Zhou Zhuo's timing was just right. It was the time when the God of Wisdom was surprised that there were no intruders in the Forbidden Book, the best time to start.

The God of Wisdom responded, it was already a step too late.

The palm of his hand was so huge that he could hardly resist it, and a pair of black leather gloves were directly released from his palm, and it was about to fall into the hands of this mysterious invader.

Has he been hiding here? !

Can no taboo book breathe it into it?

Quick and accurate, the target of the shot is not the taboo book, but the black leather gloves.

This invader made the God of Wisdom realize that he had encountered a powerful enemy, whether it was strength, patience, or means.

If you can't deal with this, you will be in great trouble.

What's more important is that so far, he doesn't know the least bit of information about this intruder. Is there anything more astonishing than this?

"Slow response!"

The invisible and special power burst and fell on Zhou Zhuo, and he felt that everything had become sluggish.

This sluggishness is not physical, but reaction.

The speed and strength of the **** of wisdom did not decrease, and he grabbed the black leather gloves, but Zhou Zhuo seemed to have become a snail.

The brain gives instructions to act, and the body seems to be dull, without responding for a long time.

This feeling is too uncomfortable.

Is there no way for the resistance stone to resist this kind of power?

"Ding, resistance to the world stone takes effect, you are immune to this effect, and you are immune to all control and negative effects for 30 seconds~~."

The system prompt sound also became sluggish, like a sluggish old man, and the following words returned to normal.

This kind of power even slows the time for the resistance to the world stone to take effect?

After Zhou Zhuo returned to normal, the first thing was to **** the black leather gloves.

Both of them grabbed one corner and tore them vigorously.

back to normal?

The God of Wisdom understands that he has encountered a strong enemy, and he can get rid of the slow effect in such a short time, which is quite amazing.

Zhou Zhuo suddenly exerted force, and the power that was far greater than that of the God of Wisdom exploded, and the black leather gloves almost fell directly into the palm of his hand.

"Wisdom Divine Text: The Power of God!"

"who are you?"

"Why do you want to grab my things?"

The God of Wisdom was unwilling to give up, and a huge shadow of the God appeared behind his back. Two illusory palms poured into the hands of the God of Wisdom. His power increased explosively. Then the weaker people became Zhou. Zhuo.

With extra energy, the God of Wisdom has the opportunity to look at Zhou Zhuo, wanting to see the identity of this guy.

Of course, what he saw was not what Zhou Zhuo really looked like.

In order to prevent it from affecting his own future, Zhou Zhuo used the guise of concealing himself early.

Zhou Zhuo didn't respond, his body exuded a gloomy light, further blessing his strength, and with the blessing of the battle god's power, he once again took advantage.

"Wisdom Divine Text: The Power of God!"

"Wisdom Divine Text: The Power of God!"

Another phantom of the **** of wisdom appeared, blessing the power, two phantoms appeared in a row, and the power of blessing the phantom of the three gods of wisdom increased exponentially.

"Ding, the shorthand effect is in effect, and your secret code has been permanently rubbed: Wisdom Divine Text: Power of God."

"Ding, the training effect is activated, and you will get the secret text: strength forever."

"Wisdom Divine Text: The Power of God!"

"Secret Text: Force!"

The two amplification effects broke out, instantly providing Zhou Zhuo with power beyond imagination, directly overwhelming the **** of wisdom, and finally won the black leather glove.

Without hesitation, Zhou Zhuo put on black leather gloves.

"Do not!"

The face of the God of Wisdom was panicked, and he subconsciously stayed away from the forbidden book.

His face became extremely difficult to look.

I failed...

Must leave here immediately.

Lost the book of suppression of taboos is still in an open state, and the extremely terrifying suction burst out.

Previously, Zhou Zhuo, who had suffered from this suction force and was difficult to resist, responded with ease at this moment. The black palm of his hand exuded a misty black light, which made himself isolated from this suction force.

The **** of wisdom is not so lucky, and the body begins to be out of control.

"¨〃Slow response!"

The God of Wisdom repeated the old plan, and this time the target was turned into a forbidden book.

The amazing swallowing power emanating from the Book of Taboos was instantly affected, and the suction became stagnant.

With this opportunity, the God of Wisdom did not hesitate to leave the study.

Leaving here, at least, will not be affected by the book of taboos, and display his true strength.

A special light flashed in the eyes of the God of Wisdom, and the pupils of his eyes became extremely deep.

With a wave of his hand, light shined.

At this moment, Zhou Zhuo raised his foot and just took a step, and his foothold was in this position.

The time was just right, as if Zhou Zhuo had hit him by himself.

This is the short-term predictive ability of the God of Wisdom, a very abnormal method.

Zhou Zhuo's foot didn't resist at all, it was annihilated in an instant, and his life value flowed down like a waterfall.