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Introduction to One Piece’s Bounty System: Tianlei crossed the One Piece World and become the nephew of the Navy Admiral ‘Sakazuki, ‘Akainu’, Tian Lei thought it was very outrageous until he found himself having a [bounty system] that can be exchanged for everything in the world of One Piece. As long as you kill or capture pirates, you can draw a Skills, weapons, and devil fruits. Such as ‘Navy Six-style’ ‘Overlord color Haki (Busoshoku Haki)’ ‘sense color Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki) ”armed color Haki’ ‘devil fruit’ ‘sword skills’ have everything!

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Short Title:OPBS
Alternate Title:海贼王之赏金系统
Weekly Rank:#1712
Monthly Rank:#1552
All Time Rank:#1146
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Hard-Working Protagonist, Humanoid Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Military, Money Grubber, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Pirates, Reincarnation, System, Weak to Strong,
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10 Comments on “One Piece Bounty System
  1. Para los hispanohablantes que quieran leer esto no se los recomiendo, la traducción es terrible hasta el punto de que la mitad de un capitulo no entendía nada, entiendo que sea traducido del chino al ingles y del ingles al español, pero eso sumado a que la mitad de las frases son típicas frases chinas y nombres chinos da lugar a una lectura inentendible.

  2. why do all these novels start with one piece naruto and other anime and then go to chinese mythological bullshit world or mc tries to return to earth so he can go back to china

  3. There are many novels that aren't like that but too neutral and dark like my favorite novel "Death Knell" which the protagonists always jokes about nick fury's death with his skin color( stealthing is easy with his skin color) and having harem kike valkeyrie, wonder woman, harley quinn, magik/illyana rasputina( not confirmed, hela( not confirmed) and hermionie. Good overall, not op and brainless protagonist

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