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“Ding! The first function is activated, and automatic training is turned on. The training speed is equal to the super evil!”

“Ding! The function upgrades, the training speed doubles, the function upgrades, the training speed doubles!”

“Ding! The second function is activated, turn on automatic martial arts…” “Ding! The third function is activated…”

Is it difficult to practice? I’m sorry that one day of cultivation is equivalent to decades of cultivation for you!

Is it difficult to practice? Sorry, I can easily learn countless exercises without doing anything!

Alchemy is difficult? I’m sorry that my pill will be moldy if I can’t finish it!

After Su Lang passed through, he obtained a one-click training system, which is getting stronger every second! From now on, sling everything, the world has no enemies!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:OTSIM
Alternate Title:一键修炼系统瞬间百万级
Author:D cat
Weekly Rank:#46
Monthly Rank:#63
All Time Rank:#10
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Artifact Crafting, Cheats, Clones, Crafting, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Harem, Loyal Subordinates, Money Grubber, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Rich to Poor, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  4. The most OP system with the dumbest MC. He can’t stop himself from going non stop killing and provocation against EVERYONE. At the very least disappear and cultivate at some point instead of being unsatisfied with a few hours or days waiting for upgrades. Another option is to chill out and farm treasures for a while to sponsor his growth. It’s one bad decision after another depending on the plot armor. I would be fine with a few areas with some filler chapters to show him taking a break to grind out some mobs to sell for a few levels.

  5. MC is an IDIOT!!! He entered the Inheritance room, then go to search for treasure by himself????! FCK!! What is the Use of your "Treasure Seeking feature?" numbered more than 10,000 ???

  6. Chu Xiaobei the bitch who takes advantage of the MC, and MC who is a fucking simp that don't even know he got taken advantage. Why is this bitch even in the harem of MC, there three in total ji ruxue I like her and she doesn't even take advantage of the MC idiot, she is the type of pure and lovely one.and murung xianxia she is quite good too, shy and honest, she doesn't ask much anything as long as she can be with the MC, like ji ruxue. Then this bitch Chu Xiaobei I don't know any words to explain this bitch I'm already tired of her bullshit wherever I read the MC giving powers or making them powerful, then this bitch want to chew more or asking for more, and even asking fiercely at the MC, who doesn't even know what gratitude are.

  7. I stopped reading this last year and I tried to come back and reread it. But 100 chapters in, the memories started to come back and I remember why I stop reading this 2300ish chapter, because it was a total garbage. The system concept is so fcking good but the plot and the MC and all(executions of the story) is so garbage that it made me feel extremely upset because I like the system but it was ruined by unskilled writing.

  8. Its like, some scientist discover the recipe to cancer in concept and it was proven effective by hypothesis and discussion (gratifying, right?) But this same scientist don't fucking know how to make it into an actual product to be actually useful to the patient, but this scientist insisted of making one(he had the concept, proof and all) but instead of making a cure, he made a poison then actually prescribe it to those cancer patients. This is a weird analogy but it is fcking disgusting but you want to read it because of the great system concept.

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