These transcendents are reluctant to bear these three companions.

This city is so big, but there are just so few extraordinary people.

The girl was only twelve years old, and she was about to assume the responsibility of protecting the city.

Qin Yao walked out and smiled at the girl: "Don't worry, sister can definitely come back safely."

Even if he doesn't give up.

There will always be a difference.

"I must come back!"

More than a dozen partners sent five people out of the city and waved goodbye to them.

Lin Fei watched this scene silently.

Until you can't hear them, you can't see them.

Lin Feicai slowly looked at the two men and a woman beside him.

"What is your dream?"

Lin Fei asked, "Do you have any places you want to go?"


Qin Yao was taken aback for a moment.

Then smiled and said: "Our dream?"

"Just to defeat those monsters by hand!"

"To avenge our dead parents."

Lin Fei looked at the other two men again.

In the end, they all nodded to Lin Fei and said, "We just want revenge!"

Lin Fei was silent immediately.

After a while.

He then continued: "Is there any place I want to go?"


The three shook their heads at the same time.

Where do you want to go?

As extraordinary people, where can they go?

Has long been tied to a city.

Destined to not leave.

"The world is so big, there are so many interesting places."

Lin Fei said: "There are flying snow, the ocean, there are towering mountain peaks, and the endless desert."

Hear what Lin Fei said.

All three of them were lost in thought.

It's all things they don't understand.

What is the strange thing this person is saying?

What are the flying snow and the ocean?

"You are so strange."

Qin Yao smiled and said, "Are you scared?"

Wang Qiang next to him immediately reached out and patted Lin Fei's shoulder.

"Friend, don't be afraid."

"We will protect you."

The three of them were very confident in their hearts and could definitely defeat that monster.

This made Lin Fei a little dumbfounded.

"The City Lord asked you to follow me." He reminded.

"In fact, we figured it out a long time ago."

Qin Yao smiled and said, "If the city lord hadn't let us leave, that monster would have died."

"Where is your business?"

The two men nearby also nodded.

"When we join forces, any monster can be easily defeated."

Qin Yao looked at Lin Fei again.

"By the way, you haven't said yet, what type of light energy is yours?"

They have all been introduced.

One is healing, one is wind, and the other is rock.

What about Lin Fei and Ye Yuxue?

"Mine is fire." Lin Fei said solemnly.

"Mine is ice." Ye Yuxue also responded.


Qin Yao looked at these two people in surprise.

"Your light energy is completely opposite."

She smiled softly: "Are you really a couple? I feel that light energy is not compatible. You can fight at any time."

After all, there is ice on one side and fire on the other.

These are two things that are destined to restrain each other.


Lin Fei smiled and said, "Because I can't beat her."

This made Ye Yuxue couldn't help but pinch him.


The three of them looked at this scene with some envy.

"If I am not an extraordinary person, maybe I have found someone I like." Qin Yao said slowly.

"It's ok."

Lin Fei smiled at her and said, "You are still young and have a lot of time."

"When all the monsters disappear, you will be free."

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