"No! No! No!"

The Scutellum spiral arm 5,000 light-years away, the Duke of Arden has been watching the battle of the capital star No. 3.

He never let go of every moment.

He personally watched Comet Dess approaching Capital Star 3 little by little, oppressing his emotions a little bit.

Since being born in this world, the Duke of Arden has never been so nervous.

When he saw that Comet Dyce was about to hit the capital star No. 3, his energy body swelled rapidly, and he even wanted to immediately rush back to β107 Perseus to fight this battle.

at that moment.

He regretted it.

He regretted not giving up the Scutum battlefield to help the Perseus capital star.

What he regrets more is that he didn't go back as soon as the human fleet appeared in the β107 Perseus star system.

If you go back as soon as possible, all three capital stars can be saved, and you won't find the next thing at all.

He did not expect that a fleet of primary civilizations could destroy his two capital stars, and also forced the last capital star to be on the verge of destruction.

If he had a heart, his heart would surely jump out of his body when Comet Dyce overwhelmed Arden 3 at an altitude of 10,000 kilometers.

The triple star capital of β107 Perseus is his basic set, and he has lost two capital stars, which makes him extremely regretful.

The threat of the last capital star made him extremely nervous.

However, the battle changes too quickly.

Suddenly, the light energy halberd of Aatox's incarnation spanned a distance of 40 light seconds, destroying Comet Deiss in one blow, shattering into thousands of fragments, when the fragments exploded like fireworks.

His heart suddenly settled down.

The moment Dyce's Comet shattered, he felt that everything was over, and Aatox had won the final victory.

However, he has not had time to be proud.

What happened in the next moment directly destroyed all his emotions.

The moment that dragon-shaped fist poured into the Arden 3 star, despair was seen in his eyes.

The earth splits and the planets are destroyed.

How wonderful and gorgeous the picture was before, how cruel and cold it is now.

Because the planets that have been destroyed before are all those sad low-level civilizations that have been cleaned up.

Now, what was destroyed was the capital star he had operated for ten thousand years.

Three consecutive capital stars were destroyed one by one.

Every time that dragon-shaped fist appeared, the end came.

Back and forth, he saw the dragon-shaped Quanjin three times, each time taking away one of his capital stars.

The dragon roar that shook the world, as if mocking his stupidity, mocking Aatox's incompetence.

At the moment when the Arden 3 star was destroyed.

At the moment when the volcano erupted like a salute.

At the moment when the magma is spraying and covering the sky.

Aatox's oath still echoed in his mind, and that **** promised to guard No. 3 Capital Star.

this moment.

The Duke of Arden finally understood a truth, and could not believe the oath of the loser.

He should understand this truth when the first two capital stars were destroyed.

However, he foolishly chose to believe the data.

There is nothing wrong with it. From a statistical point of view, Aatox's combat power is far superior to that of human super fighters.

As long as it was a creature with a normal brain, he felt that Aatox could easily squeeze those carbon-based bugs.

However, the result is so cruel.

Atox destroys Comet Dyce.

The human super soldier destroyed his last capital star.

The Duke of Arden wanted to pinch Aatox to death, and then it was too late.

Now, if you want to save the territory, the only way is...


The Duke of Arden was not immersed in anger and decided to initiate negotiations with the Carbon-based Alliance.

Although the three capital stars have all been blown up and suffered heavy losses, the ones that have been lost are irreparable and can only try to recover the ones that have not yet been lost.

That is the triple star defense fleet.

At present, the Sanlian Star Defense Fleet has not been completely sunk. This is three standard fleets with a total of 36 warships.

In addition, there are a huge number of resource stars on the spiral arm of Perseus.

Moreover, although all three Capital Stars received a punch, the human fleet did not have time to consume the resources on the Capital Star.

Although the three capital stars are all in ruins, the resources above are still possible to rescue.

Although Duke Arden was angry, as a superior, he knew exactly what he should do now.

In contrast, the resources of Perseus are far more abundant than those of Scutum.

Therefore, he immediately initiated war negotiations with the Carbon-based Alliance and demanded an immediate truce on the β107 Perseus battlefield.

This is a normal procedure in the rules of war.

As long as the two sides initiate negotiations, the battlefield involved in the negotiation meeting should be temporarily ceased.

Of course, the other side of the war can refuse to negotiate.

It's just that the three-civilization joint fleet of the carbon-based alliance in the shield seat has been beaten a bit miserably, and they also want to negotiate.

Therefore, when the Duke of Arden initiated the negotiation, there was no dispute within the Carbon-based Alliance for long, and he agreed to the negotiation and the two sides ceased the war.

The precarious alpha 217 Scutum planetary fortress finally got a respite from the artillery fire of the Palese noble fleet.


On the other side, in the β107 Perseus star system 5,000 light-years apart.

Fang Yuan destroyed Alton 3 with a punch, and immediately received a communication from Zhao Anya.

"There was a communication from the Carbon-based Alliance. They signed a negotiation agreement with the Duke of Alton, and the two sides negotiated a truce. The Duke of Alton asked us to immediately stop attacking the triple star and immediately exit the β107 Perseus star system.

Suddenly received this message.

The high level of the human fleet is stunned. It seems that the battle will be won and the war will suddenly cease. This is simply suffocating people.

"Stop the hammer! We don't belong to the Carbon-based Alliance. They talk about them, we beat us."

Fang Yuan slammed at Aatox with a fist, continuing to plunder God's energy.

Atox recovered from the shock, and said uncertainly: "The Carbon-based Alliance has signed a negotiation agreement, the agreement has ceased war, do you want to die?!"

"Are you mentally retarded? What does the negotiation agreement of the Carbon-based Alliance have to do with human beings?" Fang Yuan smashed the core of his divine energy with another punch, looting the divine energy frantically.

"You're looking for death!" Aatox was furious, and condensed the light energy halberd to counterattack.

The two sides fought violently, and the world broke apart.

At the same time, the fleets of both sides also began to blast.

The automated battleship formation enters the arena, frantically shelling the Arden 3 star garrison fleet.

The Arden 3 star garrison fleet fell into chaos when the capital star was destroyed. It could not organize a counterattack for a while and was caught off guard.

After reluctantly organizing a counterattack, they began shelling the human battleship formation, only to find that the battleship formation was as ferocious as a mad dog. It came head-on while shelling, and even perished at the same time.

Counterattack rushed into the defensive fleet under the absolute defense of the "vector prism", showing the invincible state of warships. Wherever it passed, anti-matter torpedoes blasted all warships.

In an instant, the Arden 3 star garrison fleet was rushed to pieces.

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