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Modern people have crossed into the world of One Punch Superman and become king. In this regard, he said: I am a hero by luck and the strongest man on the surface…

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Short Title:OPMKE
Alternate Title:一拳超人之帝王引擎
Author:I am shellfish
Weekly Rank:#1421
Monthly Rank:#943
All Time Rank:#2407
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Naive Protagonist, System, Weak to Strong,
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27 Comments on “One Punch Man King Engine
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  1. Mc crossed into OP world and become King. First of all, I must warn you that this story puts comedy first. Mc is getting stronger very slowly. Mc is weak for most of the story. If you like Op Mc stories, this novel is not for you. Romance doesn't take much place, it's more of an ambiguous relationship. Mc finally catches up with Saitama, but gets to that level towards the end of the book. Mc has all the skills of King.(Extreme luck, King Engine, Game skill, Bluffing Skills). He is more active than King because he is stronger thanks to the system. Of course, he doesn't jump right into the events, but he participates if there is no life-threatening situation or if he has no other choice. Mc's ordinary person however doesn't make you feel dull. Even though the Mc doesn't have a prominent feature, he doesn't have any disturbing behaviors. Mc is a likable person. Of course, Mc cannot avoid misunderstanding because he is King.Thanks to his luck, everyone thinks Mc is overpowered. If you like OP, you'll probably like this novel too. Their styles are similar, mostly comedy. Finally, the novel is enjoyable to read. Among the OP novels on this site, this is the best in my opinion.

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