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Online Games: Level 1 I Ended the Gods

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Zhou Zhuo was reborn and relied on his self-made game helmet to obtain a powerful talent.

[Experience enhancement]: The experience points you get from killing monsters cannot be used to upgrade the character level, but can enhance equipment, props, skills, and special treasures.

[Gold Coin Upgrade]: You upgrade the character level to consume gold coins, and the value of gold coins depends on your level.

[Predator Trophy]: When hunting BOSS-level creatures, harvest corresponding attribute points or treasures as additional loot.

“You open the silver predator treasure chest +6 and get 84 free attribute points…”

“You open the epic predator treasure chest +12 and gain 1200 power…”

Zhou Zhuo chose not to upgrade, and Zhou Zhuo at level 1 was invincible.

“Oh my god, a level 1 hunting angel killed a level 80 legendary boss!”

The game merged with reality, Zhou Zhuo stepped on the head of the god, and the level 1 ‘Mengxin’ ended the god.

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Short Title:OGLIEG
Alternate Title:网游:1级的我终结了神明
Author:Dacheng Xiaoyu
Weekly Rank:#117
Monthly Rank:#159
All Time Rank:#39
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Aggressive Characters, Bloodlines, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Evil Gods, Evolution, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Godly Powers, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Level System, Lolicon, Lucky Protagonist, Magic, Money Grubber, Online, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Religions, Reverse Rape, Second Chance, Shameless Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System, Tribal Society, Underestimated Protagonist, Virtual Reality,
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  1. Dari yang gw baca 200 chap, walaupun alurnya bagus tapi menurut w MC nya agak bodoh, MC nya juga kurang tenang kek di chap 245 "Untuk pertama kalinya, Zhou Zhuo memiliki 'panik' dan 'ketakutan' di matanya, dan segera berubah menjadi tatapan marah."

  2. You will know the moment the author ot a visit from the friendly CCP. From a normal story it transformed to a government tool, always helping the "country" and then attacking the "baddies" (foreigners).... I am still looking for a story where the MC went against the Government. Ah yes, they are dropped. Never forget what the CCP did to Reverend Insanity...

  3. Terrible Elf story. Does all the hard work and then let's the Myth-level item to his "friends" the Elves. Ah yes, also get a reverse forced raping to the MC and then the MC simping for her lol. Typical Chinese trash

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