Then, there are only two possibilities, the former is that the target mailed to him after he appeared, and he was already startled.

The second point is that the intruder is an existence with no intelligence and amazing latency.

Back then, the latter was not very reliable.

Without wisdom, how is it possible to know the lurking?

When Zhou Zhuo entered a state of emptiness, he completely ignored the reaction of the God of Wisdom, ignored the old guy, and went straight through him.

In the state of nothingness, all objects can pass through without any problems.

The God of Wisdom couldn't feel Zhou Zhuo's traces. After not finding the target, he closed the door of the house and walked away.

After Zhou Zhuo came to the study, the first thing that caught his eye was the rows of books. The colors of the books were different and they had their own power.

The first thing that catches the eye is a familiar book: The Book of Wisdom.

Huh, is it here?

Zhou Zhuo's expression became weird.

Is the book of wisdom lost through one's own hands?

The more I think about it, the more I feel that this possibility is mostly.

Otherwise, how could the book of wisdom staying here safely pass away?

"I always feel that my destiny is being manipulated..."

"However, the one who is at the mercy of my own destiny is myself..."

In order to prevent the time trajectory from drifting, Zhou Zhuo had to deal with the ‘mess’.

Grasping the Book of Wisdom, seal it and throw it into the backpack.

"The other books here shouldn't be Fanpin either."

"Books and secret texts may have a great correlation between the two."

"Perhaps, there is a way to help my secrets improve in this batch of books."

Zhou Zhuo planned for himself the future road of rules, which is the secret road. The books in the study of the God of Wisdom are not relevant, and Zhou Zhuo will naturally not miss it.

Take one book, and take one hundred books.

What's more, Zhou Zhuo didn't have the slightest psychological burden on the old guy who had always targeted him.

Pack them all.

Zhou Zhuo didn't even think about it. He threw a book into his backpack frantically. The posture was to take away all the treasures here, leaving none.

With more than half of the books loaded in the backpack, a certain balance broke, and at the top of the bookshelf, the book with a pure black cover vibrated gently, and the words "taboo" on the pages of the book vibrated gently, and the color was more like being stained by black and red blood. Red, flowing gently on the writing.

The page opened gently, countless black lights flashed, and a strong suction came. Zhou Zhuo felt that his body was out of control, and he was about to **** into the page.

Fortunately, the duration of the state of nothingness did not end, and Zhou Zhuo decisively entered the state of nothingness.

The horrible suction of tearing oneself disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

However, other things in the study were unable to withstand this suction force, and they were all sucked into it by books with the word taboo.

Zhou Zhuo even saw the desk in the study inhaling it, and saw a bottle of yellow blood in the half-open drawer.

If there is no error in the estimation, this should be the blood of the evening that I want to find.

When Zhou Zhuo realized that he wanted to catch it, it was already too late, and the table disappeared among the taboo books first.

It seems to feel that there is no other place to swallow the book in the study, the cover of the book slowly closes, all the 653 is silent and the taboo book, without any fluctuations.

Before Zhou Zhuo took the book in his hand, at this moment, the door slowly opened.

The departed God of Wisdom went back and forth, his eyes were cold, as if he had expected everything.

"Nice way to hide."

"It's not so easy to get my things."

The study itself maintains a certain balance. Once the balance is broken, the book known as Taboo will explode with powerful devouring power. Even if the power of the main **** level does not have corresponding countermeasures, it will be sealed in the book of taboos. middle.

This is also the reason why He knew that unknown thieves came here, but did not do more protection.

A greedy thief can easily touch the balance here and seal it in the book.

"Want me to see which guy is so bold?"

"Could it be someone familiar?"

The **** of wisdom put on a pair of black leather gloves and gently opened the book of taboos.

The palms of both hands seemed to have unknown power, which could suppress the power of the Forbidden Book, and the opened Forbidden Book did not have any problems.

On the pages of the book behind, the desk and scattered books appeared on the pages, but there were no traces of intruders.

"How can it be?"

A shocked color flashed in the eyes of the God of Wisdom, and before he could react, he stuck his hands out of the void and grabbed the black leather gloves of both hands.

"It's mine!".

Chapter 777 Secret Text: Strength and Slowness! Seal the **** of wisdom!

After Zhou Zhuo appeared from the God of Wisdom, he has been observing this old guy, watching his every move.

After the God of Wisdom appeared, he didn't directly touch the Forbidden Book with his palm, but only dared to touch the Forbidden Book by wearing black leather gloves.

This action is enough to prove the danger of the forbidden book, even the **** of wisdom dare not touch it directly, otherwise, maybe it will disappear in the forbidden book just like the things that disappeared in the forbidden book before.

There is definitely a problem with black leather gloves.

You must get it, otherwise, I really dare not get the book of taboos.

This thing Zhou Zhuo has seen its power initially, with only two words: evil door.

To get Twilight Blood from the Forbidden Book, you must get black leather gloves.

Similarly, without the black leather gloves, the **** of wisdom will most likely be sucked into the book of taboos.

In this way, he will face one less powerful enemy.

Therefore, it is also the best choice to choose to **** black leather gloves instead of the taboo book of hot potato.

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