Online games: Level 1 I ended the gods, the big city Xiaoyu

Zhou Zhuo was reborn and relied on his self-made game helmet to obtain a powerful talent.

[Experience enhancement]: The experience points you get from killing monsters cannot be used to upgrade the character level, but can enhance equipment, props, skills, and special treasures.

[Gold Coin Upgrade]: You upgrade the character level to consume gold coins, and the value of gold coins depends on your level.

[Predator Trophy]: When hunting BOSS-level creatures, harvest corresponding attribute points or treasures as additional loot.

"You open the silver predator treasure chest +6 and get 84 free attribute points..."

"You open the epic predator treasure chest +12 and gain 1200 power..."

Zhou Zhuo chose not to upgrade, and Zhou Zhuo at level 1 was invincible.

"Oh my god, a level 1 hunting angel killed a level 80 legendary boss!"

The game merged with reality, Zhou Zhuo stepped on the head of the god, and the level 1 ‘Mengxin’ ended the god.

Chapter 1 Unknown Talent: Chaos

"Am I still alive? This is..."

Zhou Zhuo opened his eyes and looked at the rental house, feeling familiar and unfamiliar.

This narrow and cramped underground space, cold and humid, has been with him for three years, how can he forget it?

Didn't I die in the hands of the gods?

The memory is presented in my mind, the game merges with reality, and disaster erupts.

Monsters in the game enter the real world, and there are disasters everywhere.

Ordinary monsters are next.

After the game merges with reality, the player's strength in the game is synchronized with the real world, and they are not afraid.

The most terrifying is the gods.

The strength of the gods is too strong, the strongest among the players can touch the threshold of the gods, and it is too difficult to stop the gods from invading.

Zhou Zhuo desperately resisted the invasion of the gods, but in the end he was defeated and exhausted the hands of the gods.

His heart was full of sadness, and he never thought that he had just died a moment ago, and he still had a chance to come back.

Zhou Zhuo has a dreamlike feeling.

What day is today?

Looking at the schedule on the phone, December 12, 2030, is the day of the "Eternal" public beta.

Zhou Zhuo looked at the rough game helmet on the table, and quickly took the game helmet in his hand.

This gaming helmet was not purchased from official sources.

To be precise, Zhou Zhuo's family does not allow it.

He is just an ordinary worker, and recently lost his job due to illness.

Ordinary game helmets are as high as 100,000 soft sister coins, and Zhou Zhuo is frugal, only one-third.

This is the product of his friend who asked the game company to get the defective core chip of the game helmet, plus the scrap parts with a simple assembly manual.

Despite this, the gaming helmet ran out of his little savings.

I bought a gaming helmet because "Eternity" is the first epoch-making virtual reality. Zhou Zhuo wants to make money through this game and change his life.

"Still! Just stay!"

Zhou Zhuo grasped the homemade game helmet, like a treasure.

This inferior gaming helmet looks ordinary, but in fact it is unusual. It helped Zhou Zhuo reach the pinnacle of his life.

In the previous life, Zhou Zhuo relied on it to get rid of poverty and became rich, and obtained unimaginable wealth and wealth.

Likewise, he missed the optimal time for development.

Once in his life, Zhou Zhuo is confident that the game will merge with reality and reach an unimaginable level before the gods invade.

Zhou Zhuo stopped remembering and looked at the time. It was 10 o'clock, he didn't want to waste it, grabbed his helmet and entered the game world decisively.


The sound of electric current rushing through the helmet was heard. Inferior gaming helmets made people doubt its performance. Maybe it would explode in the next moment, bringing Zhou Zhuo to cool down.

"The "Eternity" game is loading..."

The system prompt sounded in his ears, Zhou Zhuo's consciousness connected with the game helmet and entered the deep game world.

A vast expanse of sky appeared in front of him, with stars dotted with it, unchanging in the past, as if eternal and immortal.

"Ask the player to choose a profession."

The next moment, the sky scene changed, and nine huge statues appeared in the field, representing the nine major career options.

Warriors, wizards, knights, assassins, priests, hunters, druids, magicians and summoners are nine major occupations.

Each profession has its own characteristics and is relatively balanced.

In the previous life, Zhou Zhuo's career was a warrior, which was the choice of most players.

Making such a choice is not that Zhou Zhuo loves fighters, it is just that compared to other professions, fighters save the most money...

The nickname hanging silk war...

Compared with other professions, fighters cost the least on equipment and potions, which can save money.

If you choose Faye, you will be a big money-burner.

Want to rely on Faye to win gold in "Eternal"?

Let's burn one million first.

Zhou Zhuo lived a lifetime, and had already planned in his heart.

"I choose... Hunter!"

In the minds of many players, hunters are affectionately referred to as hunters.

It is very difficult to fight and run, fly a kite with bow and arrow, and cooperate with traps and bite people.

Zhou Zhuo's choice of hunters was the result of careful consideration. He knew that Novice Village had a powerful heritage of hunters: wilderness hunters.

In addition, hunter skills can play to the potential of their talents.

"Ding, congratulations to the player for choosing the hunter career, please name the character."

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