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One Hundred Thousand Reasons For Krypton Gold

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Novel Summary

In order to earn some extra money, Ling Qiong entered the game experiencer’s pit. She was exhausted and had little money. She planned to get out of the pit after finishing the last vote.

As a result, the pit did not retreat, but entered into a larger pit…

Lingqiong: I think I woke up on a bed of several hundred square meters every day, my 100 deacons were waiting to dress me…

System: Wake up! You don’t have a square meter.

Lingqiong: Heh! Mortals are jealous of my beauty, no way, who makes me so rich.

System: Wake up! Look at your balance! ! You are too poor to eat steamed buns.

Lingqiong: I used to beat the invincible hand all over the world and appreciate the invincible loneliness in the world…

System: Wake up! You get up from the ground first!

Lingqiong: Everyone loves me, and flowers bloom…

System: Wake up! ! Your beautiful boy is going to die!

Lingqiong: Help me up, I can still live!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:OHTRFKG
Alternate Title:十万个氪金的理由
Author:Mo Ling
Weekly Rank:#1378
Monthly Rank:#1413
All Time Rank:#4473
Tags:Apocalypse, Female Protagonist, System Administrator, World Hopping,
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19 Comments on “One Hundred Thousand Reasons For Krypton Gold
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  1. can anyone tell me name of novel where mc travel to different arc . in one arc she became yoga teacher and she moved with her senior from clz which is also male lead of novel. Mc later also teach ml mother yoga

  2. Have anyone noticed in a chapter after 400+(cannot remember exact) there was two lines! "It's just a copy of the fool outside" "She can get real one" Is this indicating Ml is same person!

  3. Nevermind, she's a girlboss, but with a coquettish front. Very different than Mo Ling's usual heroines. She's rather overpowered but rarely use it directly.

  4. I really like the FL in this one. She's the sassy type of girl who fights while wearing high heels and dressed to the nines. She's a badass and not the typical damsel in distress. The ML is cute too. Their chemistry in every arcs are fluffy and really cute. I don't know if the ML is the same person though. I hope he is but if not, it's okay too. Every ML's personality in each arc is endearing. Love this novel so much, I'm at 200 chapters and I don't feel bored yet. The FL is just awesome, I love her confidence. She's a queen yeah!

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