old guy got out of control, the first thing he did was to find himself desperately.

It is not easy to deal with the master **** level powerhouse.

For this to be successful, luck is essential.

Otherwise, if you want to easily trap the God of Wisdom, it hasn't caught the attention of other master god-level powerhouses, which is simply something that 657 can't do.

Before I leave God's Domain, I will take out the Blood of Twilight and let this old guy out by the way.

Thinking of this, Zhou Zhuo didn't continue to think about it, sealed the Forbidden Book and threw it into his backpack.

Don't come here in vain, the God of Wisdom may have many precious collections.

Without the God of Wisdom, even if he arranged many traps and restrictions in his temple, he would not be able to stop Zhou Zhuo at all.

As if coming to his own home, Zhou Zhuo kept searching.

It has to be said that this old guy's collection is indeed extremely rich. Many precious treasures have been found in the apse, and there are also several materials with quality not lower than the main **** level.

"It's time to leave here!"

Zhou Zhuo didn't intend to stay here anymore. He obtained the treasure he wanted, and after scouring the temple of the God of Wisdom, he hurriedly left.

"There is one last stop left: the immortal king of the devil's dead and resurrected."

Obtaining the Twilight Blood of the God of Wisdom was far easier than I thought. Although there had been conflicts with the God of Wisdom, it ended quite quickly without a big problem.

It wasn't too serious, at least it didn't attract the attention of other master god-level powerhouses in God's Domain.

This is a satisfactory result.

Next, obtaining the Immortal King Bone will not be so easy.

What I want to take away is the bones of the Immortal King, how can it be easily obtained?

Must be desperate.

The opponent is not an ordinary master god-level powerhouse, but a god-king-level powerhouse who has revived after death. The strength must definitely surpass the ordinary master-god-level powerhouse. If you want to obtain the immortal **** king bone, there will be a fierce battle.

"Be prepared."

While Zhou Zhuo rushed towards the Demon Realm, at the same time, he was also trying to improve his strength.

This time I went to the temple of the **** of wisdom and got many treasures.

In addition to the necessary Twilight Blood, the most valuable book is the Taboo Book. Even the God of Wisdom of the Lord God level can be sealed, and it must be extraordinary.

Holding it in his hand, Zhou Zhuo looked at it quietly.

【Book of Taboos (God King Level)】

Type: Book of the Unknown

Effect: For books with special taboo power, the word taboo on the pages of the book has become a rule and possesses incredible power. Any existence that opens the Forbidden Book will be sucked into the Forbidden Book until it is closed again.

A treasure of the King of Gods?

The word "taboo" has become a rule?

No wonder it possesses such a powerful force that even the **** of wisdom has been hit.

Putting the book of taboos in the study room deliberately was a means to suppress and target the intruders, but Zhou Zhuo never expected it to be used by Zhou Zhuo to cheat himself.

This thing is different from the treasures obtained before, and cannot be fully grasped. After strengthening, the first unlucky person who loses control is himself.

Zhou Zhuo temporarily suppressed the idea of ​​strengthening this king-level treasure, and looked at the black leather gloves he had grabbed from the **** of wisdom.

The book that can suppress taboos in this thing is definitely not a common product.

If you want to strengthen the book of taboos, then the first thing to do is to strengthen the black leather gloves.

The effect satisfies him, so Zhou Zhuo doesn't mind strengthening the book of taboos together.

【Pressing Gloves】